How to Speed Up Smart Bro Prepaid

Smart Bro prepaid is the internet product offered by the Smart Philippines which uses USB modem. I already talked about it at my post, “Smart Bro, The Wireless Internet“.

So the question is: How can you speed up the Smart Bro Prepaid?

Here’s my answer:

You will enjoy the fastest internet speed of Smart Bro which is up to 2MBPS if you’re in the area where 3G or HSDPA is available. It’s just unfortunate that not all areas where you could find Smart cellsite have 3G or HSDPA. In other words, in areas where 3G or HSDPA is not available, you’ll just be using the GPRS connection which too slow and sometimes slower than the dial-up connection.

So, if you want to speed up your Smart Bro prepaid, then you need to go to the place where 3G or HSDPA connection is available. There’s no other way to speed it up.

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17 thoughts on “How to Speed Up Smart Bro Prepaid”

  1. The smart bro wireless prepaid can have a speed of 2mbps. here’s what you need to know, hope it helps.

  2. My Smart bro prepaid connection don’t even reach 1mbps and we are actually in a city proper which has high connection signal to SMART… Please pm me in my YM for any chances of help

  3. More like your fishing for searches but not giving em what they need ^_^. G’luck with the lousy act, pretty sure ur ads are getting alot of views hahaha

    1. this is not actually part of my SEO activities. I was asked by the visitors of this blog, and above is my answer.

      Thanks anyway for informing me… I’m glad this post top the SERP but I think, you’re the only one who came to this page from the SERP.

    1. I wasn’t earning money from this post according to the Google Analytics because most of the time, no one visit here. Most of the ads here are in CPM.

  4. Oo nga… nagpapa “as if” pa na may alam sa hacking… keyword lang naman hina-hack mo… making money online using black hat method.

    1. I don’t know what the black hat method you’re telling me. What I knew is that I was just writing blogposts here without thinking of anything…. but to answer questions sent to me.

  5. I came to this page only to be disappointed. Of course common sense would tell better signal better speed, that is given. I thought I would be reading a high end tips from a techie. Flop!!!!

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