Which is Better, Smart Bro USB or Globe Tattoo?


I am planning to buy the prepaid internet kit so that I can surf the internet in our home and in any other places. But I am confusing what to buy whether the Smart Bro USB prepaid kit or the Globe Tattoo.

I checked the internet for the information about these two prepaid internet kits, I found out that lots of people have bad experience on the both of the internet prepaid kits.

In your opinion which is better among the two internet prepaid kits, Smart Bro USB prepaid kit or the Globe Tattoo?


Just like what I said on my previous posts regarding the best internet provider, the better internet prepaid kit among the two depends on the area or your location.

If you’re in the area where the Smart 3G or Smart HSDPA connection is available then better to use the Smart Bro USB Prepaid Kit. But if in your area, the Globe 3G and other high speed of Globe are available then, use the Globe Tattoo.

But if you’re in the area where the 3G and HSDPA of both Smart and Globe are not available, I suggest you use Globe Tattoo because the charging of Globe is in per 5 minutes if I was not mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong) compared to the Smart Bro which is in per 30 minutes. You can save your internet prepaid credit when you’re using the kit that charges in per 5 minutes or per 15 minutes compared to a kit that charges in per 30 minutes. But if one of them offers the per minute charging, then go for it.

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8 thoughts on “Which is Better, Smart Bro USB or Globe Tattoo?”

  1. I suppose both are okay until you realize how much money you would spend in a month even if you are online for just 2 hours a day like me, that would be Php1200 per month at php5/15 minutes and even more when I need to finish a lot of articles for my blog.

    We don’t have a DSL line because we are still looking for a new home as we were displaced by Ondoy and are currently renting a condo.

    Currently I use Sun’s unlimited wireless broadband which only costs php799/month. So far so good, except for their “fair use policy” which prohibits using peer-to-peer apps like bittorrent, etc.

  2. In our place in Muzon, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, Globe Tattoo has a better signal than Smart Bro USB, five bars compared to 2 bars. But to maximize a faster connection, I used usb extension wire so that i can place the USB stick outside the house while I’m inside the house surfing the net.

  3. I’m using globe tattoo its far mor better that smart bro, but still it depends upon your location(signal) and hardware.

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