Google Street View Helped Save the Kidnapped Girl

In April 2008, Google was sued by the couple who owned the properties of which Google took photos through its Google Street View product.

Just today I learned that police used the Google Street View along with the GPS in locating the location of the kidnapped girl.

Here’s part of the news report:

Knowing this, Officer Neale said, he contacted the child’s cell phone provider seeking a way to trace the call.

The company provided him with GPS coordinates every time the phone was activated. …

He said coordinates kept coming in within 300 feet of each other.

“Then I Googled it,” he said.

Deputy Chief Lozier said that on the Internet search engine site Google there is a street view where people can look at photographs of neighborhoods in many locations.

Using the street view, he was able to look back and forth from the intersection.

Looking across a field, he said he saw a long building with a red roof that looked like a motel. He then did a search on Google for motels in Natural Bridge and found the Budget Inn-Natural Bridge, which, on a map, appeared to be close to the intersection he was looking at.

Not satisfied with that, he then looked at Google’s satellite view of the motel and saw it was close to the intersection. (source)

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