Floyd Mayweather Jr Don’t Want To Fight Pacquiao

Sometimes, I blamed Pacquiao for not giving in to the demand of Mayweather regarding blood tests, that’s why the Pacquiao vs Mayweather boxing bout was dead.

But of course, I did consider that the demands of Mayweather regarding blood tests was just an alibi for him to avoid fighting against Manny Pacquiao. However, if Manny gave in to the said demand, then I think, we’ll be watching the Pacquiao vs Mayweather this March 13.

But Manny Pacquiao had the right to reject the demands of Mayweather considering that Manny Pacquiao was the current P4P fighter and Welterweight Champion. And not only that, Pacquiao vs Cotto pay-per-view number was higher compared to Mayweather vs Marquez. In other words, Pacquiao’s rejection to the demand of Mayweather was simply a call of his pride telling Mayweather that he was the P4P fighter, the champion and real money here and that Mayweather is just a duckling.

So there’s a reason why lots of people think that Mayweather really don’t want to fight Manny Pacquiao. His demands was just his way of avoiding the mega fight knowing that Pacquiao’s team would not agree of his demands.

But boxing fans are expecting for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight after Pacquiao vs Clottey and Mayweather vs Mosley bouts.

And now, Mayweather is again saying that he will demand a 65-35 split in favor of him because according to him, his fight against Mosley will result to higher pay-per-view compared to Pacquiao’s fight against Clottey.

This is just a new alibi for Mayweather to avoid fighting Manny Pacquiao because he knew that Bob Arum, the promoter of Pacquiao, will not agree with this demand.

So, don’t expect that a Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight will be happened. Mayweather really don’t want to fight Manny Pacquiao.

Alexa Ranking, Drops?

I received hundreds of emails everyday. Most of the senders asked me to send them scandalous materials. They thought that I have those materials just because I posted a Pinay Scandal post. There are others who asked me some help regarding their SSS and GSIS accounts. And of course there are lots of emails sent to me that are related to blogging, SEO and making money online.

But what struck me today was the email telling me that the alexa ranking of this blog, selaplana.com, has dropped to almost 100,000.

Actually, I was not aware of this because my focus is not on increasing the alexa ranking but on getting more traffic from the search engines especially Google. However, the drop of the alexa ranking has alarmed me because the last time I checked it (that was last March 2009), the blog was still ranked between 40,000 to 50,000.

But I understand why it happens even if the actual traffic of the blog including the blogs under the subdomain has negligible change. This drop of the alexa ranking was caused by the following:

1. I was not using anymore the Alexa Toolbar or the Alexa Sparky for Firefox.

We all knew that the alexa rank was based on the actual visit of those internet users whose browsers are equipt with Alexa toolbar (Internet Explorer) or Alexa Sparky (Firefox Browser).

So, if your browser is equipt with the Alexa toolbar or Sparky then your visit to your own website or blog will be counted by Alexa, and will of course help increase your website’s or blog’s ranking especially if you are using a dynamic IP internet connection.

2. Two Blogs in the Subdomain got their own domain already

It was on April 2009 when I transferred two of my blogs in the subdomain. These blogs are the Pinoy Text Messages (textmessages.selaplana.com) and the Naruto Shippuuden Fan (narutoshippuuden.selaplana.com).

Since, these blogs were using the subdomain before, so they’re contributing alexa points to the domain (selaplana.com), thus helped boost the alexa ranking. And of course, after the transfer of these blogs to their own domain, their contribution of the alexa points to the selaplana.com domain were seized too.

3. Most of the visitors of this blog are not web-savvy.

You already had noticed that this blog talks about Technology and How to Make Money Online. But I admit that most of the visitors visit this blog not because they’re looking for information related to Technology or on How to Make Money Online. What these visitors are actually looking for are the scandalous materials.

I understand that those who are fond of using the Alexa Toolbar are those web-savvy people or webmasters or bloggers. They are the people who are interested in websites’ ranking and its analytics information.

4. Lots of new websites that are gaining more traffic than this blog.

The overall actual traffic of this blog and other blogs under the subdomain is quite high and it seems that it doesn’t changed since the time that the alexa ranking was still at between 40,000 – 50,000.

However, there are new websites and blogs that are getting more and higher traffic compared to the traffic of this blog. So obviously, as these new websites tend to get higher alexa ranking, this blog’s ranking will drops too.

What should I do to help increase the Alexa Ranking?

After identifying the factors that caused the drop of the Alexa ranking, you might ask me the ways that I am thinking to try to increase back the alexa ranking of this blog.

Okay here they are:

1. Install Alexa Sparky Addon to my Firefox browser.

After reading the email that told me about the blog’s alexa ranking, I immediately installed back the Alexa Sparky Firefox addon into my browser. This is to let Alexa count my visit to this blog.

2. Install the Alexa Widget.

The alexa widget is already installed into this blog which can be seen at the bottom of the page that looks like this:

This widget wouldn’t help boost the alexa ranking. However, every clicks by the visitors of this blog (even if the toolbar is not being used) into the image shown by the widget are counted by Alexa as valid visit.

3. Tell Friends to Use the Alexa Sparky for Firefox or the Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

My friends and loveones frequently visit this blog. Their visits will not be counted by the Alexa if their browsers don’t have the Alexa Sparky or Alexa Toolbar.

Now, since you are reading this blogpost, I humbly ask you to please install the Alexa Toolbar into your browser if you are fond of using the Internet Explorer, and if you are using the Firefox browser, just install the Alexa Sparky addon.

4. Increase the actual traffic of this blog and the blogs under the subdomain.

Increasing the traffic of this blog including the blogs under the subdomain is the best way to boost the Alexa ranking because at the same time the feed subscribers and the individual blog’s income will increase too.

So for me to increase the number of web-savvy or webmasters or bloggers visiting this blog, I also need to write more quality articles targeting these people.

I can also get more Alexa loving visitors by simply participating the discussions at webmasters forums like the Digital Point Forums.


If I can do the 4 ways that I listed above, I think in just few months, the alexa ranking of this blog will increased back to its former ranking.

Incoming Visitors

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Smart Bro SurfTV

Those who couldn’t afford to buy desktop computers or even cheap notebook computers can now surt the internet using their own television with the help of the newest product of the Smart Broadband (Smart Philippines) which is called, Smart Bro SurfTV.

What is SmartBro Surf TV?

Smart Bro SurfTV is a device that will be connected to the RCA port of your color TV set which is responsible in letting you surt the internet, chat with friends and loveones and use the email services in the internet.

You can have it from the Smart Wireless centers for only PhP4,500.00, complete with keyboard, a mouse, a remote control, and a Smart Bro USB stick-type modem with a prepaid SIM, pre-loaded with PhP100 worth of load credit. And just like the ordinary prepaid Smart Bro USB for PCs, you’ll be charged with PhP10 per 30 minutes  in surfing the internet. You can buy SmartBro prepaid loads at your suking Smart eLoader the same way when you buy prepaid loads for your cellphones.

Note before buying Smart Bro Surf TV:

But before buying the Smart Bro SurfTV kit, make sure first that your area has 3G or High-speed Packet Access (HSPA) coverage for you to enjoy the high speed of internet. Otherwise, you’ll be pissed off with the slow internet through the GPRS internet connection.

Naruto Manga Chapter 485

The Naruto Manga Chapter 485 is a little bit boring. Sasuke was talking about his clan, the Uchiha Clan, who were killed by Uchiha Itachi as sacrifices for the sake of Konoha under the command of Danzu.

Naruto and Kakashi on the other hand told Sasuke about his friends who were waiting for him… waiting for his return to Konoha.

Again, Sasuke tried to use Susano again against his former teammates but he’s over exhausted already. He collapsed.

Karin upon seeing Sasuke collapsed, took Sasuke and fled from the Konoha ninjas.

Released, Naruto Manga Chapter 485

Finally the Naruto Manga chapter 485 has been released online through scanlation.

Well, finally the team 7 has reunited. It just happened that Uchiha Sasuke is on the opposite side.

But we are not concern of the meeting of the original team 7 here. Our focus was actually on the meet up of the two kids, Sasuke of the Uchiha clan and Naruto under the clan of the first Hokage.

The interesting part of the chapter begins when Kakashi puched Sasuke. Then next was a little blah blah blah of the two sides. Then Sasuke told his former teammates how happy he was after killing one of the elder of Konoha, Danzo.  And after that, he would be killing everyone in the Konoha for the sake of the Uchiha clan.

Kakashi understand why Sasuke has been made like this. According to Kakashi, Sasuke was just a victim of the time. Naruto and Sasuke were the same at first, but Naruto has chosen the right path while Sasuke chosen the path of revenge. That’s what really happens.

Now, the acting Hokage of Konoha, Kakashi, decided to let Naruto and Sakura go. Kakashi is now to perform his duty to kill Sasuke just like what has been decided by the Kages of the five countries.

However, Naruto didn’t agree with the decision. So, one of the clones of Naruto held Kakasi up and attacked Sasuke using his rasengan. And just like what had happened during their fight in the Valley of the End, the Chidori of Sasuke and the Rasengan of Naruto meet again.

So, what will happen next?

Google Adsense, Okay for Non-Supported Language in Your Blog

I am using the Global Translator plugin on this blog which is responsible in tranlating every webpages of this blog into different languages. However, I make sure that all the webpages would be translated into languages that are supported by Google Adsense. This is to make sure also that I am in the safe side as Google Adsense publisher.

But the thought that I found in the Google Adsense discussion bothered me. The Inside Adsense Team posted this:

– Is your site language supported by AdSense? Check to make sure that your site has a substantial amount of text-based content in one of the languages supported by AdSense. When there’s enough content, our technology detects the primary language of each of your pages and delivers relevant ads in the appropriate language, even if your site contains multiple  supported languages.

I am not good in English, that’s the reason why there are times that I really wonder if how I understand what I was reading is correct or not.

So, here’s my question:

  1. Does it mean that it is just fine even if I will allow the Global Translator plugin to translate every webpages of this blog into different languages including those languages that are not supported by Google Adsense as long as the blog has enough content in English which is supported by Google Adsense?

By the way, just send me your thought about it by simply replying this email, or by simply dropping by your comments at our comment section.

Thank you so much!

Make Money Online by Blogging On Profitable Niche Part 2


This post should have been posted a month ago. But I was disturbed by the fever that I had for 3 weeks straight caused by the Salmonella Typhi. In short, I had Typhoid Fever. I tried to finish this article after recovering from the illness but it seems that my brain couldn’t think well. I don’t know if it was the result of having fever that ranges from 38 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius for 3 weeks. Actually, I heard someone said to his companion, “mag-ingat ka sa kaniya, naTIPOS yan!”

This is not yet the about picking your profitable blogging niche. It’s just a little blah blah blah about Blogging on Profitable Niche.

Profitable Blogging Niche

Just like what I told you on my previous post, you couldn’t always earn huge money by simply making money online by blogging on a popular niche. You might earn something but it’s not that huge. It is because not all popular niches are profitable for you. So, if you really want to earn huge money from your blog, then blog on a profitable niche.

But what is profitable blogging niche anyway?

Profitable blogging niche is actually defined as a blog-topic of which bloggers could earn huge money by simply blogging about it. Ideally, it is a blogging niche of which you could earn huge money not only from contextual ads like the ads of Google Adsense, but you could also earn from in-text link ads, sponsored posts, affiliates and other ways of making money online by blogging.

However, a profitable blogging niche of one blogger is sometimes not profitable to others. There are several factors that affect your capability to earn huge money from your chosen niche like your SEO, writing, and marketing skills.

For example, there are Pinoy Bloggers who successfully earn huge money by blogging about Facebook Cafe World Cheats. That’s because they successfully got the top positions of the search engine result on Cafe World Cheats searches, and also the way they wrote the blogpost enticed the readers to buy the marketed ebook about Café World Cheats. But when I tried to blog about it, I failed to earn money simply because I couldn’t snatch higher positions on the SERP.

So, we should not forget that bloggers are competing with each other in certain niches.

For example: If you’ll search Google for how to make money online by blogging you’ll find out that there are 183 millions of webpages, blogs and websites that are competing to top the SERP on this search as shown on the screenshot below:

Now, if you want to blog about it but then you don’t have enough ability to outrank those websites, webpages or blogs listed at the top of the SERP, then you don’t have the chance to earn huge money on that particular topic… not eve just from the Google Adsense.

In other words, you as a blogger should also learn how to properly perform the SEO, and on how to write a quality and profitable blogpost. And then after learning those things, you also need to enhance them. These are your weapons to compete with other bloggers on your chosen niche.

next is the steps on how to pick profitable blog niche.

Cafe World’s Super Stove

Another new feature added to the Cafe World was the Cafe World’s Super Stove. You would find it beside the Spice icon.

When you clicked the icon of the Cafe World’s Super Stove, you’ll be told to reserve one Cafe World’s Super Stove. However, only those members of the email club would have the chance to get 1 free Super Stove for their cafe.

So, if you want to receive one free Super Stove that could be used for your cafe, you need to allow Cafe World or Zynga in sending you emails directly at your email.

As of writing this post, Cafe World Super Stove is not yet launched. We’ll wait for the day it will be launched before we can get this kind of stove. And I understand that this stove will be bought using the Cafe Cash.

In short, it’s one way that Zynga could earn real money in Dollar from us, the Cafe World players because there’s no easy way in getting Cafe Cash but by buying it using our own money from Zynga.

What is Cafe World Super Stove?

But what is the Super Stove of Cafe World? It is said that Cafe World Super Stove is a Premium stove that will let you skip all the ingredients steps for lightning quick one-click cooking.

Which is Better, Photoshop or GIMP?


I want to learn how to edit photos, create interesting graphics and create images that I could use for my websites.

Many of my friends told me to use Photoshop. But the legit copy  of it is very much expensive.

Some of them advised me to get the GIMP. They said it’s free to download.

But my question is: Which is better among these two photo editing softwares, Photoshop or GIMP?


For a long time already, I was using the GIMP. Almost all functionality of the PhotoShop is there already. And the most important thing is, GIMP is smaller in size and eats up smaller amount of PC memory resources compared to the PhotoShop. I can even use it on my laptop that has smaller memory or just placed it on a USB memory stick and use it anywhere where there’s a PC.

And besides, GIMP is free while PhotoShop is expensive.

If you want to get a copy of GIMP, just go head here.

A simple Note

But if you’re a professional making money by creating sophisticated images, photos or graphics and print them on printable materials, then I suggest you invest for the latest version of the Photoshop.

Where to download Songs for free?


I need to have certain songs. Some of my friends that we can download them for free from the internet. But they did not tell me where to get them and how to get get.

Can you please tell me where to download songs for free?


You can download them by using the limewire software. Download the limewire and install it into your computer. Using the program, search the internet for songs that you want to download. And in just one click your songs will be download.

But the speed of downloading depends on the speed of your internet connection and the internet connection of the source of the file.

By the way, I want to tell you that downloading songs for free is not legal and is considered piracy.

Support the artists and the producers behind the songs by buying the product from the stores.

Naruto Manga Chapter 484

The Naruto Manga 483 told us how the teacher and his lost student meet again. The teacher is Kakashi and the lost student is Uchiha Sasuke. It’s Kakashi who molded Sasuke into a real ninja and even taught him his priced technique, the Chidori.

After years of being renegade ninja, Sasuke finally meet his teacher again. It’s like the Third Hokage and Orochimaru… It’s like Jiraiya Sama and Pain.

With the Chapter 484 of Naruto Manga, Kakashi and Sasuke meet again but now in a fierce battle… It’s a war between the teacher and the student. A battle between two Sharingan.

Sasuke has been exhausted already. His chakra is almost used up. While Kakashi is as fresh as newly grown flower. But still the battle between the two is like a battle between monsters.

Uchiha Sasuke has no mercy anymore to anyone. His hatred managed his whole personality. And his ready to take the life of his beloved teacher, Kakashi-Sama.

What should Naruto do to this?

Let’s seee.

Naruto Manga Chapter 484 Released

The Naruto Manga chapter 484 has been finally released in English Scanlation. The chapter started with Sakura treating the wounded Karin. The two were talking about Sasuke which made Sakura emotional. Both Karin and Sakura admitted that Sasuke was different now.

On the other hand, Kakashi and Sasuke started their fight. Sasuke even if he’s too exhausted already used again the Susano against Kakashi. However, Kakashi was fast enough to use his Mangekyu in exploding Susano’s attack.

With that, Sasuke had become more enraged knowing that Kakashi was not an Uchiha yet he managed to use Mangekyu Sharingan.

Kakashi was a litte bit cooler. He’s trying to make Sasuke relax and forget his hatred.

But Sasuke had been drawned already by his hatred into the darkness. So when Sakura tried to attack Sasuke, Sasuke immediately grabbed Sakura and tried to kill her.

And just like what would be expected from Naruto, Naruto saved Sakura from the hands of Sasuke.

So, next time will be the battle of the Team 7, Sasuke versus his former teacher, and his team mates Sakura and Naruto.