Union Bank Elevator Scandal

Some one who visited my Pinay Scandal article sent me a video copy of a scandal whose involved are employees of the Union Bank. They call this scandal, “Union Bank Elevator Scandal”.

I think, it is already clear from the title above what is this scandal about. Actually, the couple involve in this kind of scandal is not doing anything except kissing and fondling.

The funny thing on what they did is that every time the buzzer of the elevator sounded they stop and when no one entered, they continued their work.

This couple, I think, is ignorant that almost all elevators in any building have camera installed.

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6 thoughts on “Union Bank Elevator Scandal”

  1. plas send me scandal video in y emil.becau in our countr we dont have access to any prn ste.restrited by the gov.in middle east.


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