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There’s actually no scandal here. But got here questions: Are you travelling in and out of the US? If yes, how often?

So, I’m sure that you went through this “Naked Scanner” installed at 65 airports in the US. If you haven’t experienced passing through a naked scanner, then probably this Christmas season, if you’ll travel for a Christmas vacation, you’ll be giving yourself in, allowing the operator of this naked scanner see your naked body including your sex-organ.

image by AFP

According to the report, there were 315 naked scanner installed in 65 airports since 2007. Those who will pass the naked scanner is actually randomly chosen by security personnel from the passengers and airline crews. Those who will be urged to pass the facility has the right to refuse, however, he will undergo the intensive search instead.

The problem with this naked scanner is not just that your whole body including your private parts will be seen by the personnel manning this facility. This facility is risky in the sense that it uses x-ray which can result skin cancer to the subject, according to US Scientists. Those at risk are people whose age is above 65, pregnant women, HIV patients, cancer patients and all men.

Why all men are at risk to this? A scientist explained that the skin of the sex organ of men is too thin that it will be easily damaged by the x-ray.

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