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Author: Fred Gonzales

You already know how important is the search engine optimization for your website. Search Engine Optimization is the process you can use to enhance the visibility of your website and its webpages in the result pages of the search engines when users use it. If you want to get more traffic for your websites then your website should be listed on the first page of the search engine result not just in one kind of searches but in many searches.

But the real problem is, what could you do so that your website will be listed on the first page of the search result pages?

I will give some idea on how you could do it. But the process is not that easy and fast. It takes time. You couldn’t expect an immediate result on this. What you need to do is to put it in your mind so that everytime you log in to your website, you know already what to do.

1. Keywords. You need to use the targeted keywords in your content. You can mention the targeted keywords repeatedly but not in an annoying way. Just do it in a natural way and that will be fine. Just make sure that the targeted keywords are found not just in the content but also in the title and the meta-description.

2. Internal Linking. Internal linking is important. If possible every pages of your website is properly linked internally. And make sure that the proper keywords are used to address every webpage of your website.

3. External Links. External links are often times called backlinks. Actually, Google wants a natural backlinks. Google hates paid links or harvested links. However, getting backlinks naturally is not that easy and because of that, we are forced to create personally backlinks from our other websites. However, for us not to be penalized by search engines, we need to make it natural.

Actually, these three ways or techniques are enough. If you did them properly, your website will be listed easily on the first page of the search engine result pages.

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