Water Powered Cars

Water can really be used as fuel for car engines. But lot of people don’t believe it based on their knowledge on Physics and Chemistry. …

Actually, I was still in elementary grade when I first heard about a Filipino inventor who invented a device that convert water into fuel for car. And I am always reminded about this invention everytime I refill my Honda XRM motorcycle with gasoline. I always wonder, when can I make my motorcycle run using water as fuel. But it’s Brother Macuha who told me through his post, “Daniel Dingle’s Water-Powered Car“, that this Filipino inventor is Daniel Dingle.

Actually, I was not interested to write about “water powered cars” even when I read Macuha’s post. Only the ad displayed at my Songs Lyrics blog urge me to write about it.

Water4Gas Ad

Water4Gas Technology

Water4Gas is the advertiser of that ad. It’s a technology that converts water to fuel that can drive cars and trucks without ruining our environment, and let everyone save money compared to when using fossil fuels. The processes, theories, or principles behind this are similar to the ones used by the Filipino inventor Daniel Dingle. The only difference is that Water4Gas Technology is under the “open source” policy, which means anyone can use it freely, make duplicate of the device, or even make money from it.

The Water4Gas company is not paying me to write this. I just want to inform you that you can really convert your own car into water-fueled one or just let your mechanics do it for you. What you need to have is the knowledge on how to work for it. For now, you can try the books from the Water4Gas or visit their website (click here). But before buying their books, investigate first if this company is not scam. I haven’t tried buying their books so I am not sure if they’re legitimate.

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13 thoughts on “Water Powered Cars”

  1. We my need to accept that the key to our energy future may not come from the government or big energy companies, but rather from small research and development companies and individual inventors working on water cars, fuel cells and on board hydrogen fuel generators.

  2. I grow weary of big business, closed minded experts. We have to be open to all options no matter how unlikely. Our best energy solutions are likely to come from small r&d companies or even out of someone’s garage workshop.

  3. If this is a real, viable invention that works with 100% certainty, then the oil business is in deep trouble. Society relies on vehicles for people to commute to work, go on errands for groceries, going to physicians, buying clothing for oneself and their family, etc. It would also have been blasted all over the media, so yes I would really check into this company to see if they are legitimate. Needless to say, I do hope that it is true: It would completely change the landscape worldwide in regards to the greenhouse effect.

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