How I Requested SmartBro’s Technical Support?

Smart Bro Lousy Customer and Technical Support

March 21, 2009 at 9PM

Last February, 2009, I experienced problem connecting into the internet through the SmartBro Plan 999 (Canopy Smart Bro). I immediately called up the SmartBro Hotline # *888 (asterisk+888). After the standard troubleshooting procedure, the customer support on the other line reported it to the technical support and told me that within 24 hours, the technical support would call me to discuss for the schedule of the contractor (technician) that would fix the SmartBro Canopy problem.

I had not receive any call from the technical support, so I called the Smartbro hotline again (on the next day) to followup the reported case of my internet connection. After the routine standard troubleshooting and verification of the report, the customer support told me that the contractor had received already the job. She told me to wait for the supposed visit of the contractor at my home to fix the problem.

Days passed… but no contractor visited me. So, I just fixed the problem by my own. I was so lucky that I successfully fixed it.

Last Wednesday, March 18, 2009, the power supply of the canopy antenna of my Smartbro was busted. I again called up the hotline (*888) and reported the problem. I also reported that there was no contractor who fixed my SmartBro’s problem as reported last February 2009. So, after the standard troubleshooting procedure and verification, the customer support reported the problem to the technical support and told me that the technical support would call me within 24 hours.

I haven’t received any call from the technical support, so the next day (Thursday) I called the Smartbro hotline again to followup the Wednesday report and told me again that the technical support would call me within 24 hours. This time, I told her that I was tired of waiting for the call from technical support but no one called me up. So, she immediately coordinated with the technical support. After few minutes of waiting, another woman from the technical support told me that the contractor would be visiting me on Saturday, March 21, 2009, at 10AM to 12Noon.

Saturday came… I waited… But no one came. No one called me. No one sent me text messages.

So, I called the SmartBro hotline (*888) again. After the standard troubleshooting procedure, a man answered. I immediately told him that the contractor didn’t visited me to fix the reported problem. But the man told me that he couldn’t check the report and its status because their equipments were down.

My blood pressure raised but I could do nothing but to patiently talk these guys. … I shut my phone off… took medicine to control my blood pressure, closed my eyes, and helped my self to relax. I don’t want to die just because of this problem.

How my SmartBro Problem got fixed?

Update: March 23, 2009 at 5PM

The personnel of the customer and technical support of the SmartBro is just making money from our calls through the SmartBro hotline (*888) without even helping us fix our SmartBro problems. As they received calls from us, Smart will pay them for answering us.

Yesterday, (Sunday, March 22, 2009), I called the SmartBro hotline again and the customer support told me that the personnel from the technical support would visit me here on Monday (Today, March 23, 2009). However, just like what I already experienced, there was no call or text from the customer support and no one visited me here.

So, I decided to stop subscribing the Plan 999 (Smart Bro Canopy). I went to the Smart Field Office in Barangay Asuncion, Maasin City and talked to the personnel manning the office and told him my plan stop my subscription. I also told them that I was disappointed that up to that time there was no technical support visited me to fix my SmartBro connection problem.

After hearing my concern, they (headed by an Engineer) went to my apartment and fixed the problem by replacing the adopter or the power supply of the SmartBro Canopy antenna.

Finally, my SmartBro is up running again.

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36 thoughts on “How I Requested SmartBro’s Technical Support?”

    1. until now ay hindi pa rin pumunta ang contractor ng SmartBro para ayusin ang problema ng connection ko.

      Duda ko ito ay dahil ang contractor ay nasa Bato, Leyte at ako’y nasa Maasin City which 37 kilometers ang distance. Sa tingin ata ng contractor ay lugi sya kung pupuntahan ako agad lalo pat ako lang yata ang nangangailangan ng serbisyo nila.

  1. hi there sir, smart bro really sucks… i ilove reading your blog, i learned a lot from u… hope one day i can also earn a lot from blogging… :) Godbless

    1. hello po. thanks a lot. and yes, just continue blogging, and target popular keywords also for you to gain more traffic for your blog…. and there’s money in your blog’s traffic.

      By the way, SmartBro Canopy is better here in my area in terms of wireless internet. The only problem is there technical support.

      Tomorrow I will apply for the internet connection at Globelines. Their internet connection is worst but their technical support is better.

  2. When SmartBro was first introduced in our town the reception was very on and off. Some days we were connected, some days we were not. And the technical support had not been of particular help to customers. Every time you called them up you’d be given the same routine of check up, but nothing usually was resolved. Until some perceptive persons found an effective way of getting their attention.

    And it’s this. You curse them to high heavens – the more colorful the language, the more intense your anger becomes the better attention you’d get. And generally, the problems got attended to.

    In our town at least they have a better track record these days. The internet connection has been good. I just can’t vouch for the customer service and technical people of SmartBro – they just might be exactly the same slackers they were before as evidenced by your experience with them. :)

    1. I found a quick way of getting technical support.

      this afternoon, I visited the field office near our home to request the disconnection of my SmartBro… When the Engineer learned what I have experienced, he immediately offer his service to fix the problem

      I’m now using my SmartBro canopy connection when posting this comment

  3. hay naku. ganyang ganyan din ang experience ko sa mga ISP natin. nkakabwisit. Maswerte ka pa kasi halos ilang days lang yan. sa akin 2 weeks. anyway, sana maayos na internet connection mo.

  4. Ganyan din po na-experience ko until now. Nagsisinungaling pa ung subcontractor nila na tumawag daw sila sa amin para i-fix ung service pero wala naman kaming narereceive na call. Walang kwenta Smart-bro!!!

    Pwede ba ipaputol ung service nila kung ganyan din lang ang support na gagawin nila? Sino po ba sa inyo ang nakapagpaputol ng service ng under contract pa?

    Smart-bro bulok talaga!!!


    1. habang di mo pa natapos yung contrata, siguro mas mabuti kung humanap ka muna ng paraan maayos problem mo gaya ng nangyari kanina dito…. I updated my post… nasa itaas yung story pano ko naipaayos yung prblem ng smartbro ko.

  5. i’ve been with smart bro plan 999 for about 2 years, no support problem been encountered so far. nag-down ang antenna ko for two times but they fixed it as scheduled. no problem with connection speed so far. sana palaging ganito. hini rin sila strict sa billing. i am always delayed by 2 months, hindi lang pwede mag three months dahil i-redirect ka nila sa smart protal at wala kang ibang ma surf kundi smart pages. i will stick to smart bro as long as the service is as always as it was started.

  6. I also experienced the same thing. That’s why i switched to pldt dsl unlimited 999. if you need wireless connection why not you try sun wireless broadband unlimited?I have read a lot of testimonials on the net that it’s fast and reliable. I have not tried though and I’m hesitant to try because i used to be a sun cellular service subscriber and the service was really bad.

  7. hay naku totoo talga smart bro talaga nakakainis ang service! ang kanilang plan 999 broadband internet parati may problem sa connection asar nagpipigil lang ako maayos ako magbayad pero ang service nila muntik ko na talga ma loose ang control ko lalo na nung minsan talgang kailangan ko ng internet tapos wala. kung pwede lang ipadisconnect to at palitan na lang ng DSL ginawa ko na!!! kundi lang ako nghihinayang sa money NAKU!!!

  8. I’m now having problems with smart bro. I am having an intermittent connection for about two weeks by now. All they say is for me to monitor it for 24 hours to think that I call them everyday for the status of my problem. It’s really disappointing.

  9. Also, Smart Bro is blocking certain Web sites. I have proof of this (the sites are accessible using another network). Unless the terms of their contract specifically state that they can do that, then they’re obviously in breach of contract.

    Time for people to wise up, and demand, real ‘unlimited’ broadband or tell Smart to stop marketing their service as ‘unlimited’.

    Smart’s definition of ‘unlimited’ broadband: You can only access allowed sites, and can only run allowed Internet applications.

  10. First of all, it’s *1888 not *888.

    It largely depends on the area. My speed never hits 384kbps BELOW, i’m on 600kbps average sometimes reaching over 800kbps. I’m downloading at an average 80kbps not bad for a supposedly 384kbps connection.

    The only problem is that 3 days ago they started blocking w@rez sites and uploading sites such as rapidshare, uploading, megaupload, etc etc atleast here in our area. P2P clients can’t be port forwarded making it a total turn off. I’ve been using it for ’bout 4 months now. Their technical support have no clue what their job is.

    Speed: 4/5
    Stability: 4/5
    FREEDOM: 0/10 for blocking sites we pay to surf.

    Someone should teach these companies a lesson or two.

  11. ganun din sakin PUTANG INANG SMART BRO yan!!!! every 5 mins na DDC kaya khit anong game ko ma SSTOP lng at uulitin nanaman,,,, PUTA wala naman ako magawa at ayaw parin lumipat sa globe ng may ari ng pinag ooctopus linan ko ng internet khit alam nya sa sarili nya na naainis na rin sya at wala na naging costumer sa shop nya,,,, pareho silang GAGO ng SMART TELECOMMUNICATIONS PHILIPPINES!!!!!

  12. ganun din sakin PUTANG INANG SMART BRO yan!!!! every 5 mins na DDC kaya khit anong game ko ma SSTOP lng at uulitin nanaman,,,, PUTA wala naman ako magawa at ayaw parin lumipat sa globe ng may ari ng pinag ooctopus linan ko ng internet khit alam nya sa sarili nya na naainis na rin sya at wala na naging costumer sa shop nya,,,, pareho silang GAGO ng SMART TELECOMMUNICATIONS PHILIPPINES!!!!! SHIT

  13. ako din tanginang smart bro yan~! ang lalakas nang loob porket wala pang DSL sa lugar namin, cguro sinasabi nang mga yan! hayaan mo yan no choice namn sila eh… satin din babagsak yan… potang-ina nila, ilang beses na ko tumatawag sa hotline nyo! tangina… simula bagyong ondoy pa… down internet ko sayang 1 month na bill pota… mamatay na kau… potang ina nyo!

  14. alvin delacruz tamayo

    pakiputol nga poh ung connection ko sa bangkal city of malolos gusto ko po asap plssss lng poh ok poh ba
    hantay ko poh ngaung mag hapon ok eto poh ung mobile number ko if putol na ung coinnection ko +639329469305 ok hantayin ko po naun mag hapon ok ngaun nio na poh putulin salamat poh text nio poh ako ha if ok na tnx

  15. Walang problem sa providers. Perfect lahat ng sevices na inooffer nila. So stop whining about their services.
    The real problem is the Laws that govern these services, yung protection ng consumers.
    Walang law na nagsasabing bawal iblock ang sites na gusto mong puntahan, hindi bawal ang hindi magrespond sa complaints ng endusers, so technically lahat ng ginagawa nila is legal. The only reason na narestore yung connection mo sir is because “nalagay si engineer sa position na in question yung professionalism, identity, and moral values nya” kung sa phone yan, LOL, goodbye. I’ve had same issues with all these providers, pareho lang sila, the only thing that stands is the “bond” ng services nila. 1 year lock-in period bawi na, since you’re a morally upright law abiding citizen (meron kasing law abiding na hindi naman morally upright , hahahaha) magbabayad ka, sure money na sila or else i settle mo nalang sa court or somewhere else but what about yung right ng consumers? hahahaha. As long as walang protection ang consumers and walang serious government agencies na mag handle ng cases for these kinds of issues, enjoy the rotting quality of their customer service. As of now GLOBE, PLDT, SMART, SUN, DIGITEL, BAYANTEL, ISLACOM, PHILTEL, MWSS, NAWASA, POCKETBELL, GOTOHELL are all OK (legally).

    Thanks, selboy. More power.

    I’m on Smartbro right now. (prepaid) And i’m using a proxy hack which makes me “a not so morally upright”, LOL. J/K. But if i do, i guess they could send me to jail right away. Grabe ang protection ng mga hinayupak na to, hahahhaha. sino naman kayang “pork barrelled” lawmaker ang nagmamahal sa mga constituents niya, sa mga consumers?

    thanks everyone. PEACE

  16. P.S.

    Speaking of Law-makers:

    I wonder how would Senators like Bong Revilla, Estrada, Lito Lapid and the likes would perform. Kung Gusto nila magkaroon ng value sa senate (not just by popularity) dito maganda magconcentrate, sa consumer rights. Sorry, hindi naman sa nang criticize or nag judge ng ibang tao suggestion lang. Who am I to question the intellects of those who put them to power, nasa top ten pa yata, not sure. Anyways, God bless my Philippines.

    *singing* “Oh when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn”


    Live Long and Prosper

    Sorry for double posting

  17. Have any of you experience this with the smartbro prepaid kit?

    I am able to connect to the internet using the smartbro plugit but I am unable to browse any website. Pag nag-ping ako, ok naman. I can even use skype and play mmorpg games but I cannot browse any website kahit google lang… I have disable my firewall, anti-virus, uninstalled norton, reset the winsock 32?… la pa rin… running 5 days na… I connected sa school wi-fi and found these solutions but they don’t work… as a last resort i called customer service but the customer rep just told me that it’s my problem not theirs, because as far as they are concerned I am connected, if i can’t browse it’s my computer’s problem and I should call a technician… amf…

  18. i do have a good connection to the internet using smartbro. unfortunately, i’ve been having a weird problem recently. im not able to access my site. i called my hosting provider and found out that that problem isnt with them but with my isp. i tried access my site via anonymous proxy and it was successful. unfortunately, the situation limits my ability to make post properly (i have to use the html editor as the wysiwyg editor doesnt load). i also am not able to administer my plugins. i ran a tracert command pointing to my domain and it said “desntination net unreachable”. this started happening just recently. im with byethost and my subscription’s gonna expire next year pa. anyone who had/has the same/similar prob?

  19. how about the pldt dsl I seems having problem accessing my adsense on my website they are not showing as of today but using different dsl connection they are working fine, I think pldt is blocking google adsense advertisement

  20. Hello there, im a smartbro user 1year and 5 months, etong matatapos na ang kontrata ko last 5 months n lang nagloloko na ang smartbro ko. Everytime im playing online games such as garena, lagi ako nakikick dahil sa high ping. Lahat din ng tao sa room na pinapasukan ko ay high ping. bumababa lang ang ping kada 12midnight kya kailangan ko pang mag antay ng 12 midnight para makalro lang. I call the technical support pero there is a message if you call them here at bacoor cavite na there are fixing there base station.Nakakabanas na sana matapos na kontarata ko dito sa lintek na smartbro na to

  21. magandang araw po sa smart bro report ko lang po ung problem ko sa net namin 12 midnight mau net ako hangang 10 am after that babagal na ang net hangang sa mawalan na ng net mag antay pa ulit kami ng 12 midnight bago siya bumalik paki aksiyunan naman po sana ng mga taga smart bro ang problema namin maraming salamat po

  22. good day,, my problem is with smartbro plug-it plan 999,, i have been using it for 16 months now and the problem occured last week. problem loading page, connection was reset and etc,, i have been sending my problems to the technical support thru smart web connect, same thing also happens to me, ” that my problem has been forwarded to the technical support and that somebody will call me w/in 24hrs but to my dismay, nobody calls from their part. please!! to whom it may concern, i am 1 of your smart user for quite sometime now and nobody even bothers to check or solve my problems. i will be changing my service provider by next month if this will not be fixed!! i will cut my subscription in my pldt dsl, my postpaid cellphone and this smartbro plug-it,, where is the promise of good connection and customer service 24 hrs? you have to do something on your part or else you will loose a subscriber!! contact me at this number 09296262869 if some technician in smart can solve my internet connection problems, im sick and tired of waiting!!

  23. good morning po …ask ko lan po …bakit hindi n nagtetext s akin yun smart hotline about s payment ko …dati my confirmation po ..pag nagbayad n ko ….nagtetext n s akin ang smart s celpon ko ..ronald reyes..09239861264

  24. dati po nagtetext n s akin ang smart about s payment o confirmation ko..ngyon wala po akon natatangap n txt mula s smart ..kun nagbayad n ko thanks 09239861264

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