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Last November 4 (if I was not mistaken) Microsoft officially released the Kinect for Xbox in the US and Canada. It will also be released in Europe on November 10, 2010 and then in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore on November 18, 2010; and also in Japan by November 20, 2010 but I don’t know when will it be released in the Philippines.

I understand that Nintendo has its own Wii already but I think Microsoft Kinect for XboX is better than that of Nintendo since with Kinect, you’ll be holding nothing when playing.  And there will be no need to buy any other accessories that should be attached into your body to play the video game you want to play. The Kinect sensor is good enough in detecting you and your action. If the game you’re playing needs you to jump, then you jump or whatever.  Read more about the Kinect for Xbox here.

Why I am interested with the Microsoft Kinect for XboX?

First, I am not just a blogger, but a video game addict too. Most of my time are spent sitting on the chair in front of my computer surfing the internet, if not playing the video game.

When I started these kind of activities, my weight was still at sixty five kilogram. But now, my weight is already ninety six kilogram. When walking, I easily get tired and just feel my body so heavy.  And the worst thing is, I have a hypertension problem.

Lot of my friends and loveones are telling me to exercise everyday. They said (and I agreed) that exercise is best for my body. However, I don’t have time for it. It seems that exercise for me is just a disturbance of my blogging activities and my video game playtime. I just don’t have interest with it.

And so I think, acquiring the Kinect will be the best thing to do. At least, when playing video game with the XboX and its Kinect, I can exercise my body too. And the best game for me I think is the one related to martial arts.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Why I Should Buy Microsoft Kinect for XboX – SELaplana”

  1. Congratulations on your weight loss Sel! Anyway, for some games like table tennis it would probably feel kind of akward not to actually hold on something. But yeah, Microsoft Kinect would be a good investment to continoue on your weight loss program. It’s also an innovative way to play fighting games!

    Like you obviously, I’m a blogger and gamer. :)

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