Naruto Manga 488

Feudal Lords Conference

The feudal lords of the five great countries were having a video conference talking about what has been agreed during the Five Kage summit. They five feudal lords agreed and approved the ninja alliance against the Akatsuki and Madara.

The Konoha’s Young Ninjas

Kakashi along with Naruto, Sakura ang Karin were on their way to Konoha. They passed by the place where the team of Kiba were sleeping caused by Konoha’s spill bomb earlier.

At first, Naruto wonders why they’re all sleeping. When he went near to them, he also felt weak and sleep with them.

Karin blamed Sakura for this.

The Kages

Other Kages, like the Kazekage and the Mizukage arrived already to their respective villages. They were also informed about the decisions of the feudal lords.

My Reaction

This chapter of the Naruto Manga is quite boring. There’s no special things happened here except the fact that Tsunade woke up already.

The council of Konoha has agreed already that Kakashi will act as the official 6th Hokage. However, the proclamation was halted by the news about the waking up of the 5th Hokage.

Now, that the 5th Hokage has woke up, what will happen to Konoha?

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