How to Request Pasaload in Smart?


For example I already have no prepaid load credit in my Smart SIM and there’s no available loader or prepaid load retailer in my area and I really need the load to text my loveones. Is it possible to ask load from them through Smart Pasaload? How can I request a Pasaload from them?


For the sake of those who don’t know what Pasaload is.. Pasaload is another service of Smart wherein one Smart user can send a load to the other Smart user and the load that is sent is deducted from the sender’s current prepaid load credit.

Pasaload is actually derived from the words “Pasa” which is the Filipino term for “Pass”. So Pasaload literally means “pass the load”.

How to send the Pasaload?

Sending Pasaload can be done by typing the “recipient number”, “space”, “amount” and send to 808. For example, I want to send P2 to 09191234567, what I will do is type 0191234567 2 and then send it to 808. You will then receive a confirmation message from Smart telling you that you have sent P2 of your credit load to the specified celfone number.

Here’s the schedule of the Pasaload:

And not only that, you can even send the ALL TEXT promo to the recipient. What you need to so is type the “recipient number”, “space”, AT<amount>  and send it to 808.

For more example:

  • type 09181234567 AT10 and send to 808 – for Alltext 10
  • type 09181234567 AT20 and send to 808  – for Alltext 20
  • type 09181234567 AT40 and send to 808  – for Alltext 40
  • type 09181234567 AT50 and send to 808 – for Alltext 50
  • type 09181234567 AT25 and send to 808 – for Alltext Upsize P20

How to request for a Pasaload?

So for the answer of your question, here’s how you can request a Pasaload?

Dial *808 plus 11-digit cell number of your friend then press call.

For example, you want to request a Pasaload to 09191234567. Just dial *80809191234567 and then press call. Your request will automatically be sent.

Note, you can actually request Pasaload 3 times. And each request, you’ll receive a P5 Pasaload credit. And sending the request is free of charge.

But what about if you are the one being request to send the Pasaload?

If that’s the case, you’ll receive a message from Smart saying: Smart Advisory: 09191234567 is requesting for you to pass P5. Just reply this message with Yes or No and Smart will act depending on your reply. If you of course replied yes then Smart will deduct P5 from your credit load balance and send to the requester’s number and another P1 as charge.

Hope this answer helps.

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