Base Jumper Died in Fall from Malaysian Tower

A female parachutist instantly died as she fell ground from the tower in Malaysia Wednesday.

Kylie Tanti Marion, 42, was on BASE jumping practice for the KL Tower International 165 meter jump on Oct. 7. She was an experienced  skydiver and was on her third practice jump at around 4PM when her parachute failed to open. According to report, her parachute tangled with the camera fixed on her helmet. She was successful in untangling it but it was too late already for she landed flat at the base of the building.

Marion who came from Pheasants Nest, in the NSW Southern Highlands, was with the other 19 local skydiver who jumped the building since the morning.

Google Adsense Optimization Technique

Last month, Google Adsense Team sent me a message at my Google Adsense Control Page telling me that they noticed that this blog, SELaplana, is poorly performing from Adsense and advised me to follow the Adsense Optimization Technique featured through the video the created as shown below:

Upgrade to high-performing units

Monetize more content

Optimize Search Box Placement

Opt-In Text and Image Ads

Use Link Units on Pages with 3 AdSense for Content Units

Opt-In to Placement Targeting

Of course I want to earn more money from Google Adsense. So, I watched these videos and read more tips from the Google Adsense Insiders.

On the late August, I tried one of the techniques featured by the videos into this blog. The 300 by 250 ad unit and 250 by 250 ad unit placed side by side just after the title of each post were originally opt-in to text and image, respectively. And as advised by the Google Adsense Team who reviewed my blog, I changed these two ad units opting-in them to both text and image.

After a month, the result is amazing… a 100% increase of my Adsense Income in just one blog.

I will be reviewing again these videos. I know I can still increase my Adsense income by following all the optimization techniques as explained on those videos.

Sleeping Positioner Can Harm Babies

Two federal government agencies, Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, warned parents not to use baby sleeping positioner for it can cause death to babies.

The product has two foam bolsters on the sides that supposed keep the baby in one position. The baby positioner is designed to avoid baby from suffocation. However,  according to the authorities, a dozen of reported death of babies were linked to the sleeping positioner.

The suffocation happens when the baby rolls unto the unsafe position.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Computer

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet… The first multitasking, multiprocessing, uncompromised browsing, enterprise ready professional-grade tablet.

Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry devices introduces the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that will compete Apple iPad  and Android tablets. The device will be available to some select enterprise customer by October but it will officially be released early 2011.

As of posting this post, the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook is not yet revealed.

At a glance you can immediately notice that BlackBerry PlayBook is slimmer than the iPad. It’s screen is measured 7 inches a little bit smaller than the iPad’s screen and as expected it is lighter than the iPad.

According to the Research In Motion, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet was designed by utilizing the the features missing in the iPad and at the same time targeting those busy people with their business. It supports corporate applications and advanced security features. It has two cameras, one from the back which you can use for getting photos or videos, and the other on the front, which basically can be used for video conferencing. And the most important thing is that it supports the Adobe Flash technology in contrast with the Apple iPad.

Major Features:

  • Equipped with a Dual-Core processor
  • Can handle multi-tasking like watching movie while surfing the internet
  • You can connect to the internet using the WiFi technology and connect to BlackBerry phones via bluetooth

Smart Bro Enhanced Their System?

Last Sunday, I posted a blogpost (Content Encoding Error) about the Smart Bro internet connection that I experienced. After calling the customer support through the *1888 hotline when using the Smart mobile phone, and having fixed the problem, Smart sent me text message saying:

Good Day.

We have enhanced our system to serve you better. Please try connecting to the internet again.

Thank you

<Smart Broadband>

If the internet connection problem that I experienced was the result of the Smart Bro system enhancement, then all Smart Bro subscriber must be experiencing what I experienced, or if not, all the subscribers here in our area.

Anyway, it is true that my connection today is much better than before. I just don’t know what will happen tomorrow or the following days.

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Content Encoding Error

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

* Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

The above is actually the Firefox browser’s message everytime I browse the internet using my Smart Bro connection.

The problem is not confined in a specific website but almost all websites that I want to visit especially Facebook and Google News.

I already called the customer support of the Smart Bro through the *1888 hotline using a smart mobile phone. And according to the call center agent who accepted my call, my Smart Bro connection is intermittent and he created a report about it so that their technical support will remotely do some alignment or else a contractor will be sent to fix the problem.

Currently, I am waiting for the call or text message coming from the technical support or from the contractor. I was told that within two hours the technical support would call me. But it’s more than twenty four hours already since I called the customer support but no one contacted me.

Tomorrow morning I will call the customer support again for the follow-up.

On the Second Day (Update)

On the next day after calling for the first time the customer support via the *1888 hotline, I followed-up the case as reported by the first call center agent who received my first call. This time, the Smart Bro system that checked my connection remotely detected two possible problems: First was the problem at the cellsite receiving my signal; The other one was the problem with my canopy antenna settings. These were all reported to the technical support.

During our conversation with the agent who received my second call to the customer support, he told me that the technical support team had changed the settings of my canopy antenna remotely yesterday (Sunday). Hi-tech na raw eh kaya remote na ang pag reconfigure ng canopy antenna of their subscribers.

I told him the problems that I encountered today (Monday). He then replied and informed me that the whole system of  the Smart Bro was having problem and it might be the cause why I was still experiencing internet connection problems even if the settings of my canopy antenna had been changed already. However, he assured me that he will create a report about the follow-up that I made.

On the Third Day (Update)

Early morning today (Tuesday) I checked the internet and it’s fine now.

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Virginia Woman Executed

A Virginia woman, Teresa Lewis, 41 was the first woman executed in the uses for the recent 100 years, Thursday, after getting the death penalty conviction for killing his husband and step son.

Lewis, wearing a light-blue shirt and dark blue pants was led by an officer to the death chamber at 8:55 PM. After the standard procedure of carrying out death penalty, she was declared dead at 9:13 PM.

It was learned that Lewis on October eight years ago, prayed along with her family and went to bed next to his husband at their Danville Trailer h0me. At that time, she was actually waiting for the two men she conspired to kill her husband, Julian Lewis, and step son, Charles Lewis. The two men arrived at 3:15 AM, went inside through the door she intentionally left unlocked and then fired at her husband and step son. The step son died immediately but  her husband had been moaning “baby, baby, baby” when authorities came. It was also noted that Teresa called 911 only after half an hour.

At first, Lewis told authorities that the intruders wearing in black shoot her husband and stepson. But eventually, she admitted the crime and revealed that her conspirator were her young lover and the other guy.

Vatican Bank Money Laundering Scandal

Authorities from the Italian Financial Police seized $30 million from a Vatican bank account, Monday and investigated two top bank officials. According to the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, it started when the Bank of Italy told authorities about the possible violation of the Vatican Bank of the anti-money laundering laws.

The Vatican is said to have asked the Credito Artigiano to carry out two wire transfers without providing enough information regarding the transfer to comply with the law. The two wire transfers are: (1) $ 26 million for the JP Morgan in Franfurt and another (2) $4 million for the Banca del Fucino.

The two top officials of the Vatican Bank are bank’s chairman, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, and his director general, Paolo Cipriani. They are currently under investigation through the Rome prosecutor’s office.

The Vatican Bank is also called Institute for Works of Religion, or IOR. It is  considered the most secret bank in the world as revealed by a money laundering expert, Jeffrey Robinson, because there’s no way to find out how much money the institution controlled.

The Vatican Bank was created through an order of the Pope who is the head of the city of Vatican. Its purpose is to carry on the activities that are related to the Pope. It accepts deposits from the top officials of the Catholic Church and uses its funds for the purposes as designated by the Pope.

This money laundering scandal faced by the Vatican Bank is not actually the first scandal happened. In 1982, the Banco Ambrosiano in which Vatican Bank is the major shareholder of it collapsed.  The head of the Vatican Bank at that time, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, was indicted as the accessory of the bankruptcy, although he avoided the conviction due to his diplomatic immunity as a Vatican prelate.

Paris Hilton, Detained in Japan Airport

Japanese Immigration Authority at the Narita International Airport detained Paris Hilton at an airport hotel Tuesday while deciding whether Hilton should be allowed to enter the country after pleading guilty of possession of cocaine at a Las Vegas court. The procedure was based on the Japanese law on barring individual who was was convicted on a drug-related charges.

The 29-year old heiress of the Hilton chain of hotels had been scheduled to attain a fashion show in Japan today.

BP Macondo Well is Dead

BP announced Sunday that the Macondo Well is already “effectively dead” after pumping cement to the well and the tests showed that the final sealing of the well is successful.

BP is now considering abandoning the Macondo well soon as they finish doing the standard procedure of abandonment. And so far, Macondo Well is BP’s last in the Gulf of Mexico because the ban on drilling at the Mexico after the April’s tragedy will expire on November. And if the bill will be passed into law that included provisions disqualifying companies from offshore leases with safety violations of more than five times its average in the past seven years or having more than 10 fatalities at the exploration and production in just a period, BP will be banned for good.