Smartbro Canopy Speed Hack

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Hello SEL,

You can post the Smartbro Canopy Speed Hack to your blog so that those Smartbro users who want to speed up their Smartbro connection can use it.

Here is the Smartbro Canopy Speed Hack:

For Internet Explorer:

* Go to Tools
* Options
* Connections
* Lan settings
* Use Proxy Server

For Mozilla FireFox:

* Go to Tools
* Option
* Advance
* Network
* Settings
* Use Manual Proxy Configuration

Then use one of the following addresses:

or you can also use one of these:

Then set the port with 8080

Thank you.

My Reply:

Thanks a lot for the what you call Smartbro Canopy Speed Hack. I just hope this could of use to our visitors who are looking for ways to speed up their Smartbro Canopy connection.

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2 thoughts on “Smartbro Canopy Speed Hack”

  1. Hello sir,

    does this trick still work? I’ve tested on some of the proxies and I have yet to seen any improvement on my net speed.

    For future responses, thanks ahead of time.

  2. Completely know as much as your stance upon the matter. Although I authority disagree upon more or less of the finer particulars, I believe you presumably did an outstanding duty explaining it. positive beats having toward investigate it upon my own. thanks. anyway, inside my language, over there are normally not plenty desirable source such as that.

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