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Southern Leyte Times Paper Review

Learning that your province has its own weekly newspaper is something that I am proud of. To let you know, our province has its own “Southern Leyte Times” which features news report and updates on what’s happening in Southern Leyte and the neighboring provinces.

The weekly paper has 8 pages. The first page is of course the front page. The second page features the Crime Watch of Mr. Anthony Kings. The next page contains the letters to the Editor. The fourth page is the commentary page which features commentary of Antonio Mendoza Reyes, Atty. Romeo R. Geniston and the Zoomlens. The other remaining pages contain news from other parts of the Philippines, Entertainment stories and games, and ads.

Unreliable News Paper

Actually, not all news reports included on this newspaper (Southern Leyte Times) are unreliable. But what made me consider this newspaper unreliable are those news reports that are defective, especially those written for the Crime Watch column.

Let’s examine the articles contained on this column (Southern Leyte Times, Volume 6, Number 478, page 2):

(1) Hunt for ex-convict launched


Sogod – A 42 year old man was stabbed at the corner of Osmena and Zamora Street her last weekend by an ex-convict for no apparent reason. Police identified the victim as Ronie Segales a resident of barangay Consolacion and his attacker as Melchor Bitor a resident of Barangay Zone II. Segales who was stabbed three times, was rushed to the Sogod District Hospital.

His assailant who fled after the incident is now being pursued by a police team who have orders to shoot to kill since the suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous.

My Reaction:

Let’s just forget the grammatical construction of the sentences. The real problem that I found from that article is the use of the term “weekend” in answering the question, “When did the crime happen? For me “this weekend” is not an accurate answer to the question WHEN because “this weekend” is forever.

(2) Another Fatal Motorcycle Accident


Barangay Ibarra, Maasin – A motorcycle accident has claimed the life of yet another Southern Leyteno. According to a police report the latest victim was SPO1 Jesus Jayvee Tan a member of the Southern Leyte Provincial Office and a resident of Barangay Ibarra. Tan was reportedly on a drug surveillance mission and was driving home when a dog suddenly crossed the road. The policeman suffered multiple head injuries and died before reaching the Provincial Hospital.

My Reaction:

Just like the first article, this article did not answer the question, “When did the incident happen”. And what about the rumors that this police officer was drunk when the accident happened? If it is true or not true that this police officer was drunk during the accident then why is it not clarified on that news?

(3) American Citizen Robbed


Benit, Malitbog – The house of a 66 year old American citizen residing here was burglarized by robbers who took off with P63,000 worth of jewelry and cash.

Rufina Laplapan Selko said the robbers had poisoned her dogs and entered through her slidding foor. Police have taken samples of the fingerprints they found there and will see if these match those of the household staff or their neighbors.

My Reaction:

This news report is actually talking about the incident that I talked already on my article, “‘Akyat-Bahay’ Theives in Southern Leyte”. I knew a lot of information on this incident because I am one of the victims of these thieves and I am one of the residents of that house.

Actually, that article is the main reason why I described the Southern Leyte Times as unreliable newspaper. To let you know the information contained on that news article, “American Citizen Robbed” is not accurate. Just for example:

1. The owner of the house is Rufina Laplana Selko not Rufina Laplapan Selko.
2. Rufina Laplana Selko is not actually residing in that place. She’s in USA.
3. Rufina Laplana Selko did not talk any of the news reporters. So how come that the writer of this news report got the information from Rufina Laplana Selko?
4. Lastly, the housebreakers or thieves or robbers entered the house through the sliding door not through the slidding foor.
5. The news report couldn’t answer the question, “When did the incident happen”.


Currently, the price of a copy of the Southern Leyte Times is PhP8.50 but you can buy it in stores for PhP10.00. And paying PhP10.00 for a newspaper that reports inaccurate news stories is just a waste of money.

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