Google Verification Code

This afternoon, I received a text message from +46737494533 saying:

Your Google verification code is ******.

I know what Google verification code is. It’s a five to six digit number which Google sent you after giving Google your cellphone number. It happens when you create a Google account especially if Google thinks that you are creating questionable account. This verification code also is needed when your Google account has been disabled for any reason yet Google gave you a chance to reactivate it.

However, this time I was wondering why I received the text message containing Google verification code when in fact I haven’t requested it. Besides, when Google sent me a verification code before, the phone number that sent the code was masked with the name Google, but then the phone number that sent the text message this afternoon has not been masked.

Now, if the sender’s phone number is really of Google, then maybe there was someone who mistakenly entered my cellphone number when Google asked him his own cellphone number. However, if the sender’s phone number is not of Google, then it just a scam.

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