Playing Facebook Game And Your Child

My Son CJ While I’m In Front of my PC

As of writing this post, my son CJ is already 1-year and 5-month old.

At the age of 11-month old he could walk properly without our aid and could even run. And that was also the time when he started disturbing me while doing my blogging and Facebooking activities.

There were times that I hit him. I did it not because I was angered by what he’d done but because I just wanted to tell him that what he did wasn’t right anymore. And I tried not to hit him while I was still in the state of anger because I know that during that time, I couldn’t control my self in hitting him and I might killed him with that. And besides, disciplining a child while you are in the state of anger is not effective and might cause trauma to your child.

A Woman Killed Baby For Disturbing Her Playing Farmville

Alexandra V. Tobias, a woman from Jacksonsville, Florida killed her three-month old baby Dylan Lee Edmondson for disturbing her while playing Farmville at Facebook.

photo via Gizmodo

According to the report, Tobias was angered by the crying of her baby. She then shook the baby, took cigarette to calm her, and then shook again the baby. Authorities believed that she might hit the baby into something while shaking him. She pleaded guilty of the second-degree murder.

After that, she will be playing again Facebook’s Farmville at her prison cell and if her cell-mates disturb her, she will shake all their heads.

Facebook and Farmville In Maasin City

This afternoon, I roamed around the city, checking every internet cafe here to see if internet users use Facebook or are playing Farmville.

So far, I found out that only three internet users in two internet cafe playing Farmville while there were lots of users who were using Facebook. In Omnibus Internet Cafe, almost all users at the time that I came in were using Facebook but none was playing Farmville or any games in Facebook.

I just don’t know if those internet users here in Maasin City who have their own internet connection at their homes were playing games especially Farmville.

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