ChristChurch NZ Earthquake 2011

An earthquake with 6.3 magnitude hit the Christchurch in New Zealand this Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 12:51 PM. The magnitude is weaker compared to the earthquake happened last year of September which was at 7.1 magnitude. However, the damage of the recent earthquake is much greater, including the number of fatalities. According to the authorities, there are at least 400 people who were missing or might be dead.

At least 14, Filipinos were trapped in two collapsed building. Nine of these trapped Filipinos are nurses who came to study in English to pass a particular examination.

Rescuers worked hard to reach and rescue trapped people. Other survivors were amputated just to be freed from rabbles. There were 75 bodies already recovered while hundreds are still missing. Most of the affected areas have no power yet and communications were cut.

The Prime Minister declared already a National Disaster.

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