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This is my first attempt of collecting thoughts from the blogs owned by Filipinos. I am still experimenting on this method and I am still in the process of learning how to write article that covers almost anything.

It’s like “uncovering the glass frog, ‘E.T.-like’ salamander” which was the result of the expedition to the isolated mountain of the South Eastern Ecuador. You’ll never learn something new if you’ll not try to find the lessons.

You might hear rumors like “Britney Spears is not engaged to Jason Trawick“,  “Britney Spears obtained restraining order against stalker“, or  “Pinky Webb – Rogue magazine Philippines June 2009“, but how could you realize the truth about it if you’ll not try to do the research.

You can start by looking at the picture of Danielle Staub or the photos taken by paparazzi of Kate Gosselin Spanking her daughter. It would be better if you watched “Karla and Jonathan danced the contemporary” on So You Can Dance or the “Astic, Mga Batang Kalye“.

If you heard about sex scandals just like the sex videos of Hayden Kho, it would be better if we would just pass it away through the other ear, although I know that it’s hard to resist the call from your body to watch the sex videos especially that the Maricar Reyes – Hayden Kho Scandal part 3 and Maricar Reyes Sleeping Scandal are already circulated in the internet.

And just like what I said, it’s my first time to write an article in this way. And I will be writing more articles using this technique, hoping that someday, I will master this technique and write more interesting articles.

Some said, it’s a carnival way of writing in the sense that the thoughts within this article are all taken from different articles or blogposts.

But whatever….. i love this.

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