How to Avail SSS Maternity Benefits?

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  1. What are the qualifications for entitlement to the maternity benefit?
  2. Is the voluntary or self-employed member also entitled to the maternity benefit?
  3. How much is the maternity benefit?
  4. How is the maternity benefit computed?
  5. How many deliveries are covered under existing laws?
  6. Can a member apply for sickness benefit if she has been paid the maternity benefit?
  7. Is it necessary to notify the SSS of a mbmer’s pregnancy?
  8. How would the claimant be paid the maternity benefit?
  9. What are the forms and documents needed in filing for the maternity benefit?
  10. Where must the member file her application?

The SSS Maternity benefit that we are talking here is actually the benefit that the Social Security System of the Philippines offers to its female members.

From the SSS definition, the maternity benefit is a daily cash allowance granted to a female member who was unable to work due to childbirth or miscarriage.

Here’s the info from the SSS website:

What are the qualifications for entitlement to the maternity benefit?

  1. She has paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage.
  2. She has given the required notification of her pregnancy through her employer if employed, or to the SSS if separated, voluntary or self-employed member.

The answers above answer the questions like:

  • How many sss contribution should i make to claim for maternity benefit in the philippines?
  • How many months should I pay my SSS contribution to avail the Maternity benefits?

Is the voluntary or self-employed member also entitled to the maternity benefit?

Yes, A voluntary or a self-employed member is entitled to the maternity benefit provided that she meets the qualifying conditions.

How much is the maternity benefit?

The maternity benefit is equivalent to 100 per cent of the member’s average daily salary credit multiplied by 60 days for normal delivery or miscarriage, 78 days for caesarean section delivery.

My Note: For example, if your average daily salary is PhP250.00 multiply it by 60 days (for normal delivery); Thus you will receive Php15,000.00. If in caesarean section delivery, you’ll receive PhP19,500.00.

How is the maternity benefit computed?

  1. Exclude the semester of contingency (delivery or miscarriage). A semester refers to two consecutive quarters ending in the quarter of contingency. A quarter refers to three consecutive months ending March, June, September or December.
  2. Count 12 months backwards starting from the month immediately before the semester of contingency.
  3. Identify the six highest monthly salary credits within the 12-month period. Monthly salary credit means the compensation base for contributions benefits related to the total earnings for the month. Please refer to the table below.Range of Compensation
    Monthly – Salary – Credit
    1,000 – 1,249.99 – 1,000
    1,250 – 1,749.99 – 1,500
    1,750 – 2,249.99 – 2,000
    2,250 – 2,749.99 – 2,500
    2,750 – 3,249.99 – 3,000
    3,250 – 3,749.99 – 3,500
    3,750 – 4,249.99 – 4,000
    4,250 – 4,749.99 – 4,500
    4,750 – 5,249.99 – 5,000
    5,250 – 5,749.99 – 5,500
    5,750 – 6,249.99 – 6,000
    6,250 – 6,749.99 – 6,500
    6,750 – 7,249.99 – 7,000
    7,250 – 7,749.99 – 7,500
    7,750 – 8,249.99 – 8,000
    8,250 – 8,749.99 – 8,500
    8,750 – 9,249.99 – 9,000
    9,250 – 9,749.99 – 9,500
    9,750 – 10,249.99 – 10,000
    10,250 – 10,749.99 – 10,500
    10,750 – 11,249.99 – 11,000
    11,250 – 11,749.99 – 11,500
    11,750 – 12,249.99 – 12,000
    12,250 – 12,749.99 – 12,500
    12,750 – 13,249.99 – 13,000
    13,250 – 13,749.99 – 13,500
    13,750 – 14,249.99 – 14,000
    14,250 – 14,749.99 – 14,500
    14,750 – O V E R – 15,000
  4. Add the six highest monthly salary credits to get the total monthly salary credit.
  5. Divide the total monthly salary credit by 180 days to get the average daily salary credit. This is equivalent to the daily maternity allowance.
  6. Multiply the daily maternity allowance by 60 (for normal delivery or miscarriage) or 78 days (for caesarean section delivery) to get the total amount of maternity benefit.

For example, let us say that an SSS member gives birth in December 2004.

  1. The semester of contingency would be from July 2004 to December 2004
  2. The 12-month period before the semester of contingency would be from July 2003 to June 2004
  3. Let us assume that the six highest monthly salary credits are P15,000 each. Thus, the total monthly salary credit would be P90,000 (P15, 000 x 6).
  4. The daily maternity allowance would be P500 (P90,000/180).
  5. The total maternity benefit due would be P30, 000 (P500 x 60 days) for normal delivery or P39,000 (P500 x 78) for caesarian cases.

Other questions:

  1. How to avail SSS Maternity benefit if has not contributed? According to the policy, a female member should have paid atleast 3 monthly contribution with a 12 months period and that she notified the SSS about her pregnancy. In other words, if a female member did not pay any contribution then it’s also impossible to receive the SSS Maternity benefit.

How many deliveries are covered under existing laws?

The maternity benefit shall be paid only for the first four (4) deliveries or miscarriages starting May 24, 1997 when the Social Security Act of 1997 (RA8282) took effect.

Can a member apply for sickness benefit if she has been paid the maternity benefit?

No. A female member cannot claim for sickness benefit for a period of 60 days for normal delivery or miscarriage or 78 days for caesarean delivery within which she has been paid the maternity benefit. As a rule, no member can be entitled to two benefits for the same period.

Is it necessary to notify the SSS of a member’s pregnancy?

Yes. As soon as a member becomes pregnant, she must immediately notify her employer (if employed) or the SSS (if separated/voluntary/self-employed) of such pregnancy and the probable date of her childbirth at least 60 days from the date of conception by accomplishing SSS FORM MAT-1 (Maternity Notification Form) and by submitting proof of pregnancy.

The employer must, in turn, notify the SSS through the submission of the maternity notification form and proof of pregnancy immediately after the receipt of the notification from the employee member.

Failure to observe the rule on notification may result to the denial of the maternity claim.

How would the claimant be paid the maternity benefit?

For employed members – the benefit is advanced by the employer to the qualified employee, in full, within 30 days from the date of filing of the maternity leave application. The SSS, in turn, shall immediately reimburse the employer 100 percent of the amount of maternity benefit advanced to the female employee upon receipt of satisfactory proof of such payment and legality thereof.

If the employee member gives birth or suffers miscarriage without the required contributions having been remitted by the employer, or the employer fails to notify the SSS, the employer will be required to pay to the SSS damages equivalent to the benefits the employee would otherwise have been entitled to.

For separated/voluntary/self-employed members – the amount of benefit is paid directly to them by the SSS.

What are the forms and documents needed in filing for maternity benefit?

1. For employed members:

  1. SSS Form MAT-1 (Maternity Notification) duly stamped and received by SSS;
  2. SSS Form MAT-2 (Maternity Reimbursement);
  3. Other documents:*Normal delivery – certified true or authenticated copy of duly registered birth certificate. In case the child dies or is a stillborn, duly registered death or fetal death certificate.
    • Caesarean delivery – certified or authenticated copy of duly registered birth certificate and certified true copy of operating room record/surgical memorandum.
    • Miscarriage or abortion – obstetrical history stating the number of pregnancy certified by the attending physician and dilatation and curettage (D&C) report for incomplete abortion, pregnancy test before and after abortion with age of gestation and hystopath report for complete abortion.
    • SSS digitized ID or E-6 acknowledgement stub with two valid IDs, one of which with recent photo.
    • To ensure receipt of benefits by members authorized company representatives who file maternity benefit claim shall present the members SSS digitized ID or E-6 acknowledgement stub with two valid IDs (at least one with photo). This requirement is in addition to the presentation by the company representative’s own SSS digitized ID and blue-card.

2. For separated members:

  1. Items 1a to 1c of required documents for employed members.
  2. Certification from last employer showing the effective date of separation from employment or notice of company’s closure/strike or certification from the Department of Labor and Employment that the employee or employer has a pending labor case.
  3. Certification that no advance payment was granted (if confinement days applied for are within or prior to separation).
  4. SSS digitized ID or E-6 acknowledgement stub with two valid IDs, one of which with recent photo.

3. For self-employed/voluntary members:

  1. Items 1A to 1C of required documents for employed members.
  2. SSS digitized ID or E-6 acknowledgement stub with two valid IDs, one of which with recent photo.

Where must the member file her application?

  1. For employed and separated members – applications may be filed at the SSS branch where the employer and employee records are based.
  2. For voluntary/self-employed members – application forms may be filed at any SSS branch nearest the members residence or where her record is based.


This information is copied directly from the SSS or Social Security System documents and posted here just to share the information to those who are asking me for this. You need to visit the official website of SSS at for more official information or visit the the nearest SSS office for any official transactions.

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14 thoughts on “How to Avail SSS Maternity Benefits?”

  1. my wife MAricel Sabulao LAcasa filed her maternity last dec 4,2009!and she give birth last nov.20,2009! how long it would be untill she claim her maternity benifits?

    1. Good day,

      can i avail my maternity benefits since i am late filing of my MAT1, On april 8 i confirmed i was pregnant, that night on the same date i got some spots indicating threatened abortion on the next day april 9 i was able to see my doctor and was advised to have a bed rest for a week, unfortunately when i got home right after my check up the bleeding continues, my doctor called up to take all the medicine as for “pampakapit” and “pampakalma”
      to stop the bleeding, but despite of all meds taken i still have continues bleeding, as per her advice i need to have trans vaginal ultrasound and urinalysis as soon as possible, so before 6pm that date i undergo trans vaginal ultrasound to determine the status, as a result there was no sac found only for some indications of pregnant woman with thickened endometrial lining, while the procedure was done the bleeding is on going, as per my doctor the result is not convincing, the pregnancy was not totally ruled out due to its early stage of 5-6 weeks, so still we have to be agressive by taking medicines to be able to survive the baby, for monitoring i have to do pregnancy test everyday and update my doctor what is going on, the bleeding last for almost 3days and i lost my hope because i have a doubt that on the 2nd day i confirmed that i am pregnant
      the baby was gone also, i was under observation for almost a week and i have gone through pregnancy test 3 times with a positive result, my doctor says the positive pregnancy test result is possible for miscarriage women and it takes a week to find out the accurate result, after a week i repeat the pregnancy test twice with a negative result. During my check up last April 19, my doctor said that what happened to me was complete abortion and no need for a D&C since it was a complete abortion, only an antibiotic for 1week to prevent infection. After all i was not able to report for work, from the date of confirmation the spontaneous abortion occur very fast, the next day. How about the hystopath report? I have none, no one advise me to do that test, in my case i never thought i have gone through these

  2. Can I submit the MAT-1 form if I was not able to change my civil status in SSS? I just recently married and waiting for my marriage contract to arrive. What surname should I used now?

  3. i`m miscarriaged on april 2008 sss denied it becoz of the the quarterly quarterly said i dont know it can i file again my maternity on 2008?pls email ur answr tnx>

  4. Hi, Im 5 months pregnant now. My 3-month contract at work will end by Dec. 1, 2010. Can I still avail of the Maternity Benefit since I will be no longer working after my contract expires?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi,
    good day po ask ko lang po kung pwede ako maka avail ng matenity benefits kung 6 mos lang ang hulog ko this year kasi nag stop ako ng hulog ko last year.and nag start ako ulit hulog ko this year ng june.

    Thank you.

  6. hi, self employed na po ako ngayon. at 12mos lang may hulog sa contribution ko kc sa prev employer ko napag alaman ko hindi pala sila nag huhulog ng contribution. pwede pa po ba ma-avial ang maternity benifits 5years na po nakakaraan. pls. email your answer. Thank you

  7. pwede b ako mka-avail ng mternity benefits? nkpagcoontribute me nung 2005 to 2006 lng kc n end of contract n me s work? ngaun 7 months pregnant me? anu dapat kung gawin pra mkakuha ng mternity? at kug mkaavail ano mga requirements?

  8. hi! po ask ko lang po pwede po b ako mag avail ng maternity benefit.nag start po ako contribute last june. last year po 3 mos. lang ang contribution ko nag stop po ako. kung sakali po ano po gawin ko para maka avail ako ng maternity benefit.
    thank you po.
    pls. reply po.

  9. hi ask ko lang po if pwede ako mag file ng maternity?
    my case is, i was resigned from my work september 2009 and i got gavebirth last october 2010.
    pede pa ba ako maka avail ng benefit?

  10. I am earning roughly P47,300 every month. The initial amount I received for my Maternity benefit is P15,000. I am yet to receive the other P15,000 as soon as I give the documents needed. I gave birth via Normal Spontaneous Delivery.

    According to the article I read,

    Under Article 133(a) of the Labor Code, “Every employer shall grant to any pregnant woman employees who has rendered an aggregate service of at least six months for the last twelve months, maternity leave of at least two weeks prior to the expected date of delivery and another four weeks after normal delivery or abortion, with full pay based on her regular or average weekly wages.”

    SSS maternity benefit shall be equivalent to 100% of the pregnant employee’s average daily salary credit for 60 days, or 78 days in case of caesarian delivery.

    My question is, am I receiving the correct amount for my maternity benefits? A total of P30,000 is all I will recieve according to the company HR. As I understand from the above article, I am supposed to receive “100% of the pregnant employee’s average daily salary credit for 60 days”. So that would be P47,300 x 2 months = P94,600.

    However, after checking SSS online, I was surprised to see that my average daily allowance is just P500. So if this would be the basis of my maternity benefits, it is correct that the amount due is just P30,000. How do we compute for for the Average Daily Allowance given that I earn P47,300 per month?

    Am I correct to say that I am not receiving the correct amount that I should get for my SSS maternity pay? If so, what steps should I go to so that this should be corrected?

  11. paano kung one month lang ang nahulugan ng employer ko dati year 2000 pa yun at gusto ko syang ipagpatuloy puede po b yun?

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