Kontera’s New Year Bonus for You

If you haven’t heard yet about Kontera, Kontera is an ad publishing network where you can earn descent money by just placing the Kontera Code into your blog. The Kontera system will automatically choose keywords from your blog’s page that will be used to show the in-text ads. Read my article, “Make Money Online with Kontera“.

What are the Good Things with Kontera?

Actually, there are many good things you might find with Kontera, like making money, etc.. But the new one is, Kontera will be giving away $25 bonus to all who will join the Kontera Publishers program starting this week up to January 15, 2009. So, soon as you read this article, visit this link immediately and join Kontera.

Remember that you need to join Kontera by visiting that link because only those who sign-up an account at Kontera through the Kontera Page that is linked from that link are the ones that are valid. That said link is not an affiliate link of mine and I am not earning money here, not even just a cent. I am telling you about it, because I want you to earn money from your blog and eventually receive a $25 bonus from Kontera.

However, Kontera will not be giving you the $25 right after you join the network. You need to earn first $75 through the in-text ads of Kontera. Once your income reaches the first $75 then Kontera will roundup your income to $100.

You can also visit the Kontera Blog. Click Here. And from there, click the “Become a Kontera Publisher Now“.

Do you really earn money through Kontera?

Yes! I am earning money from the Kontera ads published at my blog. And as proof, I included on this post the screenshot of the latest payment I received through my Paypal account.

Paypal Account

If you have questions or comments, you can simply reply this email if you received this article at your email. You can also visit the live version of this article here >> Kontera’s New year Bonus for You“, then drop your comments or your thoughts at our comment section.

11 thoughts on “Kontera’s New Year Bonus for You”

  1. Are blogpost publishers qualified to post Kontera ads? If they do, this doesn’t conflict with previously installed Google adsense ads? Thanks…

  2. Kontera is in harmony with Google Adsense ads and it really works in blogspot blog.

    I am not really sure if they are accepting publishers who only have blogspot sites. But you can try signing up an account. anyway there’s no harm in trying.

    @Dexter: Actually, Kontera became one of the main source of income of this blog along with Adsense, TLA, etc.

    1. For me Kontera ads are not really obtrusive. Just install the code into your blog and I know you’ll earn money from that.

  3. Hi,

    My name is Vered and I’m from Kontera.

    Thanks for this great post and comments.

    Jan – Blogspot publishers are very welcome to join Kontera. We offer a one-click installation widget for Blogger/Blogspot, so adding the Kontera tag to your pages is simpler than ever. As Selaplana already mentioned, Kontera can be used alongside Adsense and the vast majority of our publishers find this combination very successful.

    Mike – we’ll be happy to welcome you back to Kontera and our Support Team will gladly work with you to make sure that your revenues are maximized.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us at support[@]Kontrea.com with any question or comment.

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays

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