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I read from the news that the Iglesia ni Cristo will vote for Noynoy Aquino. Man, Noynoy is a dumb useless senator yet you’ll vote for him?

Would you really vote for Noynoy just because the Iglesia ni Cristo leaders endorse him?


I will not argue with you as you called Noynoy Aquino as the useless senator. It’s your own idea and you have the right for that.

However, I want to let you know that I didn’t think Noynoy Aquino is useless senator just like what you think. There might be no bill filed by him passed the Senate yet, I believed that he contributed something to some other bills passed into law.

And to directly answer your question, yes, I will vote for Noynoy Aquino. He’s the choice of the Iglesia ni Cristo leader, so he’s my choice now. Is it really bad to vote for Noynoy?

Now, regarding to why I should vote the candidates who are endorsed by the Iglesia ni Cristo leaders, just read my answer to the question: “Should you follow the Bloc voting of the Iglesia ni Cristo?

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