Happy New Year

Few hours from now, 2008 will be put to its end and we’ll be starting to live with the new year, 2009. While waiting for the entrance of the year 2009, I am here writing this letter to tell you how thankful I am to you for subscribing the feed of my blog, for visiting my blog, for reading my writeups, for sending me your comments and thoughts, and for inspiring me to write.

Without you, this blog is nothing but a dead blog. It’s you who made this blog alive. And it’s also you who made me alive now.

Yes! All of you, who visited my blog, subscribed my blog’s feed, and sent and dropped comments, are the ones who helped me survived the hardship in life.

I have food to eat. I have clothes to wear. I acquired cellphones, Digital Camera, TV, Refrigerator, and few important gadgets. I have paid our apartment and other bills. And my wedding had been successful. 2008 is really great.

You already knew that I am one of the jobless Filipinos. However, I became different from them just because I am earning a decent income through my blogs. And of course, this is all because of you. Without you I couldn’t earn even a single cent.

However, I also know and understand that you wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be earning money from my blogs if God didn’t permit these to happen. So, above all, I thank God for all of these things.

Happy New Year!

Funny Text Messages

Here’s the list of the few funny text messages in my archive of Pinoy Text Messages. You can copy them and can freely send them to your friends and loveones. There’s no problem with me if you send them to all numbers in your phonebook. Anyway, these text messages are just sent to me by friends too.

  • I was arrested by the PNP for being the ugliest person in Leyte. Can you please tell the PNP and let them learn their mistake?
  • Husbands can kiss their wives goodbye. A flower can kiss a butterfly.Wine can kiss a frosted glass. But you… you better kiss my ass.
  • Why should you be sorry for your self? Remember that without stupidity there can be no wisdom. And without ugliness, there can be no beauty. See! The world really needs you for it to become perfect.

Should I Marry Again?

A subscriber of our blog sent me this comment and question:

Brother, Thank you for writing article that contains good advices.  I agree that we should follow the will of God because He is the founder of marriage.

“‘Til death do us part”. I really agree with that.

But friend, we are human and we are not perfect. Life is like a race and there would winners and there would be losers too.

My question is: If your partner in life (wife) has engaged with extra-marital affair  and you forgive her many times for the sake of the children, but still she couldn’t change. Should you leave her and marry again?

I don’t know if what he told us on this email is based on his experience or is he just making a scenario just to hear our thoughts about the problem. But whatever is true, here’s my thought about it:

Be Truthful

My wife and I had agreed a lot of things even before we get married. And one of our agreements is that we should be truthful to each other. Being truthful doesn’t mean that we should devout our selves to each other.

When we say truthful, it means that we should tell each other what we feel and what we think about our relationship. If one of us felt that he or she need to stop the relationship because his or her love is already with the third party, then he or she should tell his or her partner about this for them to decide whether to continue the relationship or to break it off.

In our 4 and 1/2 years (Today, December 24, 2008 is our relationship’s 5th year anniversary) of engaging with long distance relationship, we followed what we had agreed.

When I learned that my gf accepted new suitor, I immediately talked to her and told her that it was the right time to stop our relationship. I told her that what she did simply told me that she’s not already contented with our relationship and that sh’e already looking for someone other then me.

However, she told me that she’s sorry for what she did and that she’d never do that again. So, I forgave her and went on with our relationship.

Avoid the Entrance of the Third Party

Usually, a relationship breaks because of the third party. I meet lots of people and talk to them about their relationship and most of them agreed with that.

It might be true that the husband made a lot of failures in his life but this failures actually can’t break a marriage as long as each of the couple avoided the entrance of the third party into their relationship. Once the wife or the husband allowed the entrance of the third party into their relationship, then that will be the time that their marriage will start to be ruined.

Please read my article, “How to avoid the entrance of the third party into your relationship.”

The Third Party is IN Already?

Now, you already missed something and the third party is in your relationship already. So, what should you do?

Okay. You need to talk. If your wife is responsible in letting the third party in then ask her if she’s still interested to continue your relationship. If she really wants to go with the third party then let her be. Your family will suffer the misery that will be brought into by the relationship of your wife to the third party.

However, you need to tell her that your family really needs her as the mother of your children and as your wife. If you’ve done things that led her to what she’s in now, then you still have the chance to change, promised her that you’ll change, and show her that you are changing.

Should I Marry Again?

I know that you are Christian. So instead of directly answering this question with my thoughts, I rather share you the advice of Apostle Paul:

10 Now to the Married I command, yet not I but the Lord: A wife is not to depart from her husband.

11 But even if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not to divorce his wife. (I Corinthians 7:10-11, New Kings James Version)

How Do We Manage Our Relationship?

I was earlier asked by a reader of my article, “How do I choose my lifetime partner,” whether my wife and I are already successful in bringing up our relationship. At first, I consider her question an insult because it is obvious that my wife and I are still in our early days of living together as married couple.

Remember that we got married only last June 20, 2008. And it was too early to say that we are already successful in bringing our relationship.

I knew that you knew that the success in marriage can be finally told on the death of one of the couple because that will be the time when our bond as husband and wife will expire. If one of us dies with our relationship intact then we can say, we are successful in bringing up our relationship. On the other hand, if one of us dies while our relationship still broken, so we failed.

How do we manage our relationship?

My wife and I have no secret on how do we manage our relationship. We are just following the advises of the Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) during the seminars that we both attended through the Minister of the Church who was tasked to give us the instructions before we finally get married.

(1) ‘Til Death Do Us Part

We are taught that we will remain husband and wife as long as we both live. One of us will be freed from that bond if one of us dies. Since we both believe that it is God who unite us into one flesh, so we also believe that we both have no right to break that bond and it’s God alone who has the power to do so. In other words, we have no right to look for another partner as long as both of us are still living. The contract is: ‘Til Death Do Us Part.

Because of this, every time we experience misunderstanding, we always tried to settle the problem for us to preserve our relationship and to avoid the entrance of someone or something that could ruin our relationship.

(2) Woman is Fragile

As husband, I was taught that woman is very fragile. She is compared to a jar. If I would not be careful, that jar would be broken and I would have the hard time forming it back to its original state.

So, I really tried my best to be patient in dealing with her. But since I am just a man and am not really a perfect one, so there were times that I hurt her with my words. However, I never went to sleep without settling any problems. Before we perform our devotional prayer to God, we first reconcile and forgive each other from the things that we did which caused trouble in our relationship.

(3) Respect to Each Other

My wife was taught to respect me as the head of the family. And she really tried her best to show her respect to me as her head by respecting all my decisions.

But of course, I also have to show my respect to her as my wife. Before deciding on what to do for our family, I consult her first because I know that my wife always has a better idea than me.

Our respect to each other can be shown not only on decision making and on the way we deal with each other, but it can also be shown during our sexual adventures.

It might be true that I am more sexually aggressive than my wife, but it doesn’t mean that I would just do the things that would give me pleasure. I should also show her how I value her by giving her the sexual pleasure that she also needs to feel and enjoy.


We’d done lot of things that would help us preserve our relationship. But I know that you also have good things to be shared to us. Please share your thoughts by replying this email, or by posting them at our comment section.

Assunta de Rossi – Bong Revilla Scandal

It’s the Senator Bong Revilla’s speech in the Senate that made everyone aware of the Hayden Kho – Katrina Halili Video Scandal.

The Katrina Halili video scandal has been talked by bloggers since 2007. It became the content of newspapers and showbiz blogs when Dr. Belo broke her relationship with Dr. Hayden Kho. And now, it became the buzz everywhere.

While the Senator Revilla extend his help and assistance to Ms. Katrina Halili, another scandalous material is now becoming popular in the internet. This scandal is not about Hayden Kho anymore. It’s all about Bong Revilla and Assunta De Rossi.

But the Bong Revilla – Asunta De Rossi scandal is not about private sex. It’s the nude photo of Senator Bong Revilla and Asunta De Rossi that were taken from the movie “Kilabot at Kembot”.

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Make Money with In-Links

While it’s great to monetize your blog with Adsense, Project Wonderful, and Kontera, it is also a great way to maximize your blog’s income with the In-Links.

What is In-Links?

In-Links is a static HTML link advertisement.

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So, how could I earn money from In-Links?

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Kontera’s New Year Bonus for You

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What are the Good Things with Kontera?

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Do you really earn money through Kontera?

Yes! I am earning money from the Kontera ads published at my blog. And as proof, I included on this post the screenshot of the latest payment I received through my Paypal account.

Paypal Account

If you have questions or comments, you can simply reply this email if you received this article at your email. You can also visit the live version of this article here >> Kontera’s New year Bonus for You“, then drop your comments or your thoughts at our comment section.

Getting NSO Certified Birth Certificate Online by e-Census

Busy people like you who don’t have time to line-up at the NSO (National Statistics Office) branches have the alternative to get the NSO certified birth certificate and other NSO certifications. This is by using the online services of the e-Census.

Just visit the website of e-Census at www.e-census.com.ph, and file your application. Pay the fees using your valid credit card or pay it over the counter at any Equitable Banks or Union Bank branches in the Philippines.

After that, just check the website for further information. The documents will be delivered to you door to door.

The Legacy Scam

Currently, nine (9) banks of the Legacy groups are closed already. Hundreds of employees lost their job and hundreds of thousands depositors lost their money. These people are simply the victims of the Legacy Scam.

At first, you would not be thinking that the products offered by the banks of the Legacy Group were illegal because there’s no single law that prohibits these banks to offer high interest rates to the deposits made by the depositors. These banks actually offered “Double Your Money in 5 Years” product.

Usually we call a product or service a scam if it is illegal or is done using deception. But the “Double Your Money in 5 Years” is simply a legit bank’s product characterized by a high interest rate of time deposit.

And who would not be enticed with the 20% or higher interest rate you’d earn from the time-deposit you made? You need money and You want it so much. So, if you have millions of money deposited at the other banks with just low interest rate, then you would end up transferring the money into the banks of the Legacy Group.

However, this legit banks’ product became a scam in the sense that the depositors were made to believe that the banks could really pay them the interest without the risk of losing the money.

I believe that most of the depositors under the “Double Your Money in Five Years” product were at first doubtful if they could really double their money. But the marketers of this product were simply good in convincing them that they could really get what had been promised.

Only this June (2008), one of our relatives told us how confident he is that after 5 years his 8Million money would be doubled. This is because, according to him, he talked the owner of the bank and he was assured that he would be successful in doubling his 8Million in just five years.

And now, where is the assurance? He might have received already part of the payment on the interest made by his 8Million, but his capital is burried somewhere as these banks of the Legacy Group are closed already.

What should he do now? Of course, he can claim the 250,000 deposit insurance from the PDIC and the rest of his capital will be lost forever.

Some depositors told us that their millions of money were divided into several accounts of 250,000 each under the same name. But the problem is, based on my understanding (correct me if I’m wrong), the PDIC will pay 250,000 PhP not on per accounts basis but on per depositor. So, whether you have 10 accounts under your name in that particular bank, you will only receive 250,000PhP from the PDIC.

I am very much thankful that I don’t have millions of money. I was saved from this kind of scam… :-)

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Banks in Bank Holiday

Below is the list of the banks that declared bank holiday, temporary closed or are closed by the Monetary Board starting this month, December 2008. I am continuously updating this list:

  1. Legacy GroupRural Bank of Bais, Negros Oriental (Closed)
  2. Legacy GroupPilipino Rural Bank, Cebu (Closed)
  3. Legacy GroupRural Bank of San Jose, Batangas (Closed)
  4. Legacy GroupRural Bank of Parañaque, Metro Manila (Closed)
  5. Legacy GroupPhilippine Countryside Bank, Cebu (Closed)
  6. Legacy GroupFirst Interstate Bank, Leyte (Closed)
  7. Legacy GroupBank of East Asia formerly Rural Bank of Minglanilla, Cebu (Closed)
  8. Legacy GroupDynamic Bank formerly Rural Bank of Calatagan, Batangas (In Holiday Closed)
  9. Legacy GroupSan Pablo City Development Bank (In Holiday Closed)
  10. Nation Bank in Bacolod City. (In Holiday)
  11. Gaisano – Rural Bank of Subangdaku, Cebu (Temporary Closed But didn’t declare Bank Holiday)

All these banks, except Nation Bank, are under the Legacy Group of which the major shareholder of it is Sto Domingo, Albay Mayor Celso delos Angeles Jr.

The closure of these banks affected not only the employees of those banks but most especially the bank’s depositors. Based on my knowledge, the depositors of the banks under the Legacy Group prior to its closure continuously increase as lots of people became interested with their product “Double Your Money in 5 Years”.

Those depositors who invested their money to the banks of the Legacy Group early (5 or more years ago) might have recovered their capital already. Some of them had doubled their money already. But those who are late, or those who just invested this year or last year, are not so lucky enough. We’ll just hope that they could still recover their money through the PDIC.

Why are these banks declaring bank holiday?

Bank Holiday is defined as a temporary closure of the bank when the bank doesn’t have enough resources or money for the normal business transaction.

The Central Bank’s policy says that a bank is allowed to declare bank holiday if they can no longer serve the withdrawals made by their depositors.

But the bank can actually ask the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas for an emergency loan based on the bank’s property that will be used as collateral on this loan. The money will be used to finance further the bank’s business.

However, if the bank couldn’t acquire a loan from the BSP, then the bank can declare bank holiday, and the Central bank will now take over the bank.

Then what will happen next?

There are actually two options on what will happen next to that particular bank. The might be permanently closed or might be reopened again.

What if the bank will be permanently closed, what will happen to our money deposited into that bank?

If the bank will be shut down permanently, then we have again two options on what will happen to our money deposited on that particular bank.

  1. If your money deposited into that affected bank is equal or less than 250,000PHP, then you can claim your money from the PDIC because up to 250,000PHP is insured through the PDIC.
  2. But if your money is more than 250,000PhP, then you don’t have problem with the insured amount which is 250,000PhP because you can still claim it from the PDIC. The problem is the remaining amount. PDIC will only pay you up to 250,000PhP and the rest will be “thank you”.

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