How To Make Money with GDI (Global Domains International)?

GDI or Global Domains International is a legit global domain registrar that offers the dotWS domains. If COM in dotCom stands for Commercial, the WS in dotWS stands for WebSite (It also stands for Western Samoa).

So, if you want to register a domain with dotWS, the GDI will do it for you since GDI is the exclusive registry of these domains.

Besides offering the dotWS domains, GDI also offers webhosting solutions.

But what makes the GDI interesting to everyone who wants to make money online and become rich quickly is its multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. You as a GDI affiliate or marketer or dotWS domain distributor will be paid $1 for every recruits you have who will sell dotWS domains up to 5 levels deep.

How do you start making money with the GDI?

The first thing you need to is to sign-up an affiliate account with the GDI. Then you need to invest your $10 every month for the domain and webhosting of your promotional website. Your $10 payment every month is your ticket to earn money from the MLM system of GDI.

So, to start making money, you need to recruit people to the system. Every successful sign up of your recruit, you’ll be paid by GDI with $1. And the payment will continue as long as your recruits remain active in the GDI system by paying $10 every month.

You will also be paid $1 by GDI for every person recruited by your own direct recruit or for every person brought by the recruit of the recruit of your own direct recruit… (it is true down to the fifth level deep and unlimited levels wide).

To make it clear, just consider this example:

First you signed-up an account from the GDI, and you paid $10 for the first month of being member. And then you started looking for people who are interested for the dotWS domains and at the same time want to earn residual income form the GDI MLM system.

  • You have 5 direct recruits. As long as these 5 remains active, you’ll earn $5 every month. So as you are earning $5 every month, it just means that you’re only paying $5 per month for the dotWS domain and its webhosting. And they are considered your first level downlines.
  • But what if each of your 5 direct recruits got their own 5 recruits. So, there are 25 recruits your direct recruits have. And GDI will pay you also $1 each. So since there are 25 people recruited by your 5 direct recruits, so you’ll receive $25 per month while each of your direct recruits will be paid $5 per month.
  • But what if each of the 25 people brought again 5 recruits. In other words, there are a total of  125 people recruited by the 25 people in your second level downlines, thus giving your the opportunity to earn $125 per month.

And what if each of the people in your downlines recruited 5 people again at it happens until your downline reached the 5th level. How much will be your income every month?

Your income in every level of your downlines will be:

First Level – 5 people = $5
Second Level – 25 people = $25
Third Level – 125 people = $125
Fourth Level – 625 people = $625
Fifth Level – 3,125 people = $3,125

So, your total gross income will be the sum of your income in every level: $5 + $25 + $125 + $625 + $3,125 = $3,905.

In other words, by simply spending $10 every month, you be earning $3,905.

But what about if the number of your direct recruits is 10 and these 10 got 10 recruits .. and so on.. up to the fifth level? Well, your income will be huge as well.

By the way, for the $10 you paid for the GDI, you’ll also get the following products and features:

  1. A Domain Name of you choice with dotWS extension
  2. 100MB Web Space to host your website.
  3. SiteBuilder. A tool used for designing your own website.
  4. 10 Customer Email addresses (e.g. [email protected])
  5. Free URL Forwarding – It can be used in redirecting your dotWS domain to your website using a non-dotWS domain.
  6. Professionally Designed Web Templates.

A Scam?

Some people consider the MLM as a scam… purely a ponzi scam. So, since GDI applied the MLM scheme into its affiliate system so they considered the GDI also as a scam.

But whether GDI is a scam or not, it’s all depends on your perception.

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AsusTek’s Own Tablet

It was unveiled Monday that AsusTek of Taiwan will be joining the competing manufacturer of tablets.

The portable computer tablet of AsusTek which is called “Eee Pad” will be one of the tablets to be displayed five-day Computex Show in Taipei that opens Tuesday. It comes in 10 and 12 inches sizes and runs with Windows 7 operating system of Microsoft. It has a built-in camera and is capable of running flash video like those video shown in Youtube.

The Eee Pad is set to be released by the first quarter of 2011.

“Quit Facebook Day” Today

Two Candian Facebook users have founded a website called “Quit Facebook Day” which urges Facebook users to close their Facebook account. The campaign started when problems to Facebook privacy issues raised.

As of today, there are 26,000 Facebook users who pledged to close their Facebook account. And the question are:

  1. Are these 26,000 Facebook users serious enough for their pledge in closing their own Facebook account?
  2. Is there any impact to the Facebook if these 26,000 users will really close their Facebook accounts?

As for me, even they already had declared that May 31, 2010 is the Quit Facebook Day, I will still be using Facebook. And why should I close my account when I haven’t found any problems to me with the Facebook privacy policies?

And the 26,000 number is nothing to the more or less 400 million Facebook users who are actively using the Facebook.

Ardi Rizal

After the video of Ardi Rizal was uploaded to the popular video sharing website, Youtube, his popularity rose. He was now called a “Youtube Star.”

But who is Ardi Rizal?

Ardi Rizal is not the son of the Filipino great hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. They have the same family name but Ardi Rizal is a two year old boy from Indonesia who  smokes 40 cigarette sticks a day.

It is reported that the Ardi Rizal got his first smoke when he was till 18 month old when his father gave him one. After that, he became addicted with cigarette. According to his 26 year old mother, when he doesn’t get a cigarette, he gets angry and hit his head against the wall.

The original video of Ardi Rizal which was uploaded by a reporter was removed already from Youtube. But lots of Youtube users reuploaded variant of copies of the video just like the one below:

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AdMob Deal by Google, Closed

As one of the AdMob ad Publishers, AdMob team sent me a copy of an email that inform us that the acquisition of AdMob by Google was finally closed. According to reports, Google acquired AdMob for $750 million.

The AdMob team started already working with the Google Team. Publishers and Advertisers of AdMob network are being assured that of two things:

  1. AdMob advertiser and publisher partners continue to be the top priority.  AdMob team wrote, “Our advertiser and publisher partners are our #1 priority now as you have always been. Everyone at AdMob, including our senior executives, sales, marketing, product, engineering, business development, and support teams remain 100% focused on continuing to provide the products and service you have come to expect from us.
  2. AdMob Team are committed to delivering a smooth integration process. They wrote, “We are starting to work with Google to bring our products and teams together, and collaborate on building new products and features for our customers.  Because this will take some time, we will continue to work with you on a business-as-usual basis for the time being.  We are committed to making this integration happen as seamlessly as possible and will keep you updated as we bring our businesses together.

Zynga and Yahoo, Now Partners

First, the news broke out that Zynga will be leaving Facebook and its games will be available only through the Zynga Live. But Zynga and Facebook agreed on a better deal than the 30% of the credit revenue.

Now, Yahoo announced their partnership with Zynga. Zynga games will be available on all Yahoo websites, thus adding more 600 million users who will be hooked up with Zynga games, especially the Farmville.

I just couldn’t figure out if my game status when using the Facebook is still the same when I will play Zynga games through Yahoo pages.

Naruto Manga 496, Meeting The Nine-Tails Again

Killer Bee, Naruto and Yamato entered the place behind the water falls. There they found headless statues arranged in both sides of the hall way.

Yamato: These statues must be ancient. They must be priceless although they need to be repaired.

Killer Bee: No. These statues were made because of …

Naruto:  So how am I supposed to fight the nine-tails? How do I face him?

Yamato: Wait wait. You’ll be fighting with the nine-tails? No way! This is reckless!

Killer Bee: If you want to control the beast then you need to undergo this process. Our village created this place for the Jinchuuriki to learn how to control the beast. This is really very sacred.

Now, they’re in front of the door leading to the inner chamber where a Jinchuuriki can safely fight the beast and try to control it.

Killer Bee: Now, you need to open the door by inserting your head into that lion head stone.

Naruto: So, this is it!

Killer Bee: Take note that only those chosen ones can enter that natch. You should have no darkness in your heart so that you can enter from that mouth into the head.

Yamato: What do you mean?

Naruto: No Darkness! That’s the reason why I trained my self first outside the falls.

Killer Bee: Even with just a little evil in your heart, the door on that mouth will shut while your head is still inside. You see those headless statues. They were the previous jinchuuriki who entered their heads into that mouth and evil inside their heart caused the door to shut cutting through their heads off.

Naruto: (Imagining his dark side who talked to him while he was training in the falls.)

Yamato: Naruto! This is risky! Why should you not use your clone first.

Killer Bee: (Angry) This is a sacred place mother f*cker!  The previous generations of our village watch this place, then you’ll just make it a bitch! You couldn ‘t fool this place off.

Yamato: But…

Naruto: Captain Yamato! I came here to learn to control the nine tails. This is too important and I couldn’t fail here.

Naruto inserted his head into the mouth of the lion head. After several seconds, Naruto started to struggled from the mouth of that stone lion head. Yamato came quickly and help Naruto out of that head. Then suddenly Naruto came out laughing.

Naruto: Hahahaha… There’s a switch inside. I know you’d be fell for that.

Killer Bee: hahahaha… I did that same joke before.

Yamato: This is supposed to be a sacred temple, you mother f*cker!

Then the door to the inner chamber opened. Naruto peeped in.

Killer Bee: Naruto! Go inside, then sit down and focus just like what you did in the falls. With that, you’ll meet again the Kyuubi inside you.

Naruto: Well, I already know how to go into my on mind and talk the Kyuubi.

Killer Bee: Any Jinchuuriki can do that. But doing that on this place is another thing. Now, listen to me and I’ll give instructions what to do. Naruto, what kind of seal they used against the Kyuubi?

Yamato: A four element seal.

Killer Bee: Four Element seal? That’s better and stronger than my iron-armor seal.  Do you have the key?

Naruto: Yes!

Yamato: Do we really need to open the seal. What should we do if the Kyuubi is completely out and Naruto can’t control it?

Killer Bee: Then we will lock the Kyuubi inside the chamber. This place was built for that purpose. The Kyuubi will be jailed here until we can get another Jinchuuriki.  But don’t tell me that we’ll avoid this thing just because it’s risky?

Naruto: No way! I will teach the beast who is the boss here.

Killer Bee: Nice! I will close the door and will teach you what to do next.

Naruto and Killer Bee sit down facing each other with their right fists meet. They both concentrated.

On the mind of Naruto:

Killer Bee: Naruto! You’re really the man! Listen, here’s the plan. First, face the Kyuubi in your mind and remove the seal.

Just like what had been planned, Naruto faced the Kyuubi.

Naruto: Hey! You’re still look like evil as before.

Kyuubi: Naruto… You… Where’s the real you! I couldn’t sense him!

Naruto: You’re looking at the real me.

Naruto removes the seal on the jail of the Kyuubi. Then he open his shirt with the key of the seal on his right hand. And then finally he opened up the four element seal.

The Kyuubi broke out of the jail. The procedure that Naruto did as what has been planned was to tie the kyuubi with a rope, the tentacles of the octopus and then Naruto will pull off the chakra of the Kyuubi out of its body by trapping the Kyuubi’s chakra with Naruto’s own chakra.

Naruto would fox and latch Naruto’s chakra into the Kyuubi’s chakra. With that, Naruto and Kyuubi were like playing the tug of war. Naruto should keep pulling until the Chakra of the Kyuubi will be out of Kyuubi’s body and into Naruto’s body.

But the Kyuubi was so strong that the tentacles of the octopus holding it were broken.

In the mind of Naruto:

Killer Bee: I tried to help you but it’s too bad. Inside your mind, I can’t use my full power. While, you are trying to pull the Kyuubi’s chakra, the Kyuubi was pulling yours too. Now, if the Kyuubi pulls out everything that you have, then you’ll be dead.

Naruto: Damn! He’s so strong.

Kyuubi: Ahah! You’re trying to control my power. After all…

Naruto: (shouted) Bring it on!

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 6 – I Got a Right to Sing the Blues (Video)

The “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” is the 6th episode of the True Blood during its 3rd Season. It was aired on July 25, 2010 at 9:00 PM and directed by Michael Lehmann.

Watch part of the True Blood Season 3 Episode 6 – “I got a right to sing the blues” via Youtube:

For a better experience, try watching the video via HBO.

Baguio LET Passers Oath Taking, Rescheduled

The PRC has rescheduled the Oath Taking of those who passed in Baguio City.

This is to inform the APRIL 2010 LET Passers from Baguio City that the schedule of the Oath Taking in Baguio City will be moved to June 14, 2010 at 9:00 o’clock in the morming at the University of Baguio, Baguio City.

For more information, the oath taking of LET Passers from Region IV will be moved to June 25, 2010 at 9:00 o’clock in the morning to be held together with the Oath Taking of passers from NCR at the Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City.

For those looking for the LET Result, just click here >> Teachers Board Exam Results