Making Money From In-Text Ads

Making money with contextual ads doesn’t end up only with Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, and the likes. You can also make money with the contextual ads served by the Kontera, which is called the In-Text ads.

In-Text Ads are Contextual Ads

The ads of Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, and Kontera are all contextual ads. They differ in how they serve the contextually related ads.

Google Adsense consider the keywords (content) of a webpage in deciding what ads should be displayed.

The Bidvertiser requires you to choose 3 categories which you think your blog or website falls under them. So all the ads that are under those choosen categories will be displayed in your blog or website. The highest bidder are prioritized.

Kontera, on the other hand, uses the keywords of the webpage in displaying the In-Text ads. The terms or keywords used by Kontera for its In-Text ads can be identified by the double underline.

I know you’re reading this article at your email, so I understand that you couldn’t notice the double underlined terms of this article.

Now, try visiting my blog (SELaplana), and scan every webpages of it and take note of the underlined words. If you found any underlined words, place the mouse-pointer into that word and take note of the “CallOut” that will pop-up just like what is shown on the screenshot below:

The word “Herbs” is the keyword used by
Kontera for its In-Text ad. The callout that contains
the “MoreInfo” button is the Kontera Ad.

Can we really earn money from In-Text Ads of Kontera?

FYI, In-Text ads by Kontera is one of my top sources of online income. The CTR of the Kontera ads displayed on my blog is actually higher compared to the Google Adsense ads. An income of $10 a day from Kontera In-Text ads, I think, is already fine and I don’t consider it a “good luck” but just a product of hardwork.

What did you do to earn such income?

Actually, the things you need to do to earn money from adsense and other ad-network, are also the things you need to do to earn much from Kontera ads. You need to publish more quality content at your website or blog, and drive tons of traffic into your blog or website. It’s because the more quality articles that your blog or website has, plus thousands of visitors visiting your blog or website, is equal to better income from this kind of ads.

But of course, there are also other ways in optimizing your blog for the in-text ads so that you’ll not just earn $10 a day but more than this. And I will be writing about them in my future articles. For now, let’s just end this article here.

P.S. You can join the publishers’ network of Kontera by visiting this page. Click here.

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