Google Android Gains More Share – SELaplana

According to a market research firm, ComScore, Google’s Android has gained more American market shares while its competitors fell.

Based on the report, the number of smartphone users in the US has increased to 49.1 million. RIM still leads the line of smartphone platform in terms of market shares at 41.7 percent in the period of March to May 2010 while Google’s Android is ranked fourth (Apple and Microsoft occupied the second and the third place and Palm on the fifth) 13. percent. However, only Google’s Android got the increase of market shares compared to other four platforms in which its market share in December to February was only 9 percent.

It should be noted however that the data after the release of Apple’s iPhone 4 is not included here. But with the release of Motorola’s Droid X on July 15 and more Adroid units of Samsung in the coming months, Google is expected to gain more US market shares and it’s possible to take the third place currently occupied by Microsofts’ OS.

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