Living Room Modern Furniture Sofa Set

A year ago, my wife and I talked about getting a sofa set for our home. But I argued that we should save first the money for her delivery of our son because we didn’t know if our son would be delivered normally or by ceasarean section.

And I was right because our son CJ was born through a ceasarean section operation.

Now, CJ is already 10-month old but our living room is still empty… no sala set, just a TV set.

When Marghil blogged about cheap home furniture shopping in Fiesta Mall, Batanggas, I was reminded of our living room.

After reading his blog, my wife and I immediately roamed around Maasin City looking for cheap and affordable furniture sofa set or sala set. Well, the sala sets here are cheap compared to the furniture sets below but I just couldn’t afford to spend our little savings for that. Pano kasi, umandar ang pagiging kuripot ko.

I am, of course, dreaming of having a modern living room furniture sofa sets like these:

But I don’t have the money to be spend for it. So, I decided that I would be the one to make a living room sofa set for our home.

Two days ago, I started the job. And the photo below tells you the latest development of my work. They’re not really as good as the furniture sets above, but my wife is already happy with this because it’s my own product.

What can you say about it?

Updates on Furniture Making

The photo above was taken on March 15, 2010. On the next day, I continued my carpentry or furniture making work. This time, my wife took photos of me.

Below are few of the photos that my wife took. Just click the thumbnails below to enlarge photos.

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16 thoughts on “Living Room Modern Furniture Sofa Set”

    1. ako lang e. Kaya hindi maayos ang pagkagawa. Besides, Lawaan lang ang kahoy na gamit ko kaya ang daming mga braces. As of now, tapos na yung ikalawa. So meron pa akong gagawing dalawang ganyan at isang mahaba.

  1. Talented ka pala. Puwede na iyan since nagsisimula ka pa lang.

    I’m sure na makakabili ka rin ng maganda kapag nakuha mo na ang adsense earnings mo.

    1. Hindi naman sa talented… it just happened na my father who was an elementary teacher taught carpentry and music in our school before he retired (1980). He taught us (their sons) how to do the carpentry, how to sing notes, and even trained us in the farm.

      In other words, ang mga upuang yan ay produkto ng kaalaman na natanggap ko from my father.

  2. what you are doing is cool! i appreciate it that you know how to do things yourself. and i’m glad you have the time to pursue this hobby of yours. go for it! let us know when the sala set is finished too. me, i enjoy sewing, but i wish i have the time to pursue it.

  3. Galing mo Sel. May iba kapalang puydeng pagkakakitaan maliban sa blogging. Kabibili ko rin lang Wooden Sala Set. Hindi ko alam kung anong kahoy sya pero alam ko it is expensive at the price P18,750 dahil sa post ni Marghil. Pero okey na din dahil galing sa Adsense ang binili kong pera, so hindi nasira ang budget ko for the month.

    1. Hahaha…. thanks kaajo…

      Actually, I am just making use the knowledge imparted by my father in the field of carpentry.

      Pero mas magaling ka kaysa sa akin kasi nagawa mong kumita ng ganong halaga from your blog habang abala ka sa day job mo. Di tulad ko na very dependent sa online income ko dahil wala nga akong ibang job maliban sa uupo sa harap ng computer.

    2. Na download ko na yung eBook ni Marghil. There are lot of works to be done in my blog. I need more focus, more brainstorming, more research, etc. For now, occupied pa ako with my math site, lalo na’t inumpisahan ko nang isulat ang Engineering Mechanics Reviewer. Hindi masyadong profitable ang math niche pero so far steady naman ang inflow cash. Nagdidivert lang ako to my blog kung nababagot na ako sa mga numero. I will try keyword hi-jacking, and will implement the advice of Marghil. Salamat din pala sa mga tips mo doon sa FaceBook, lalo na yung about Yahoo Answers.

    3. Ok… but i think, your math blog will be profitable pagdating ng tamang panahon, especially if you will tell your students to visit your blog.

      Just a suggestion….

      Halimbawa meron kang assignments na ipapagawa sa mga students mo, why not write them in a page at ilagay mo sa iyong website then let your students visit your website to check the assignments. Sa ganon, maipromote mo yung website mo sa kanila.

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