Saudi Arabia Closed TV Station due to Sex Scandal – SELaplana

In Saudi Arabia, if you are involved in any sexual immoralities, you are quiet about it avoiding the authorities to learn about it. It just happened that 32-year-old Mazen Abdul Jawad is not one of those who keep quiet of the scandal.

The interview regarding his sexual adventure in the Muslim Kingdom made and aired by the LBC TV has caused the closure of the TV station.

Mr. Mazen Abdul Jawad will face imprisonment while the TV station will remained closed until further notice.

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Jake - August 13, 2009 Reply

if the Philippines is like Saudi Arabia, I think Wowowee or the ABS-CBN is already closed and that Willie Revillame was already sent to jail.

Well, it’s nice to be with a country like Philippines where we can do anything we want.

Clarine Bulisco - November 26, 2011 Reply

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