Nokia N96

The Nokia Asia Team recently informed me that the Nokia Asia will be releasing their new version of their Nokia N phones, the Nokia N96.

The Nokia N96 is similar to the new Nokia N-Series phones. The only difference is that the Nokia N96 phone:

  • has 16GB capacity of storage.
  • has 2.8 inches screen
  • has 5MP quality digital camera
  • is using A-GPS and Nokia Maps


I already mentioned that the Nokia N96 phones has 16GB internal memory. This is huge already, wherein you can watch video up to 40 hours or play 12,000 music tracks. But that’s not only what you can store with the Nokia N96 because it has one microSD memory slots. So, it is obvious that you can still expand its storage capacity from 16GB up to the maximum available storage capacity using the additional microSD memory.

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