2 thoughts on “Can I use BDO (Banco De Oro) Debit Card in Verifying my Paypal?”

  1. hi, i also think that it is unsafe to use your bdo debit card, if it were possible. It is directly linked to your account and it would be an unwise decision to do so.

  2. NO you cannot. I asked their service center and this is my reply………………………..

    “We regret to inform you that BDO has no direct partnership with Paypal and
    thus our ATM Debit card is not accepted in any of their services.

    Please be also advised that our ATM Debit card cannot be used in any
    Internet or online purchases. Its service feature is limited to ATM machine
    transactions and Point of Sales transaction only by physically swiping the
    ATM card in merchants terminals.

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