Why are there Carnappers?


I noticed that carnappers and car-thief business flourished in the Philippines. Why?


There’s only one reason behind this, that is, the law enforcers are not really enforcing the law against theives. In short, Philippine police is partially useless.

By the way, a congressman has a statement as reported by the media:

Meanwhile, Iloilo Rep. Jerry Treñas urged the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to look into the involvement of car insurance firms in snowballing number of carnapping incidents in the metropolis.

He said that car insurance firms and agents were allegedly conspiring with car thieves to enable them to pass off stolen vehicles as legal and be able to register them with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) without any hassle.

Citing the information he gathered, the Visayan solon said car thieves normally steal vehicles that has the same model, color, and make of vehicles that had been completely wrecked due to serious accidents.

He added that the registration papers, the official receipt, and other pertinent documents of the condemned vehicle are reportedly being sold to carnapping syndicates who use these documents to “legalize” carnapped vehicles.

“My sources tell me that the engine number and the serial number in the chassis of the stolen vehicles are replaced with numbers that appear in the engine and chassis of the condemned vehicles. With this, the hot cars will take the place of the condemned vehicles, hence, they become perfectly legal,” Treñas, chairman of the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability, said. (source: mb.com.ph)

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