How To Know Your SmartBro Number


I forget what’s the number of my SmartBro SIM. How do I know it?


There are many ways you can do to know what your SmartBro (USB) number is:

1. Use your Mobile Phone. Transfer the SIM to your mobile phone and send text messages to your other cellphone.

2. Use your Computer. Using the SmartBro interface or software, send SMS to any of your cellphone. From there, you can get the number of your SmartBro.

3. Look the card the held the SIM. When you buy the SmartBro, the SIM has not been attached to the SmartBro USB modem yet. You’re the one who actually detached the SIM from the card that held it and you placed it into the SmartBro USB modem. Now, on the card that held the SIM, you’ll find the number of the SIM printed on it. So find it and just look for the SIM number printed.

4. Look the numbers on your phonebook. I’m sure that the first time you use your SmartBro, you saved the number into your other cellphone’s phonebook. If you are not sure of the numbers in the phonebook, then why not try sending SMS to each of those numbers you are suspecting to be SmartBro numbers. But before sending SMS, make sure that the computer is open and that the SmartBro software is also running so that the SMS you sent will immediately be received by your SmartBro.

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