What’s The Difference Between Peanut Butter And Jam?

On the recent episodes of “How I Met Your Mother“, you’ll learn the famouse punch line which is nasty to hear. And soon as you’ll hear it you’ll be wondering what’s the meaning of the nasty joke that Barny will tell to Lily or might ask this, “What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam?

The line is this…. actually it’s a dirty joke:

You can’t peanut butter your d@#$ with someone’s a@#. But you can jam your d@#$ in the a@#.

Actually, I was alarmed by this when a reader asked me “What’s the difference anyway of the peanut butter and jam?”

I answered him seriously about its difference just like this:

The difference between the peanut butter and jam is this: The Peanut butter is a sandwich spread that is made from ground peanut added with an oil and a small amount of salt to make it tasty.

While jam is preserved fruit made by cooking the fruit with sugar and water. For example if you’ll make a guava jam, what you need is a cooked guava and sugar and an amount of water and then it will finally formed into a jelly like product.

But he argued that it’s not the answer that he’s asking. What he’s asking is the meaning of these terms when used in a dirty joke like when saying: “peanut butter your d#$% or jam your d@#$.

And that… I really don’t know.

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California Wildfire August 2009

It was August 26, 2009 (Wednesday) when the wildfire started in the mountains north of Los Angeles.The cause of the fire is still unknown and authorities are still investigating.

California Wild Fire

August 30, 2009, wildfire swept through a business district and residential area destroying 60 structures in Auburn, California, USA.

As of August 31, 2009, two firefighters were reported dead when their firetruck rolled down the mountain side of Mt. Gleason, South of Acton, and crashed. The fallen firefighters are Los Angeles Firefighters Tedmund “Ted” Hall (47) and Arnaldo Quinones (35).

The Station fire continued to encroach the peak of Mt Wilson where the historic observatory, and the regions’ TV and Radio transmitters found. The other side of the fire is raging east of downtown Los Angeles.

The Santa Ana winds which is expected on this time is absent but the fire still spread fast due to the intense heat and the thick vegetation that haven’t experienced fire for decades.

The 4 Counties of California is currently under the state of emergency as ordered by the California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (see the video below). However, five people (4 men, 1 woman) in Gold Canyon refused the evacuation order on Saturday. On Monday they’re asking for rescue but authorities found it hard to rescue them especially with the use of helicopter. They should wait for the fire to pass before they’ll get them.

It’s noted that California is frequently hit by wildfires due to its dry climate, winds and recent housing booms that have seen home construction spread rapidly into rural and densely forested areas.

In 2007, California suffered devastation from wildfires that left eight people dead, burned 2,000 homes, displaced 640,000 people and caused one billion dollars in damage.

Credit: Image by REUTERS

ABS-CBN Suspends Wowowee Host, Willie Revillame

Finally, ABS-CBN released order to extend Willie Revillame’s leave up to September 20 this year as the result of the talks between the ABS-CBN and MTRCB regarding the latter’s complaint against the popular host.

Here’s the official statement of the ABS-CBN:

“In the interest of self-regulation, ABS-CBN has availed of the conciliation process under Section 6, Rule 7, of the MTRCB Rules of Procedures, regarding the incidents involving Mr. Willie Revillame in the program Wowowee. After having considered the facts, issues and terms of self-regulation to be imposed in the pertinent cases, the MTRCB has approved the same.

“Whereof, the ABS-CBN shall undertake to perform the following:

“1. Extend Mr. Revillame’s leave until 20 September 2009; and,
“2. Remove the present dance segment of Luningning and Saicy.

“Further, ABS-CBN reiterates that it is fully aware of its legal and moral responsibilities as a broadcaster and shall undertake to continue to uphold the values and customs of the Filipino viewing public.”

My thoughts

I was thinking recently if Willie Revillame is still needed on his popular noontime show, Wowowee. And I found out that according to research, Wowowee remains the number 1 TV show since his indefinite leave up to this time of writing this post.

In other words, Pokwang and other co-hosts of the show are now capable of maintaining the popularity of the show. So, I guess even if Willie Revillame will decide to leave the ABS-CBN after the recent decision made by the company, Wowowee will remain good noontime entertainment.

So, what will Willie Revillame do now?

Well. He’s now rich. And I think, he can still to earn millions from his business aside from hosting the Wowowee.

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Girl Kidnapped at 11, Found 18 Years Later

It was June 10, 1991 when Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped by a woman and a man in a gray sedan near her home at South Lake Tahoe, East of San Francisco. Jaycee was 11 year-old then. Her step father saw the kidnapping and tried to pursue the kidnappers using his bicycle but failed to stopped them.

Finally, after 18 years, Jaycee Dugard was recovered and her kidnappers, an ex-convict, Phillip Craig Garrido (58) who served in prison for rape and kidnapping, and also his wife Nancy Garrido (54) were arrested by the Police this Wednesday.

According to Concord Police, a woman allegedly walked into a Contra Costa County law enforcement office and said that she was kidnapped. Later it was found out that the woman was Jaycee Dugard.

Authorities said that Jaycee Dugard, now 29, is healthy but she might have health problems because she along with the two daughers of the suspect were raised in isolation and never went to school.

Dugard Jaycee Kidnapped

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Why Does my Blog’s Page Rank Drop to Zero?

So, your blog’s PR (Page Rank or PageRank) drops to zero (0).

For the sake of those who are not yet familiar with the term “Page Rank“… this term actually may mean two things:

  1. The website rating system, and/or the rating given to every website or webpage which is named after the Google co-founder, Mr. Page. And it’s the one that I am actually talking here.
  2. The actual ranking of a certain web page in the SERP of a specific search.

Okay. If during the recent PR update of Google, your blog was slapped by Google with the PR0 from its former higher PR rating, should you really worry about it?

Actually, there’s nothing to worry about it. A Page Rank of zero (0) may mean that your link-building campaign is a failure, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll lose all the higher positions at SERP in a specific search.

To let you know, there are lots of blogs which got the zero PR but still getting huge traffic from Google. Brother Macuha’s blog is now PR0 but his blog’s traffic remains high compared to mine. The PR of my blog, make money at home, dropped to zero last April 2009 but it is still getting enough traffic from Google.

So instead of worrying and making your self nervous, what you need to do is just follow the advice of Google’s engineer, Mr. Matt Cutts, to focus on writing quality articles rather than being obsessed with the green bar that you’ll see at the Google Toolbar.

I already wrote blogposts about it. Few of them are:

  1. Is the drop of your blog’s PR hurting you?
  2. What’s with the Google PR?

Review my article, “Make Your Link-Building Campaign Natural” and learn things about better link building. If you haven’t watched the presentation of Matt Cutts during the Wordcamp 09 in US, then better watch it now here.

Then you’ll still ask me, why does my blog’s PR drop to zero?

Actually, the answer to the question is found already in the articles or blogposts I already mentioned above. Like:

  1. Google’s Penalty. Google, through Mr. Matt Cutts, warned us already that our blog will be penalized if we are caught selling links just for the sake of PR points. It doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to sell your blog’s links but if you want to stay at the safe side you need to use the “nofollow” tags on the links. And one of the penalty that our blog will get is the drop of PR, deindexed from the search engine or be banned from the search engine.
  2. Bad Link Building Campaign. Links coming from the fake network of blogs couldn’t be utilized already. Google penalizes blogs and websites detected as members of the fake blog network by devalueing or setting its linking juice to zero.
    In other words, if youre blog was enjoying the link juices of those blogs in the fake network of blogs  before, then soon as Google found out the real nature of these blogs, your blog will immediately lose some PR points that causes the drop of your blog’s PR from a higher rating to zero.
    That’s the reason why you need to avoid farming links by creating fake blogs. Exchanging links should also be done in moderation because over doing it might cause a penalty.
  3. Got the temporary backlinks. There are bloggers who are previously linking to your blog from their own blogs. But time came that they stripped off that link. Others simply added the “nofollow” tag on their links back to your blog. Thus losing link juices that your blog previously enjoying.

And just like what I said above, as long as your blog is still indexed by Google, then you still have the chance to increase your blogs PR rating.

Body in the Suitcase is of Playboy Model Jasmine Fiore

A man who is looking for the bottles and can in a garbage bin at the 7400 block of the Franklin Street opened a suitcase early morning and found the mutilated body of a woman.

The teeth are forcibly removed from her mouth and the fingers were cut, maybe because the murderer doesn’t want the authority to identify the body.

However, authorities finally identified the body as of the playboy model Jasmine Fiore using the serial number found on her breast implant.

The authorities has no other suspect on this killing but her husband who is a contestant of the “Megan Want’s a Millionaire”, Ryan Jenkins. Ryan is currently hiding somewhere in Canada.

It was noted that Ryan Jenkins reported to the authorities that his wife is missing. However, when the authorities wanted to meet him and talk to him, Mr Jenkins went on missing.

Last June, he was charged for beating Ms Fiore and was also charged last 2005 for assaulting his former girlfriend.

Yesterday, it was reported that a man was arrested at the Toronto airport. But the man was later released because it was just a mistaken identity.

Matt Cutts SEO Presentation at Wordcamp

I already had written a lot of articles related to SEO. And previously, I wrote “Making the Link-Building Campaign Natural” which made few of the subscribers ask things like:

  1. Why does my blog’s PR decreased?
  2. How to top the Google SERP?

And a lot more.

I was still composing the article that would answer their queries or your queries as well, but I think it would be better if you just watch first the presentation of a Google’s  engineer, Matt Cutts, presented during the San Francisco Wordcamp ’09.

Matt Cutts shared a lot of things that could help you make your blog better not only in the eyes of your visitors but also in the Google search engine.

Here’s the video:

If you’re reading this post through your email, and the video failed to show, you better visit the live version of this article here.

ABS-CBN Defended Willie Revillame

I heard a rumor that Willie Revillame will be resigning as a host of the popular noon show, Wowowee. And I heard that the main reason for this is the failure of the ABS-CBN to stand behind him.

However, today I got the letter of the ABS-CBN management for Ms. Gozum as the response to the complaint of the MTRCB against Willie Revillame from the MB news which says:

Dear Ms. Gozum:

We write in reply to your letter dated 10 August 2009, requesting ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation to comment on the complaint of Movie and Television Review & Classification Board (MTRCB) Chairperson Ma. Consoliza P. Laguardia dated 10 August 2009, and an undated statement of Jerry Yap, President of the Alyansa ng Filipino Mamamahayag (AFIMA).

The said complaint and statement both refer to the 03 August 2009 episode of the television program Wowowee, wherein the funeral cortege of the late President Corazon C. Aquino was exhibited as an inset in portions of the said program. The MTRCB letter alleges that Mr. Revillame “appeared to arrogantly demand the removal of the inset screen showing the funeral cortege.” The Honorable MTRCB Chairperson then opined that the said act was “desecrating the dead” and, thus, “seems to be in violation of Article 20, Section 2, of the Broadcast Code of the Philippines.” On the other hand, the AFIMA statement states that “[f]or him to demand the removal of the little window screen showing the funeral march of the woman who got ABS-CBN back from Marcos is a blasphemy of democracy, an act despicable x x x.” It appears, therefore, that the complaint and statement are both based on the alleged disrespect by Mr. Revillame to the late former President Aquino.

It is ABS-CBN’s position that there was no disrespect of the dead by Mr. Revillame. When the funeral cortege of former President Aquino was shown as an inset during Wowowee, Mr. Revillame expressed his opinion of the inappropriateness of the simultaneous exhibition of both the funeral cortege and Wowowee, and his preference that only one or the other be shown.

In expressing his opinion and preference, though, Mr. Revillame did not show disrespect for former President Aquino. In fact, the contrary is true. In making his statements, Mr. Revillame wanted to give due respect to former President Aquino and her funeral cortege.

Indeed, in Filipino culture, customs, and tradition, ceremonies involving the dead are solemn and sober. Thus, the laughter, jokes, and happiness usually seen in a program like Wowowee would appear to be inappropriate when viewed together with the funeral cortege. On the one hand, the Filipino people are mourning the death of a loved and respected former President, and on the other hand, Wowowee is trying to entertain its audience.

It appears, therefore, that Mr. Revillame’s issue was with the inappropriateness of Wowowee and the funeral cortege being shown together, and not with the funeral cortege itself. While it may be argued that Mr. Revillame could have expressed his thoughts in a better way and that it would have been better to raise them privately, instead of the public manner in which he did, such was not disrespectful of the dead and does not constitute an offense under the KBP Broadcast Code of the Philippines.

We trust the foregoing comment satisfactorily establishes that there was no violation of the KBP Broadcast Code of the Philippines.

Very truly yours,
MA. SOCORRO V. VIDANES Head, Channel 2

So, it seems that ABS-CBN finally defended Willie Revillame. But when will be the return of Wille Revillame to the Wowowee?

Usain Bolt 9.58 Video

Usain Bolt of Jamaica successfully broke his former World Record in 100m of 9.69 when he successfully finished it in just 9.58 seconds during the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany on Sunday, August 16, 2009.

See the video below:

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Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Boxing Bout

Miguel Cotto is set to defend his title, as the World Boxing Organization welterweight champion, against the current number 1 pound for pound best fighter in the world, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, on November 14, 2009.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission had choosen already the 3 judges and the third man in the ring for the fight at MGM Arena, Las Vegas. But the two fighters are still at their taining camp preparing their bodies for the tough fight and mastering the moves and strategies they want to implement during the boxing fight.

So, while waiting for the day of the clash of the two champions, let’s have fun by watching videos below:

Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto – HBO 24/7 episode 1

HBO 24/7 Teaser Manny Pacquiao Vs Miguel Cotto – Cotto Talk

Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto HBO 24/7 – Fake

Kanye West’s “Amazing” – Manny Pacquiao All Time Great

One of the Top ATG in the world!!! He became the first Asian boxer to win 6th divisions world titles . He is the Ring Magazine as the #1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world. He is also the 1st boxer to win the lineal championship (“the man who beat the man”) in 4th different weight classes Next target: 7th division world championship title at Welterweight.

Manny Pacquiao’s Life – Just for Fun