How to Convert to Iglesia Ni Cristo?


How to convert to the Iglesia ni Cristo? What are the requirements? And what should I do so that I will be accepted into the Iglesia ni Cristo?


Joining the Iglesia ni Cristo is actually easy if you are ready to follow the teachings of Christ taught in the church. But before you can follow them, you need to know the doctrines of the church. Basically, the process is this: You need to know and learn the teachings of Christ, believe and follow these teachings and be baptized.

Do this:

  1. Visit the nearest locale or house of worship of the Iglesia ni Cristo.
  2. Talk to any of the brethren you meet at the locale of the Iglesia ni Cristo and tell them that you are not yet a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Tell them also that you want to know how to join the Iglesia ni Cristo. The brethren will guide you and will help you as you undergo the process of joining into the Iglesia ni Cristo.

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