More than 100 Miners Trapped in China, Rescued

The China-state run TV reported that at least 100 miners trapped in a coal mine for a week when underwater flooded the mine were pulled out by rescuers, Monday.

It was learned that some of the miners attached their mining belts to the shaft walls when the water rushed in. They stayed there for three days. When a mining cart floated into their area, they jumped in and stayed there for the rest of the days.

According to the TV report, the workers survived by eating bark from pine wood used in construction of the mines. And they were brought out from a working platform, where rescuers had drilled a vertical hole last week. The hole ensured oxygen in the water-flooded pit while rescuers sent down glucose.

As of writing this post, it was learned that rescuers are still doing their search and rescue efforts for the last 38 miners believed to be still trapped inside the coal mine.

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