EDSA Shang-rila Guard Scandal

95.5 RT’s host of the Disenchanted Kingdom program, Ms. Cleo Caliente was harrassed and publicly humiliated by the security personnel of the EDSA Shang-rila during her birthday.

The whole story can be read at “MisterVader” blog.

Here’s part of the blogpost:

Then, at some point, they asked her a question that just completely went beyond the acceptable boundaries of protocol. They asked her: are you here to see a foreigner guest, or a Filipino?

Let me ask this of you, dear security personnel of EDSA Shangri-la: exactly what the blazes are you implying in asking her that question? Are you implying that you are assuming that the person who brought you business by having her friends check into your establishment, a person who has repeatedly gone to your establishment in recent days to see said friends, just so happens to be a prostitute? Really?

If you are a woman and planning to visit or check-in in any Shang-rila Hotels here in the Philippines, then you need to read the whole story, and learn something from Ms. Caliente’s experience.

Beware of the Shang-rila Hotel’s security personnel.

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2 thoughts on “EDSA Shang-rila Guard Scandal”

  1. Last dec I check in Edsa Shang for 2 days but they treated me nice as their hotel guest security man help also to upload my luggage actually they are helpful.Maybe after the incident they all brief the security people.

  2. these stupid fucking no brain security personnel should be shot to death. no people of his kind should be allowed roaming the streets. if im Ms. Caliente’s bf, id kill those bastards right there.

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