What Treatment Will My Doctor Give Me For Hormonal Imbalance?

Question: What Treatment Will My Doctor Give Me For Hormonal Inbalance?


The treatment actually depends on what glands or organs are affected. Sometimes you will only be advice to eat foods that can help your glands or organs function well. But most of the doctors will give you hormone pills that might help balance your body’s hormones.

I think, you better see your doctor and ask advice from him or her. If your doctor is just a general practitioner, he will refer you to the doctor specializing in this illness. Or you can directly see a Gynecologist.

How To Connect to the Internet Using Your Phone with Smart Unli Surf?

Question: I don’t have any kind of modem including the USB modem of Smart Bro. But is it possible to surt the internet using my Nokia Phone?


There are cellphones that are capable of surfing the internet. Most of these kind of cellphones can also be used as modem for your PC or laptop.

Then what should you do next?

First, you should have enough credit on your phone. Then connect your Nokia Phone to your PC or laptop using the free Nokia PC Suite, then choose the proper network and then connect.

If you are Smart Buddy user, try availing the Smart Unli Surf. Read and follow the instructions here on how to register. Once successfully subscribed, you can now surf the internet.

About the Smart Unly Surf Promo:

Designed for the heavy mobile internet user, SMART Buddy™s UNLI SURF data plans allow you to connect to the internet using your mobile phone and surf to your hearts content at the most affordable rates without worrying about per minute charges. Browse mobile sites, upload photos, view videos, connect to your social networks, send and receive email, all through an unlimited data connection! Surf any time, any where, any site.

Choose from our affordable UNLI SURF plan that fit you and your budget:

Unli Surf Daily  P50 / day
Unli Surf Weekly  P300 / Week
Unli Surf Monthly  P1,200 / month

Update: For Unlisurf promo for Smart bro, kindly visit this page >> How to Avail Unlimited Internet Surfing of Smartbro?

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What is the best wireless internet provider?

Question: What is the best wireless internet provider in the Philippines?


Best wireless internet provider varies from area to area and what type of wireless connection you want to use.

For example, here in my area in Maasin City (Southern Leyte), I found out that Smart Bro Canopy is the best wireless internet connection. Internet connection using the Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro USB are slow since only the GPRS wireless technology is available here.

If in your area, the 3G connection of Smart is available then it is advisable to use the Smart Bro USB. Or if in your area the Globe’s 3G connection is better than Smart’s 3G then better use the Globe Tattoo.

However, the speed of your internet connection, even if you are in the area where 3G connection is available, will be affected by the huge number of users using the same internet connection.

So, it’s you who can tell what internet connection is best in your area by doing your own research.

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What Does It Mean If The Page Rank Is Zero?

Question: All my blogs have page rank of zero. What does it mean?


Below are possible reasons why your blog has a Page Rank of zero:

  1. Your blog is new and it has no backlinks or has only few backlinks coming from other websites.
  2. Your blog is new but you successfully managed to get links back to your blog from other websites. However, those links are not yet detected by Google, or if detected already those links are not yet counted by Google as valid votes.
  3. Your blog has been penalized by Google. Maybe your blog violated one of the quality guidelines of Google.
  4. The links coming from other websites have been withdrawn or were tagged with “nofollow”.
  5. No websites are linking back to your blog. If there are websites linking back to your blog, the links do not pass PR or they are just low quality links.

I think, one of these possible answer is true to your blog. But of course only Google knows what’s the real reason why your blog’s PR remains zero or dropped to zero. However, by simply reflecting yourself on what you’ve done to your blog, you yourself can think of the answer to your question.

By the way, I already wrote blogposts and articles about it like:

  1. Why does my blog’s PR dropped to zero?
  2. How important is the Page Rank?
  3. Is the drop of your blog’s PR hurting you?

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What is the Cheat to Stop People from Going to Your Cafe World?

Question: What is the cheat to stop people from going to your cafe in Facebook’s Cafe World? (Asked by Ms. F**l Caballes)


To those who don’t have idea yet about Facebook’s Cafe World, kindly read my article, “Facebook’s Cafe World Online Game.”

Now, to stop people from going to your cafe in the Facebook’s Cafe World (by Zynga), you only need to close your cafe.

I am not saying that you need to delete your cafe… No… What I’m telling you is to close the doors of your cafe.

But since there has been no padlocks available in the Cafe World, just remove all the doors of your cafe. Having no doors is like having the door closed or your cafe closed. So, no one can enter your cafe anymore.

Actually, this is not a cheat. It’s just a trick. Read my “Cafe World Tips, Tricks and Cheats” article.

Is the Make Money Online Niche Dead Already?

Question: Is the “Make Money Online” niche dead already?


Make Money Online” niche is not dead already.  Definitely that’s the truth about it.

However, for those bloggers who tried to blog about “making money online” but failed to make money from their blogs thought that that particular niche is dead already.

Have you not tried searching Google with the keywords “Make Money Online”?

Take a look at the screenshot below of the Google SERP on the said keywords.


And take note of the ads (3 ads above the actual list of webpages on the SERP and lots of ads at the right side of the actual list of webpages on the SERP). Since there are lots of ads displayed on the SERP, then it clearly means that there are lots of advertisers on this particular niche…. And it is a clear proof that this niche is not dead.

But why is it that lots of “Make Money Online” blogger failed to make money from their blogs?

The answer is simple… The competition on this niche is too high. What I mean is that, there are lots of bloggers who are making money online on this niche. And only those who have better SEO and marketing techniques whose blogs successfully snatched the top positions of the SERP, are the ones who are really earning money.

So, if you are new to blogging and want to earn money from your blog, then you better stay away from the “Make Money Online” niche. But if you want challenges in blogging… then do what you want.

Pacquiao Cheated in Taking 7 Boxing World Titles

For Filipinos and other fans of Manny Pacquiao, the Pacman really is the champion beating all the big boys in front of him.

But for the fans of Floyd Mayweather Jr, especially his father, Pacquiao cheated by doping which leads him to take those 7 boxing wieght classes World Titles. Floyd Sr. told the “Pacquiao’s ability to take Cotto’s powerful shots and keep coming proved the champion was taking performance-enhancing substances.

However, it was noted that Pacquiao who submitted his urine samples before and after every fight he had in Las Vegas found negative of 40 types of steroids, diuretics and masking agents. And Mayweather Jr don’t have supporting evidence to back up his claims.

Pacquiao – Cotto Fight

Pacquiao’s detractors claimed that the real reason why Pacquiao beat Cotto during their November boxing bout in MGM is because, Miguel Cotto agreed to fight in a catch weight which is lower than Cotto’s Title weight.

While it is not illegal to fight in a catch weight, but for many boxing fans, it’s a trick and cheats that Manny Pacquiao did. According to them, it Manny Pacquiao fought Cotto at the real weight of Cotto’s title, they’re sure Manny would be defeated by Cotto.

How to Track Your Blog’s Visitors?

Four bloggers who visited this blog (Make Money Online by Blogging) just recently emailed me similar or related questions as listed below:

  • how do i see traffic and visitors on my blog?
  • how do i track analytics of my blog
  • how do i track how many visitors my wordpress site gets?
  • how do i track who visited my google blog?

And there are subscribers of this blog’s feed who asked these too:

  • how many visitors on my blog?
  • how to determine number of unique visitors to my site?

Well, I think, I will not write new article that will answer these questions. I already published an article on “how to track the visitors of a blog“. Just read the article and you’ll know my answer. Click here.

So, since you are interested in learning how your visitors came into your blog and how many are the visitors, then I think, you are also interested in learning how to increase the visitors of your blog. Just read my article, “Increase Your Blog’s Unique Visitors.” I also had published another related article,  “Increasing the Pageviews of your Blog.

Hope that these articles I suggested can help you in your blogging activities.

Thank you.

How To Move WordPress.Com blog to Your Own Server?

Visitor’s Email:

Hello Mr. Laplana,

This has nothing to do with sales or promotions or anything like that.  I just noticed that you have wordpress and your website looks very nice and functional.  I just got hosting through godaddy yesterday and have been trying to transfer my wordpress.com blog to godaddy and I can’t figure it out.

Thank you
Ma**** Biel

My Answer:

So you have a blog hosted by WordPress.com. But the problem is, there are lots of restrictions and limitations that the management of WordPress.com implemented into the blogs they’re hosting. You want to make money online but it is not allowed in the WordPress.com blogs.

Finally you decided to transfer your blog from the servers of wordpress.com to your own server, or to the servers who’ve rented from any commercial webhosts.

But the problem is how could you do it?

Well, transferring your blog from the WordPress.com servers to your own server is just easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Log-in to your yourblog.wordpress.com/wp-admin using your own or admin’s username and password.
  2. At the left side of the screen, click on the TOOLS >> EXPORT menu as shown on the image below:
  3. Then after that, click the “DOWNLOAD EXPORT FILE” button. Then WordPress will create an XML file for you to save to your computer. The file in a format which is called WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR, that contains your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.
  4. You’ll be prompted to open or save the file like what is shown below:
    Choose “SAVE FILE” and click “OK“.
  5. Usually, the file has been saved at the desktop of your computer. And it is now ready to be imported to the WordPress installed on your new server.

The steps above is for exporting the content of your blog at yourblog.wordpress.com in the form of XML. The next thing you need to do is to import the downloaded file into the WordPress installed at your new server.

In other words, you need to install first the WordPress software into your new server.

  1. Log-in to the admin panel of your new blog at yournewblog.com/wp-admin/ using your admin username and password.
  2. In the step 2 above (exporting process), you clicked the TOOLS / EXPORT menu. But this time, just click the TOOLS/IMPORT menu.
  3. After that, you’ll be shown few of the blogging formats or platforms. Just click on the WORDPRESS.
  4. Then another page will be shown. This time click the BROWSE button and locate the XML file you downloaded earlier during the exporting process you did on the steps above.
  5. Now, click the UPLOAD FILE AND IMPORT button.

Then WordPress will upload the WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file or the XML file you downloaded earlier and then will import the posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags into this blog.


Kindly email me or leave your comments here if you encounter problems or if you want to share your experience in doing the exporting and importing processes.

Thank you.

More Questions:

  1. Question: Can I move wordpress free blog to a new domain and host?
    Answer: Yes! Of course! The process is similar to what has been described above.
  2. Question: Can I transfer my wordpress account to a new one?
    Answer: Yes, you can transfer your wordpress account to a new one by simply exporting your blog from the old wordpress account and then import the exported file to your new wordpress account. Just read the article above for it contains guide on how to export and import blog’s content.

Youtube Funny Video: Funny Manny Pacquiao Interviewed

Laughter is the best medicine, right? And so, I want to share you a Youtube Funny Video that will not only make you smile but will really make you laugh out loud.

This Youtube Funny Video is actually an interview with Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao by Matt Iseman for a TV show (I think) before Manny’s boxing fight against Miguel Cotto.

Thanks to Brother Macuha for sharing me this Manny Pacquiao’s Funny video through his wall at Facebook.

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