Unique Wedding Invitations

We’re currently suffering from the effects of the continuous increase of oil prices. Our previous daily budget is not enough already to finance our current daily spending. The same is true in my wedding budget.

Regarding the Wedding Invitation that we recently used, that was actually one of the result of my effort to save money because creating or ordering traditional wedding invitation is expensive. I just don’t want to spend more money for the invitation. Just like what I said on my previous post, “Wedding Invitation Wordings“, the design of the wedding invitation is based on what we (my wife now and I) had planned.

Unique Wedding Invitation

One of our visitors of this blog asked me ideas on how to create unique wedding invitation. I really want to help her but I just don’t have other ideas. I couldn’t suggest to create a wedding invitation that looks like a postcard because this kind of wedding invitation is already used by lots of couples including us, and I don’t consider it unique already.

My wife, by the way, explained to me that a wedding invitation even if designed in traditional way, if you’ll use native materials or other materials which are not used before can become unique as long as it looks different from the usual looks of wedding invitation. Now, if you consider this idea in designing your own wedding invitation, then you need to look around you, at your backyard, or in your farm and consider every materials you found… just make your talent in art works.

Thank you.

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  1. hello kuya..kmusta po..:) sna naaalala mo pa ko,lagi kmi sa shop nyo ngp[print at ngccomputer nung colege pa ko,hehe..kinasal ka na pala kuya,congrats!! nkita ko lng yung site mu ngaun eh…hehe..sa era ka pa din ba kuya?

  2. Shiela >>> Hi! musta. me fine po. thanks po….. yeah nalala pa kita pero wala na me sa era. dito na me sa leyte (maasin city).

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