How to Inquire Balance of SmartBro Prepaid?

Visitor’s Question in inquiring the balance of the Smart Bro Prepaid:

I am new Smart Bro USB user. I am using the Smart Bro Prepaid. My question is, how can I inquire for the balance of my SmartBro Prepaid load?

My Answer:

In order for you to check the balance of your Smart Bro prepaid credit, you need to register for a Smart Bro Connect account. If you’re not yet registered, you can register here (

Then login to your account, enter your Smart Prepaid number (09191231234 should be entered as 9191231234) and then your password. Then on your dashboard, you find the link to Balance Inquiry. That’s it.

If you are using the prepaid SmartBro USB or SmartBro Plugit, you can check the load balance by doing one of the options below:

  • Call 1515 and then Smart will send you text message that tells you your load balance.
  • Text “1515?” without quotation marks to 214. Then Smart will reply a text message that tell you the load balance of your SIM. But you will be charged a regular fee of texting.


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