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I’ve read your article in 10 ways to make money on blog. And I really appreciated it. Thank you for your very informative tips. I have already the niche and the draft of my blog is already made. Next thing to do is to publish it, then make sure it gets visited by lots of people. Can you tell me what is the smart way to post it? I need to take into consideration in choosing the blogsite to post my blog the potential of making money. Is WordPress good? What about

Let’s say I publish my blog in one of these two blogsites (WordPress and Blogspot), would they allow me in the future to monetize on my blog like putting Google Adsense, selling ad space and all the other way you said in your article 10 ways to make money on blog? Please tell me where to post my blog so that in the future when I have many visitors flooding my blog on the daily basis I will be able to make good income through all the methods you’ve mentioned.

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