How Can I Get My SSS Online Inquiry Username and Password If I Don’t Know My SBR Number?

Question: How can I get my Online Inquiry Username and Password if I don’t know my SBR Number?


If you are “self-employed”, “voluntary member”, “Non-working spouse”, or “overseas contract worker”, and wanted to register from the Online Inquiry of the SSS or Social Security System, then you need to know the SBR number because SBR number is required in the registration.

You can actually get the SBR number in your RS-5 (Contributions Payment Return) copy and just follow the guide found on the article, “Philippine SSS website Registration” under the question: What are the information required in registration?

You can try calling the SSS telephone numbers 920-6401, 920-6446, maybe SSS people can help you get the SBR number.

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8 thoughts on “How Can I Get My SSS Online Inquiry Username and Password If I Don’t Know My SBR Number?”

  1. I want to ask, previously i worked on two companies in the philippines and i know they are deducting my salary for sss, tax.. etc. after 2 years i flew here in UAE. And stopped contributing to my sss account. i want to retrieve my sss # but i forget already. What are the other posible way i can get it. And i would like apply for Pag-ibig fund. Is it true that if you have sss, you also have pag-ibig fund?

  2. I am an OFW &I have salary loan last 4 years ago maybe. i just want to check my loan balance & my contribution? i have my SSS number 33-1485440-2 but i forgot the password. i hope you can send me through my email. THANK YOU.

  3. bob
    i want to know m sbr # since right now im an ofw i register as a voluntary member. i want sign in to sss online cintribution but i cant do it since i dnt have sbr #. i hope u can send me m sss sbr # thru me email address. this my email adress [email protected]. hoping ur good and kind consideration. thank u pls reply thru my email

  4. I wanted to know why so much time passed before i got my pension.The first time, I was informed that I will get my pension every 27 of the month being my birthday. As of today, 4 October, no sign when I can cash my meager pension on time as alleged by SSS the first time I got my pension that I can cash it on my birthday day. Can you give me a a clear date when I can cash my pension. Thank you.

  5. I am now 82 years old, an american citizen and lives in the U.S., way back in 1976 to 1986 I worked with Sun Life of Canada as an agent. I know that they were paying for my SSS contribution then. How can I get my SSS number and what are the benefits I am entitled to for my contributions. I would like my son in the Philippines to follow-up for whatever benefits I am entitled. What documents do I provide him. Thank you for a positive and immediate response.

  6. i cannot acces my online sss due to forgot password and username…pls…send my password or reset my account…

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