www.social security system.gov.ph

I understand that you are trying to open the SSS or Social Security System official website. You can directly visit the site here.

If you want to check your contribution and other information through the SSS Online Inquiry System, then go here.

Or maybe you want to get a copy of your “Employee Static Information”, please read here first.

If you are looking for the information or guide on how to get an SSS ID, check this article.

Other useful information related to the SSS membership:

  1. How to register to the Social Security System or SSS in the Philippines?
  2. How to avail SSS Maternity benefits?
  3. Getting SSS Sickness Benefits
  4. Getting the individual housing loan from the SSS

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6 thoughts on “www.social security system.gov.ph”

  1. iI want to register online. but the problem is i don’t know my previous employer id.Can you please help me…….

  2. how can i get my social security id..i already filed last DEC.1,2009 but until now not release

  3. I received a letter from your office that my retirement benefit has been approved. But my question is why is it that i will received my regular pension every 12th of the month starting JAN 2014?

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