How to Increase Your Feed Subscribers?

What is Feed?

Feed or Web Feed or Blog Feed is a data written in RSS or XML which provides the readers or subscribers of the fresh or newly updated content of certain website or blog.

RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication” or “RDF Site Summary“.

Feed Subscribers are internet users who sign-up for a copy of the feed that would be sent to their email. They are also those who syndicated your blog’s feed into their RSS reader. In other words, Feed Subscribers are the readers of your blog’s content using Feed Reader or at their email inbox.

Why is there a need to increase your blog’s feed subscribers?

Feed Subscribers are actually your blog’s loyal readers. They subscribe to your blog’s feed because they are interested of the content of your blog. So, instead of visiting your blog daily, they decided to subscribe for your blog’s feed so that they could read your newly published article through their email or through the online or desktop feed reader without the hassle of going into your website.

So, increasing the number of your blog’s feed subscribers is just like increasing the number of your loyal readers and fans. And with that you can do a lot of things and few of them are:

  1. Make a Buzz. Feed subscribers received immediately the copy of your newly published articles. And if your article is interesting, then it will become the talks of your loyal readers through their own blogs, through emails or what ever means of communication. So, it will result to more backlinks into your blog and additional visitors or traffic.
  2. Promote Products. You can easily promote a product or service by simply writing article about them and publish it into your blog and then the feed subscription system will immediately send a copy of your article to all feed subscribers.
  3. Make Money.  Although you can already make money by promoting products or services, you can still make more money through the ads embedded into the copy of your article syndicated in a feed.

Increase your blog’s Feed Subscribers’ base

Now, your problem is, how to increase your blog’s feed subscribers base?

  1. Write more quality contents. The content of your blog is what really led your visitors to subscribe your blog’s feed. So, continue writing interesting and quality content for your blog.
  2. Write articles for other blogs. There are owners of other blogs who are looking for guest bloggers who could write unique articles for their blog. So, why not try to write articles for them so that their visitors will know you and eventually visit your blog and subscribe your blog’s feed.
  3. Be active in Forums. Interacting with other members in a forums by posting your thoughts, helping other members resolving their problems, etc, are just one way of marketing your self to other members in a forum. If you include a link to your blog at your signature in every post you posted in forums, then other members would have the chance to visit your blog, and just like in number two, these people would become one of your blog’s feed subscribers.
  4. Hold a contest. You can hold a contest in your blog of which one of the requirement is to subscribe your blog’s feed. You might spend money for the prizes but this method is very effective.
  5. Promote your RSS Feed. Of course, in all the tips mentioned above, what you need to do to succeed in getting more blog’s feed subscribers is to promote your RSS Feed. Read my article, “How to promote your blog’s feed?

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