Adsense for Feeds, Available

Adsense for feeds is already available in my adsense account. I was waiting for this for a long time and finally, the time has come to maximize my blogs’ income.

But, I don’t know yet, if this feature is already made available to all adsense publishers. You can check your adsense account, then open the ‘Adsense Setup‘ and it should look like this:

In setting up your Adsense for feeds, just click the link “Adsense for Feeds” then set the color, the channel and the type of the ad.

However, to add adsense ads on your feed sent by the feedburner, you need first to migrate all your feeds from feedburner to Google. There’s no automatic migration, so you need to do it manually. Just read the instructions on how to migrate your feeds here.

Monetizing the feeds

Actually, I am already monetizing my feeds using the product of the TextLinkAds since the time that TextLinkAds started offering the text link ads for feeds. However, I have no advertisers on feeds for several months already. That’s why I think, it’s now time to take advantage of the new feature of the Google Adsense.

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