What is bootex.log?

Question: What is Bootex.Log?


Bootex.Log is a file created by the chkdsk.exe, a tool that check for errors on the harddrives, floppy disks or flash drives. This file contains the log on what the chkdsk.exe did.

Question: Is bootex.log a malware?

Answer: No! It’s a legit file.

Question: But in your post, “Keylogger residing in the Flash Drive“, you wrote that bootex.log is a file that accompanied the keylogger or malicious programs. Which is which?

Answer: At that time, I was suspecting that the bootex.log was part of the keylogger because keylogger really exist at my flash drive after using a computer of an internet cafe here in Maasin City.

But I realized that it was not. It just happened when I noticed the the keylogger activated on the computer that I was using, I immediately rebooted the computer hoping that by rebooting it I can get rid of the keylogger since the computer was installed with “DeepFreeze”.

However, during the startup, the OS (Windows XP) run the chkdsk.exe and checked the disks and drives for errors.

And of course, after running the chkdsk.exe, the bootex.log file will be automatically saved on the drive being checked.

Question: Should I delete the file?

Answer: You can delete it. But it is also fine if you just leave it there.

Question: How can I view the the content of the bootex.log file?

Answer: You can use the Windows Wordpad, Windows Notepad, Windows Word or any word or text processor in viewing the content of it.

Question: When I viewed the content of the file, I found out that the content are characters that I couldn’t understand what are those. What does it mean?

Answer: It means that the operation of the chkdsk.exe when running was interrupted, maybe by you. Usually, when the chkdsk.exe will be interrupted, the content of the bootex.log are something that you couldn’t read.

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1 thought on “What is bootex.log?”

  1. I wrote a batch file that automatically detects for bootex.log and bootex.txt and deletes them. I find those files annoying because my computer constantly goes through ChkDsk before it boots completely because of an “inconsistent drive.”

    @echo off
    if exist c:bootex.log goto LOG
    if exist c:bootex.txt echo The file bootex.txt was found on the C: drive.
    if exist c:bootex.txt echo Wating for confirmation to delete file.
    if exist c:bootex.txt del c:bootex.txt /p /f
    echo The file bootex.log was found on the C: drive.
    echo Waiting for confirmation to delete file.
    del c:bootex.log /p /f
    goto TXT

    The batch file will prompt you to delete each file just in case you don’t want to delete it. This is a wonderful batch file to put in your Startup folder.

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