How to Increase the Adsense CTR?

What is Adsense CTR?

CTR stands for “Click Through Rate”.

Adsense CTR is the Click Through Rate of the Adsense ads.

You can get the CTR of the Adsense ads of your blog by dividing the number of clicks in the ads by the number of the impression of the Adsense ads and then multiply the result by 100%. The process can be presented by the formula:

CTR= (NC / NI) * 100%

where NC is the number of clicks and the NI is the number of impression of the ads.

For example, the Adsense ads in your blog generated 1000 impressions and 100 clicks. By using the formula above in the computation, the CTR of the Adsense ads in your blog would be 10%.

How important is the CTR of the Adsense?

I don’t know how Google consider the Adsense CTR in paying you for the number of clicks generated in your Adsense account because Google did not reveal the process on computing the price per clicks on the Adsense ads.

However, based on my observation on my Google Adsense account, I noticed that the Adsense CTR is directly proportional to the Adsense Revenue.

What I mean is that when the CTR of the Adsense increases in a constant number of impression, the amount of my Adsense revenue increases too. And I consider it a normal thing because the increase of CTR means an increase of the number of clicks, and obviously if your Adsense generated a lot of clicks it will also earn a lot of money.

So, for us to earn a lot money from Adsense, one of the ways we need to do is to increase the CTR of the Adsense. (Read my article, “How to increase Adsense Earning?”)

How can we increase the Adsense CTR?

I have here 6 ways how to increase the CTR of your Adsense ads:

1) Make the Adsense ads relevant to the content of your blog.

We already understand that the ads displayed by Google Adsense depends on the content of your blog. This is why Adsense is considered contextual.

Google Adsense has the ability to read the content of your blog and to decide what ads are related to your content of which these ads should be displayed in your blog.

In other words, if the content of your blog is more targeted to a certain topic, then the Adsense ads that would be shown would be related to the topic targeted by your blog’s content. And the more the ads look related to your topic, the higher possibility that the visitor of your blog will click on the ads.Read my article, “How to make Adsense ads relevant?”

2) Place the Adsense ads on the spot noticeable by your blog’s readers.

The visitors of your blog usually focus their eyes on the content part of your blog. So, those things posted outside the content of your blog usually are neglected by your blog’s visitors.

So, if you want to make the Adsense ads noticeable to your visitors, you should place them on the spots where they’re eyes usually are focused into.

Read my article, “What is the best placement of Google Adsense?

3) Make use of the Adsense Adlinks.

The Adsense Adlink displays links using the most relevant keywords and it uses only a small area in your blog. Adding Adsense Adlinks into your blog attracts visitors to click on them.

4) Format the Adsense ads for them to look like they are part of your content.

If the Adsense ads look like the content of your blog, these ads usually get more clicks. This is because the visitors would think that those ads are just part of your blog.

Read my article, “How to Blend Adsense and Blog Content“.

5) Strip off those links that compete your Adsense ads.

Make sure that your blog’s visitors will notice no other links but your Adsense ads only. So, those other less important content that might compete your Adsense ads should be stripped off from your blog.

6) Increase visitors coming from the Search Engines.

Visitors referred by the Search Engine result usually are ignorant what ads are and how they look like. So, these people are those who mostlikely will click the ads in your blog.

    How to Increase Your Feed Subscribers?

    What is Feed?

    Feed or Web Feed or Blog Feed is a data written in RSS or XML which provides the readers or subscribers of the fresh or newly updated content of certain website or blog.

    RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication” or “RDF Site Summary“.

    Feed Subscribers are internet users who sign-up for a copy of the feed that would be sent to their email. They are also those who syndicated your blog’s feed into their RSS reader. In other words, Feed Subscribers are the readers of your blog’s content using Feed Reader or at their email inbox.

    Why is there a need to increase your blog’s feed subscribers?

    Feed Subscribers are actually your blog’s loyal readers. They subscribe to your blog’s feed because they are interested of the content of your blog. So, instead of visiting your blog daily, they decided to subscribe for your blog’s feed so that they could read your newly published article through their email or through the online or desktop feed reader without the hassle of going into your website.

    So, increasing the number of your blog’s feed subscribers is just like increasing the number of your loyal readers and fans. And with that you can do a lot of things and few of them are:

    1. Make a Buzz. Feed subscribers received immediately the copy of your newly published articles. And if your article is interesting, then it will become the talks of your loyal readers through their own blogs, through emails or what ever means of communication. So, it will result to more backlinks into your blog and additional visitors or traffic.
    2. Promote Products. You can easily promote a product or service by simply writing article about them and publish it into your blog and then the feed subscription system will immediately send a copy of your article to all feed subscribers.
    3. Make Money.  Although you can already make money by promoting products or services, you can still make more money through the ads embedded into the copy of your article syndicated in a feed.

    Increase your blog’s Feed Subscribers’ base

    Now, your problem is, how to increase your blog’s feed subscribers base?

    1. Write more quality contents. The content of your blog is what really led your visitors to subscribe your blog’s feed. So, continue writing interesting and quality content for your blog.
    2. Write articles for other blogs. There are owners of other blogs who are looking for guest bloggers who could write unique articles for their blog. So, why not try to write articles for them so that their visitors will know you and eventually visit your blog and subscribe your blog’s feed.
    3. Be active in Forums. Interacting with other members in a forums by posting your thoughts, helping other members resolving their problems, etc, are just one way of marketing your self to other members in a forum. If you include a link to your blog at your signature in every post you posted in forums, then other members would have the chance to visit your blog, and just like in number two, these people would become one of your blog’s feed subscribers.
    4. Hold a contest. You can hold a contest in your blog of which one of the requirement is to subscribe your blog’s feed. You might spend money for the prizes but this method is very effective.
    5. Promote your RSS Feed. Of course, in all the tips mentioned above, what you need to do to succeed in getting more blog’s feed subscribers is to promote your RSS Feed. Read my article, “How to promote your blog’s feed?

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    How to Increase the Adsense Income?

    After publishing my fake Adsense Income, a reader of this blog who is also a blogger asked me how to increase the Adsense income:

    Hello! Blogger din ako… My blog has 100 visitors per day pero my earning is only cents per day. How can we increase our earning in adsense? … TJ

    Increasing My Blog’s Income

    Increasing my adsense income is actually one of my main focus while blogging on this blog. Remember that I have no other source of income except blogging. And one of the main sources of income of my blog is Adsense.

    Some of my friends in the internet told me that I couldn’t really increase my blog’s income if I will limit my earning potential to Adsense and the likes only. They said that huge money in blogging are not coming from contextual ads served by Google and other publishing network but on direct ads sale and affiliate marketing.

    Well, I know that the income of those affiliate marketers and bloggers who sell ads directly to advertisers is huge compared to those who rely on Google Adsense and other publishers network. But I also believed that a blogger could really earn 5 digit income only from Adsense. It couldn’t be as high as those of the affiliate marketers but a 5 digit income from Adsense is already huge for me. Besides,  I haven’t experienced yet earning 5 digit in Adsense and I know lots of bloggers are earning as high as that in Adsense alone.

    Increasing Adsense Income

    So, how could you increase your Adsense Income?

    Actually, there are three ways in increasing your Adsense Income. You can focus in one of the three ways in increasing your Adsense Income, however if you can do both the three ways, I know for sure that your Adsense income will not just be doubled but tripled or much greater from your current Adsense income.

    Here’s how:

    (1) Increase Adsense ads Impression

    Adsense ads impression is the number of times that Adsense ads are shown in your websites. Adsense ads impression couldn’t be equal to the impression generated by your websites that are publishing Adsense ads because there are times that several webpages of your websites didn’t pull any Adsense ads due to some limitations on ads or on language of the blog, or because of some Adsense banned terms.

    However, increasing the impression or page views of your websites means increasing the Adsense ads impression.

    What I mean is that, for you to increase the Adsense ads impression, you also need to increase the number of page views of your websites or blogs.

    Read the article, “How to increase the Adsense ads impressions?

    (2) Increase Adsense Ads CTR

    The CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is the number of clicks on Adsense ads per impressions of the Adsense ads. If the ads generated 1000 impressions and from this impression the ads only clicked 10 times, thus, the CTR is only 1%.

    In other words, increasing the CTR of the Adsense ads means increasing the number of clicks on the ads because the CTR is directly proportional to the number of clicks. As the number of clicks increases in a constant number of impression, the CTR also increases.

    Read my article, “How to increase the Adsense ads CTR?

    (3) Increase Adsense eCPM

    eCPM stands for Effective Cost Per 1 thousand of Impressions. The letter “M” in eCPM stands for “1 thousand impressions”.

    If your Adsense ads generated $1.2 eCPM, it means that the effective cost per 1 thousand impression is $1.2.

    What if your Adsense ads generated 3,000 impressions and the eCPM is $10. Using the formula:

    Revenue = eCPM * (Impression/1000)

    So, you’ll be having an income of $30.

    In other words, your revenue is directly proportional to the eCPM in a constant number of impressions. If the eCPM increases, your revenue increases too.

    Read my article, “How to increase the eCPM of your Adsense ads?

    Wondering What Adsense is?

    If you are new to blogging or don’t have idea on what Adsense is, please read my article, “Make Money Online using Adsense“.

    And if you are still wondering what blog is and how is done, please consider reading the following:

    1. What is blog?
    2. Blogging to become Rick Quick
    3. Make Money Online By Blogging

    How to increase the page views of your blog?

    What is Pageviews?

    Pageviews is the number of times a webpage was viewed. If a certain webpage is viewed 100 times, then it means that the number of pageviews is 100.

    Pageviews includes the number of times a single visitor visit a certain webpage in a website even if the visitor simply refresh the browser’s page.

    Pageviews is also called page impression.

    Increase the Pageviews?

    There are actually three reasons why you should work hard for the increase of the number of pageviews that your site generates:

    (1) Visitor’s Trust

    Having a website with a great number of page views means the visitors stay longer in your website reading your articles and jumping from one page to the other. The visitors might leave your website after reading few articles, but since they found your website interesting, so we can be sure that they’ll come back to your website to read your updates or new published articles.

    (2)  Popularity.

    One of the metrics used to determine the popularity of a website is by considering the number of pageviews of it. The higher pageviews a website generates in a month, the higher popularity of it.

    (3) Money

    Actually, there is one thing behind the first two reasons mentioned why you should try to increase the page views of your website. And this is the money. Why?

    1. The very reason why your visitors stay longer in your website is because they’re interested in the content of your website and eventually found a trust in you.

      So, this kind of visitors are the ones who will patronize the products that would be promoted in your website.

    2. There are advertisers that are willing to pay you for the ads displayed in your website in per impression (CPM) basis, ie. advertisers of Blogbank and some of the direct advertisers.
    3. Based on my experience, my revenue in Google Adsense is directly proportional to the impressions of the Adsense ads. And the number of pageviews is almost equal to the number of Adsense ads impressions.

      So, if you successfully increased the page views of your website then the number of impression of your Adsense ads will be increased too, thus, your revenue in Google Adsense will surely be increased. (Read my article, “How to increase the Adsense ads revenue?”)

    Now, how can you increase the page views of your website?

    There are lots of ways how to increase the page views of your website or blog:

    (1) Increase the Unique Visitors

    Unique Visitors are individual users who visit your website or blog. By increasing the number of unique visitors of website, the number of page views eventually increased too.

    Read my article, “How to increase unique visitors of your website?

    (2) Write more quality content

    Internet users visit your website because of the content of it. Let them visit your website again and again by offering them quality and interesting articles.

    (3) Interlink your articles

    Let you visitors jump from one article to the other by establishing links to the other articles, just like what I am doing here on this article.

    (4) Feature New Published Articles

    List the new published articles in the sidebar of your website or blogs so that visitors will notice them.

    (5) Feature Related Articles

    At the bottom of the article, include a list of related articles. This is to make sure that your visitor will read other articles related to the one they are reading.

    (6) Feature Recently Commented Articles

    Adding the list of the recently commented articles is like telling your users to interact with the other users in the website or blog.

    (7) Increase Feed Subscribers

    Other bloggers said that increasing the number of the feed subscribers of your website will eventually decreases the number of visitors of your website or blog. This thought might be true to those bloggers or publishers who don’t know how to entice feed readers to visit your blog or website.

    In reality, increasing your website or blogs’ feed subscribers will lead to the increase of your website’s page views.

    (8) Use Search feature

    Offer the search feature to your visitors and let them search the articles published in your website or blogs.

    How to increase the Adsense ads impressions?

    Adsense ads impressions is the number of times the ads are pulled from the Google and displayed in your websites. Sometimes, the Adsense ads impression is equal to the pageviews of your website if the content of the pages of your website is in accordance to the terms of the Google Adsense and that Google has enough ads related to your content. Otherwise, the impression of the Adsense ads is lower to the actual page views of your website.

    So, why is there a need to increase the impression of the Google Adsense ads?

    Well, I understand that you really want to earn much from Google Adsense. Your website is already earning Dollar from Adsense but you believe that your current income is still not enough and you want to increase it.

    And you also realized that increasing the impression of the Google Adsense is one of the ways in increasing your Adsense income.

    But for those who do not understand how the impression of the Google Adsense ads affect your Adsense income, let me explain how:

    “Adsense Revenue
    is directly proportional to
    Adsense Impressions”

    For example, your website generated 1,000  Adsense impressions, and in that 1,000 impression the Adsense ads displayed in your website received 10 clicks which in turn, it gives you $2 revenue.

    Often times, if you increase the Adsense impression to, let’s say 2,000, the number of clicks the Adsense ads received increases too, and the same is true to your revenue.

    In other words, as you increases the number of Adsense ads impressions, your revenue increases too.

    But of course, it is not always true because there are other websites which experienced the decrease of the income after the Adsense impression of their website increases. However, this case is very rare. So, let’s just assume that your website is not among those websites that experienced this rare situation.

    Increasing the Adsense ads impression

    So now, let’s work for the increase of the impression of the Adsense ads in your website. Here’s how:

    (1) Increase the number of pageviews of your website

    Just like what I already have mentioned earlier, the number of impressions of the Adsense ads is sometimes equal to the number of pageviews your website generated.

    In other words, once the pageviews of your website increases, not only hundreds but in thousands, then it will be true that your Adsense ads impression will be increased too.

    So, what you need to do now is to work hard and find ways so that the number of pageviews of your website will be increased. For you to know how, please read my article “How to increase the pageviews of your website?

    (2) Increase the number of subscribers of your websites

    Those who already tried promoting the Feed Subscription of their blog or website might understand already the relation of the number of the Feed subscribers to the number of pageviews of certain blog or website.

    Feed subscribers usually read your website’s content at the feed readers or at the individual email account. But just looking at that situation, you could immediately conclude that the activities of feed readers don’t have effect to your website’s traffic. But of course that is not always true, because there are bloggers or web publishers who knew how to convert feed subscribers to the number of pageviews of their websites.

    However, it is always true that the number of feed subscribers is directly proportional to the number of impression of Google Adsense in feed readers.

    In other words, once the number of the feed readers of your website or blog increases, the number of Adsense ads in feed also increases.

    For you to know how to increase your feed readers or subscribers, please read my article, “How to increase your website’s feed readers or subscribers?”


    If you are wondering why I am writing article like this, please read my previous article, “How to increase Adsense Income?“.

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    ”He gained entry by breaking the front door window and made his way into the property.

    ”Once inside, he found Sarah in her bedroom and subjected her to a frenzied and brutal attack with a knife and then attempted to take his own life.”

    This incident is a lesson to married ones who are trying to act like unmarried by setting the marital status in Friendster, Facebook, MySpace or any social networking sites to “single” because it will really cause trouble between the couple especially if their husbands or wives are jealous.

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    Another mother gives birth to 8 babies (octuplets) in US.

    The six boys and two girls were delivered by caesarean section in Los Angeles, California.

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    They were screaming and kicking around very vigorously, according to a doctor at the hospital in suburban Bellflower.

    The mother, whose identity has not been revealed, has asked that limited information be released about the births.

    A hospital spokeswoman described the deliveries, which took place in the space of five minutes, as “truly amazing”.

    Three of the babies – who were nine weeks premature – need help breathing, but all were otherwise doing well, she said.

    Doctors say the babies will be in incubators for at least six weeks and that the mother is planning to breast feed them all.

    Giving birth to several babies is just normal, I think. But what made me wonder is the fact that 3 of the 8 babies were nine weeks premature. Does it mean that these 3 babies were formed when their mother was nine weeks pregnant of the other 5?

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    The WhiteHouse is now Blogging

    Barack Obama made use of the internet technology during his campaign for the recent US Presidential Election. Now, after taking over the White House, the 44th US President’s adminstration is making use of the latest trend of the internet technology in disseminating information related to the government and the US in general.

    The official website of the White House (click here) installed its own blog and made the first post on a day that President Barack Obama took auth, “Change has come to“.

    Pres. Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address

    My fellow citizens:  I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you’ve bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.

    I thank President Bush for his service to our nation — (applause) — as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition.

    Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath.  The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace.  Yet, every so often, the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms.  At these moments, America has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because we, the people, have remained faithful to the ideals of our forebears and true to our founding documents.  (Continue Reading the address here)

    How to CHMOD Folders and Files in my Domain?

    Managing your files and folders in your domain is part of your money making by blogging jobs. This include:

    1. Updating your blogging script (ie WordPress);
    2. Deleting, renaming and changing files and folders;
    3. Uploading and Downloading Files
    4. Updating, importing and exporting database
    5. and other similar works…

    So, don’t be surprised if a blog of a money maker by blogging is talking about website management.

    I receive recently an email from a blogger like me who have problems of doing the CHMOD function for his folders and files in his Domain.

    Bro, I recently moved my blog from my old webhost to the new webhost. I experienced no problem in moving. Downtimes is normal since the DNS of my domain resolves in the entire internet for a quite long time.

    What really gives me a problem is on changing the CHMOD of all files and folders inside a certain folder.

    Did you know a PHP script that could handle the job? Please tell me?

    CHMOD’ing folders and files

    FYI, I’m not really a programmer. I may understand some commands, functions or code written in PHP but I don’t know how to write them. And another thing is, I don’t have yet any PHP script that handles the CHMOD’ing of files and folders in a domain.

    However, I know a very simple and easy way in changing the File Permissions of a long list of files and folders. The CHMOD’ing takes time but you will never get tired because the application or the program is the one doing the job.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Download the SmartFTP (click here). It’s up to you to decide if you want to download the “Paid” or the “Free” one.
    2. Install the SmartFTP application in you PC.
    3. Log in to your FTP account using the SmartFTP. In the “Address” field enter the domain of your website. The “Username” and “password” are your username and password if you’ll log in to your CPanel. You can also use the username and password you created for a specific FTP account. Visit the “FTP Manager” in your CPanel for more info.
    4. Then find the folder that you want to CHMOD. Right click on it and click the “Properties” and configure the CHMOD settings then click “OK”.
    5. If there are thousands of files inside that folder, then expect that the SmartFTP client application would take time in processing the job. While waiting, you can browse the pages of my blog, “I Make Money Online by Blogging” and send me your suggestions, comments or any messages.

    Hope this tips help you.

    P.S. I think, the best thing to do is to ask the assistance of the Technical Support of your webhost. I know they can easily change the Permission Settings of thousands of files in your domain in just one command in the root directory.

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    My Adsense Income

    A subscriber emailed me recently asking me how much am I earning from Google Adsense.

    Sir, I am a subscriber of your writings and of Bro. Macuha. Bro. Macuha revealed on his blog that he is already a 4 digit Adsense earner. If you don’t mind, would you tell us how much is your Adsense income too?

    My Adsense Income

    Adsense Income

    Just look at the image above how much I am earning from Adsense…$10,081 today and $19,046 yesterday. But hey, don’t get serious…that’s a fake one. I created that image through the Google Adsense Generator (click here) and that’s not my actual Adsense income.

    My blogs actually earns a 4 digit income but it’s not purely an Adsense income. My actual income from Adsense is just a 3 digit one.

    How much is that 3 digit?

    I’m sorry but I am not ready to reveal the exact amount yet. But trust me, it’s a 3 digit amount in which if combines with my affiliate income it can now afford to pay my hosting bills and bills for internet, electricity, water, and apartment, and it is also enough to support our family’s needs.