Agas-agas Bridge

Agas-agas Bridge is in the mountainous terrain of Brgy. Kahupian, Sogod, Southern Leyte, in the Sogod-Mahaplag road section.

It is constructed by Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd at a cost of PhP1.024 Billion which is a loan by the Philippine government from the Japanese government through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It was inaugurated on August 09, 2009 led by the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the Japanese Ambassador to Manila, Makoto Katsura.

The bridge is part of the Maharlika Highway in Southern Leyte where transport services pass through it coming from Luzon to Mindanao or from Mindanao to Luzon. It has a height of 75 meters and the length of 350 meters. It is currently the tallest bridge in the Philippines.

Besides of giving ease when traveling from the North to the South vv, it is also the new tourist destination of the Philippines, particularly Southern Leyte. It offers not just the beauty of the bridge but also the beauty of the nature surrounding the bridge.

The provincial government of Southern Leyte has planned also of constructing facilities for extreme sports activities such as bungee jumping 30 stories down, rope jumping, rappelling, a zip line, para-gliding and others.

Agas-agas Photo

Photo credit: PhilStar.Com

Agas-Agas Tragedy

On March 13, 2011 (Sunday) Lowela Agero, 20-year old native and resident of Abgao, Maasin City jumped to death from the Agas-Agas bridge.

According to the report, Agero invited her friends to visit the Philippines’ tallest bridge. On Sunday, Agero along with her friends Jovy Mercedes, Gretel Lorzano and others arrived at the bridge at around 9 in the morning. At about 4:30 PM, when they’re about to leave the bridge heading to the parking lot where their motorcycles were parked, Agero went into the railing and jumped.

Agas-Agas Zipline (Leyte Zipline)

The Zipline, extreme sports found in the Agas-agas Park is launch in 2011 offers an experience in which you’re flying like superman above the Agas-agas bridge. Sulit ang P280/pax na ibabayad mo for a more or less 30 seconds ride on an almost a kilometer zipline.

The zipline is named Zip Southern Leyte.

Agas-agas Zipline Adventure

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Libya Revolution 2011

Libyans started the rally for a change in government from the 4 decades of dictatorial government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi (Moammar Gadhafi or Ghaddafi or Gaddafi or Gaddhafi) to a civilian-democratic government on February 2011, after the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt stepped down from their seats.

The peaceful protest became a civil war between the opposition and the forces loyal to Qaddafi’s government. But due to the “no mercy” operation of the Libyan forces against the opposition and the rebels, the UN through a resolution authorized the international military intervention in Libya.

Anti-Ghaddafi Rally

The anti-Ghaddafi protest started on February 15.

On February 23, dozens of protesters were killed as the snipers and government security forces fired at them. Some government officials stepped down from their posts and called the government response to protests as “crimes against humanity and crimes of war“.

Part of the Ghaddafi’s forces deflected to the opposition.

No-Fly Zone

On Thursday night (March 17), the Security Council resolution called for an immediate ceasefire and authorized all necessary measures for protecting civilians in Libya from Gaddafi’s forces.

Gaddhafi immiediately announced a ceasefire. But in reality, his loyal forces continued its operation, entering and shelling the rebel held city of Benghazi and Misurata.

The declaration of ceasefire is actually part of the strategy of Gaddhafi, so that the UN forces will not immediately impose the no-fly zone. With this, his forces and military equipments can position inside the city. Thus, making it hard for the Western forces to attack them, noting that the international forces will not attack them if civilian casualties as collateral damage is high.

On Friday (March 18), France, Britain and the US warned Gadhafi of the military intervention if he will ignore the UN resolution.

On Saturday (March 19) the Western forces led by the US implemented the no-fly zone with the code name “Operation Odyssey Dawn” or OOD.  US and British submarines and warships sent more than a hundred of its Tomahawk missiles on selected targets such as Libya’s air defence system in Tripoli and Misrata. French plane bombers including a stealth one bombed Gadhafi’s tanks and armored vehicles outside the rebel-controlled city of Benghazi.

The overnight bombing resulted to at least 50 people died and at least 150 injured according to the Libyan government report, but it’s not verified.

Revolutionary fighters are advancing back to the Ajdabiyah, while government forces entered the city of Misrata with its snipers positioned on buildings’ roof backed by the tanks on the ground.

On March 24, the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) agreed to take command of the operation. The US made it clear already a day after the OOD that its leadership on the implementation of the no-fly zone is just temporary and will be transferred to its allies.

Rebels Push to Tripoli

The aim of the armed protesters is to capture Tripoli and put Ghaddafi into trial. Tipoli is still the planned capital for the Libyan democracy government which will rule the entire Libya.

On March 26, the rebel forces took the city of Ajdabiya from the control of the Ghaddafi forces who retreated after the rebel fought them while International fighter planes bombed them.

The opposition fighters recaptured the town of Brega in the east and the strategic oil port of Ras Lanuf.

By Sunday (March 27), the Libyan rebels captured the town of Bin Jawad and they continue to march to Sirte. But while on the road to Nofilia, they were under the heavy machine-gun fire from the loyalist of Ghaddafi. The rebels panicked the rebels who fled disorderly. Some of their pick-up trucks were destroyed.

Provisional Transitional National Council

The Libyan rebel organized a transitioning government of Libya with its main office in Benghazi . It has 30 members. Each of them is the representative of each of the towns and cities of Libya. However, only 13 of them are publicly identified (in late March) because it’s not safe to identify members in the areas under the control of Ghaddafi’s men.

France was the first to recognize the PTNC as the only legitimate representative of the Libyan people. On March 28, Qatar recognized it too.

On April 1, the Libyan Rebel government offered ceasefire to Ghaddafi’s government but with a condition that forces loyal to Ghaddafi should moved out of the ceased cities and town. Ghaddafi on the other hand rejected the offer and considered it a trick and is not offering peace.

Libyan Rebel Fighters Hit By Western Attack

On April 1, 2011 (Friday) rebels reported that at least 10 rebel fighters were killed after the NATO aircraft bombed a convoy of rebels’ vehicles outside Brega.

The convoy was actually heading to the town of Brega when one of them fired anti-aircraft gun. It was not yet clear if it was accidental or a supporter of Ghaddafi joined the group and fired the gun. After that, the NATO plane came and drop bombed into them.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami March 2011

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan today (March 11, 2011) 2:46 p.m with its center at 125 kilometers off the eastern coast, and at a depth of 10 kilometers. The earthquake triggered a 4 meters high tsunami that hit the coastal of Japan that washed away cars and boats. Numbers of aftershocks followed including the one with 7.4 magnitude.

Part of the Japan’s coastal towns and cities were submerged in water, including the parking lot of Tokyo Disneyland and other parts are in fire.

Tsunami Alert level 2 issued in Philippine areas facing the Pacific:

  1. Bananes Group of Island
  2. Ilocos Norte
  3. Quezon
  4. Camarines Norte
  5. Albay
  6. Sorsogon
  7. Eastern Samar
  8. Southern Leyte
  9. Surigao del Sur
  10. Cagayan
  11. Isabela
  12. Aurora
  13. Camarines Sur
  14. Catanduanes
  15. Northern Samar
  16. Leyte
  17. Surigao del Norte
  18. Davao Oriental
  19. Daval del Sur

Tsunami alert is also in effect in Russia, Marcus Island, Northern Marianas, Guam, Taiwan, Indonesia and Hawaii.

Japan March 2011 Tsunami Video

Ethel Boba Sets Condo on Fire

Ethel Boba sets his rented condo unit in Quezon City on fire early today. The automatic water sprinkler stops the fire. However, the lamp shade, curtain and part of the wall were burned already.

According to authorities, Ethel Gabison in real life, she’s drunk and seems depressed. She broke the window in the kitchen and wrote F**ck You in the living room wall.

It was noted that Ethel Boba rented the condo unit a month ago with a Romanian guy named Marius Miria. And some said that Ethel Boba recently found out that his live in partner is gay.

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City Mayors versus 16 Municipalities’ Mayors

Did you know that there’s a new game in the Philippines? And it is only in the Philippines.

The participants of this kind of games are the mayors of the 112 cities which are already members of the League of Cities of the Philippines before the RA 9009 took effect in 2001 which increased the required income for cityhood from 20 million to 100 million. In the other side, they are the mayors of the 16 municipalities that wished to become cities. The middleman between them is the Supreme Court.

On the first round, the mayors of the 16 municipalities applied for the cityhood of their respective municipalities through their respective representatives or sponsors in the House. Those bills passed in the House and resulted to:

  1. Republic Act No. 9389 for Baybay City in Leyte,
  2. Republic Act No. 9390 for Bogo City in Cebu,
  3. Republic Act No. 9391 for Catbalogan City in Samar,
  4. Republic Act No. 9392 for Tandag City in Surigao del Sur,
  5. Republic Act No. 9393 for Lamitan City in Basilan,
  6. Republic Act No. 9394 for Borongan City in Samar,
  7. Republic Act No. 9398 for Tayabas City in Quezon,
  8. Republic Act No. 9404 for Tabuk City in Kalinga,
  9. Republic Act No. 9405 for Bayugan City in Agusan del Sur,
  10. Republic Act No. 9407 for Batac City in Ilocos Norte,
  11. Republic Act No. 9408 for Mati City in Davao Oriental,
  12. Republic Act No. 9409 for Guihulngan City in Negros Oriental,
  13. Republic Act No. 9434 for Cabadbaran City in Agusan del Norte,
  14. Republic Act No. 9435 for El Salvador City in Misamis Oriental,
  15. Republic Act No. 9436 for Carcar City in Cebu, and
  16. Republic Act No. 9491 for Naga City in Cebu.

On November 18, 2008, the Supreme Court declared the 16 laws unconstitutional through a 6-5 vote. The decision was written by Justice Antonio To. Carpio saying that the laws violated the Section 6 and 10 of the Article X of the Constitution which sites the criteria in creating a city, particularly the 100 million income.

The mayors of the affected municipalities knew that they still have chances on getting the favor of the high court. So they filed a motion for reconsideration asking the high court to reverse its decision and declare the laws constitutional.

However, the SC was firm to its decision. On April 28, 2009, it released its decision denying the motion for reconsideration for the court’s November 18, 2008 decision filed by the 16 municipalities.

The LCP members were happy for this. They are now sure that the 16 municipalities have no part of the Internal Revenue allotment for all the cities. In my mind, I could clearly see the faces of these mayors while saying, “Tiba tiba pa rin to! Ayos to!”

But the mayors of the 16 municipalities did not retreat yet. They asked again the high court to reverse its decision and to be at their side. I wonder if they tried to asked the intervention of their gods and saints and what-so-ever powerful in the universe, because on December. 21, 2009, the SC affirmed the constitutionality of the 16 cityhood laws passed by the 11th Congress.

The LCP seemed embarrassed on the decision of the SC. So they filed a motion for reconsideration to the high court to reinstate its November 18, 2008 decision. On August 24, 2010, the SC favored the LCP and its first decision was reinstated declaring the 16 cityhood laws unconstitutional.

But the 16 municipalities couldn’t accept the fact, na yung grasya ay naging bato pa. Of course they want to partake the Internal Revenue allotment for the cities. So they filed again a motion for reconsideration. But this time, the SC denied them of chances.

However, the SC has changed its mind and on February 15, 2011 it reversed its ruling and reinstated its December 21, 2009 decision declaring the 16 cityhood laws constitutional.

But this is not yet the end of the game. The 16 new cities can’t rejoice yet over the recent decision released by the high court because the LCP takes one more chance of kicking the 16 new cities out for their league. On Wednesday, March 9, 2011, the LCP asked the court to reverse their February 15, 2011 decision and declare the cityhood laws of the 16 new cities as unconstitutional.

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Google Adsense Beta Interface for Mobile

On Thursday, Google Adsense Team announced the availability of the mobile interface of Google Adsense beta version just like what has been shown on the image below. For more details, kindly visit the blogpost posted at the Google Adsense blog.

I will not be discussing here on how to access Google Adsense interface through smartphones because I am not interested in talking about here. I am not actually excited on what I saw from the mobile interface because it’s just like similar to the pc version. Besides, I already expected that time will come Google Adsense Team will optimize its interface for the mobile phones especially for iPhone and similar smartphones because a lot of Adsense Publishers are already shifting from PC web browsing to smartphone web browsing.

What really makes me excite upon seeing the image above is the amount of the income for the day, worst for the whole month so far. It says:

• $1,484.68 Today so far
• $16,192.27 Yesterday
• $118,708.50 This month so far

The income is so … I don’t know how to describe what I feel upon seeing that amount. One thing I know is that I want to earn more than that in a day or a month.

But of course, I know that it might just sample of Adsense income that they can use to test for the mobile interface. But it might be a real Adsense earning too. I already heard of a Pinoy who earns $10,000 a month in average from Adsense alone.

And getting income as high as that is not really impossible. We just need to flood our profitable blog with hundreds of thousands of visitors a day, and then … you know.

Just like what I said already, it’s actually my dream and my goal having an income more than that a month. As of now, I was thousand miles away from that amount but I believe I can still get there in no time. I just need to make my steps more precise so as to avoid any mistakes that might lead to my failure.

I admit that since December 2010, most of my blogs are affected by the Google’s changes of algorithm which have been rolled-out several times since August 2010. And few weeks from now, Google will again apply new algo to the rest of the world that took effect already in the US searches last week.

If those big guys are affected by this new change, then I believe that small guys will be affected too. So, I have lots of things to adjust and realign for my blogs to survive.

Bantayan – Cebu District Hospital Scandal

In Bantayan island of Cebu, a janitor of the Bantayan District Hospital was performing a catheter insertion into the organ of a patient, as reported by the Sun-Star Cebu newspaper.

Astero Rivera, 68 a resident of Barangay Ticad in Bantayan went to the hospital last Tuesday for his failure to urinate for 3 days already. After the patient was examined by the hospital’s doctor, the janitor, Arturo Abello, was instructed by the doctor to insert the catheter to the patient’s organ. So Mr. Abello did the insertion.

When the doctor asked why it’s the janitor who performed the medical procedure, the doctor answered that there were too many patient to deal with at that time, so it’s the janitor who was instructed to do so. The doctor seems confident with the janitor because according to him, the hospital trained the janitor to perform the catheter insertion.

The problem of the patient seems relieved after the catheter insertion. But this time, he’s urinating blood. The doctors at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center or VSMMC who examined the patient, found out that the catheter was not properly inserted to the patient’s organ.

The VSMMC doctors blamed the Bantayan Hospital doctor or the medical personnel who performed the insertion. The doctor wanted to wash his hands from this incident, so he just divulged that it’s the janitor who inserted the catheter.

Kawawang Janitor. Pero dapat ding sisihin ang doctor na yan.

By the way, when my wife underwent a Caesarean Section delivery last May 2009, it was a male Student Nurse who inserted the catheter to her organ. The doctors and the nurses present during the operation were even joking and laughing after the Student Nurse successfully inserted the catheter.

But the only good thing is that professional medical doctors and licensed nurses were there observing, while the Student Nurse inserted the catheter to my wife’s organ. What ever happened, they were there to correct the mistakes if ever the Student Nurse did something wrong.

In the case of the janitor who performed the catheter insertion, if we will consider what the hospital doctors said, that there were too many patients to deal with at that time, I guess, the doctor manning the hospital left everything to the janitor. He did not even examine the catheter whether it was inserted properly or not. If he checked what the janitor did, then he might discover earlier that the catheter was improperly inserted, the problem would be corrected and the patient would not suffer anymore. Besides, their secret, that a non-medical personnel is performing medical procedures will remain their secret.

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Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas is headed by its pastor, Rev. Fred Phelps. The Church is known for its anti-gay demonstrations and picketing on funerals of celebrities to draw media’s attention.

Westboro Baptist Church versus Snyder

The Westboro Baptist Church members rallied on March 2006 declaring that God is doing against the US Military for allowing homosexuality. They showed signs like “Thank God for dead soldiers”, “God Hates the USA/Thank God for 9/11”, “You’re Going to Hell”, and a one message attacking gay community. The demonstration was held near the funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder who was killed in Iraq. However, local authorities were notified by themselves and they followed the 1,000 feet distance from the funerals as advised.

By looking at the situation, people who noticed the protest would have a first impression that the dead Matthew Snyder is a homosexual, although it is not the truth in the sense that Matthew Snyder is not a gay.

What the Phelps’ Church members had done added grief to the father of Matthew Snyder, Albert Snyder who after the funeral found the poem written by the Church and posted on its website attacking how he brought up his son. Because of this, he sued the Westboro Baptist Church accusing them of intentionally inflecting distress. Mr. Snyder won and the Westboro Baptist Church would pay him $11 million which later reduced to $5 million.

But the federal court of appeal in Richmond, Va rejected the decision stating that the constitution protected the Church members. And on March 2, 2011 the Supreme Court released its decision with an 8-1 vote in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church sighting the First Amendments which protects free speech of the Westboro members.

Since the father Snyder was lost in the legal battle, the Westboro Baptist Church sued him seeking for legal fees. And it is possible that he would be paying more or less $100,000.

How Do I Know if I am the Biological Father of my Son?

A visitor of this blog sent us an email asking our help to know if he’s really the father of his son to his wife.

Here’s part of his email. It was written in Bisaya and I just translated it into English.

Question Related to Knowing If the Son is Really the Son of a Father.

Hello. I am a seaman and have a wife with a four-month old son.

Last April 2010, I married my girlfriend who was already pregnant. Then on October 27, 2010 she delivered our son while I was away from her.

Now my problem is that my colleagues here in a tanker-vessel keep telling me that the real father of my son might not be me considering that I went home and had a contact with her starting on the last week of February 2010. They said that if I were the father of my son, then it should be normally be born by the third or fourth week of November 2010. They are also telling me that when we’re having a contact, my girlfriend was already a month pregnant.

My question is: How could we know if I am the real father of my son?

My Answer

DNA Test

Actually, there is only one perfect and effective way in determining if you are the biological father of your son… this is by doing a DNA test. But based on what I heard, DNA test is costly.

Blood Typing

Some also said that you can determine whether you are the biological father of your wife’s or girlfriend’s child by simply comparing your blood type to the child’s blood type. But, scientifically, blood typing couldn’t be use for this purpose because your blood type and that of your own biological child is not always the same. There is always a possibility that your child has a blood type different of yours.

Mother: Blood Type A
Father: Blood Type A
Child: Either A or O

Mother: Blood Type B
Father: Blood Type B
Child: Either B or O

Mother: Blood Type AB
Father: Blood Type A
Child: Either Blood type A, B or AB. It is also true if the Mother has type A and the Father has type AB

Mother: Blood Type A
Father: Blood Type B
Child: Either A, AB, B or O. It is also true if the Mother has type B and the Father has type A.

Mother: Blood Type O
Father Blood Type A
Child: Either A or O. It is also true if the Mother has type A and the Father has type O.

Mother: Blood Type O
Father Blood Type B
Child: Either B or O. It is also true if the Mother has type B and the Father has type O.

Counting the Number of Weeks of Pregnancy

Counting the number of weeks of pregnancy can actually help. It should be better if you were there during your wife’s first meeting with your OB/Gyne and took note of what the doctor asked your wife and what the doctor told your wife about the possible dates of delivery.

The doctor usually asks your wife the first day of her last menstruation. From that, the doctor can estimate the possible dates when your wife will deliver your son.

For example, if your wife’s last menstruation was on last week of January 2010 and the first day of it was January 20, 2010 then doctor will usually add 7 days to January 20, 2010 and the resulting date will be January 27, 2010. Then from that, the doctor will count 40 weeks. And the 40th week will be October 27, 2010.

From that, the doctor usually will tell your wife that she might deliver your son in one of the days in a week before October 27, 2010 up to a week after October 27, 2010 or from October 20, 2010 to November 3, 2010.

In your email sent to me, you said that you went home on the last week of February 2010. So, for example you went home and had your first contact on February 23 and on that contact, your wife got pregnant immediately. In that case, you can just count 40 weeks including the February 23. And the 40th week is November 23. In other words, your child will be born on November 23 or in one of the days in November 16 to November 30.

However, it is of course possible that your child will be born on October, but it’s the case of an immature delivery.

And just like what I said above, it would be better if you know the prediction of the doctor that your wife had consulted. His prediction is important because from there, you can estimate the date when the fetus or embryo was formed.

For example, if the doctor has predicted that your wife will deliver your son by the last week of October or by the first week of November, then by adding three months from the predicted weeks, you can already tell the start of your wife’s pregnancy which is the last week of January or the first week of February. Now, since you went home on the last week of February, then I think, you have the reason to doubt.

Ask Your Wife

Actually, your wife can tell you the truth. Talk to her. Tell her about your doubts and why you’re doubting. Then ask her if you really are the biological father of your son.

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John Galliano

John Galliano is a superstar fashion designer, who was caught on video that became viral where he announced his admiration to Hitler. He was accused by 3 women of heaping anti-Semitic abuse on patrons in a Paris bar on two occasions since last October.

The Galliano Scandal

On February 24, 2011 at 9:00PM, John Galliano was detained by French police for alleged assault and making anti-Semitic remarks at a Parisian café, the La Perle bar. He was accused by a couple of racial abuse. Then after a day, another victim, a woman, went to the police station and accused the designer of the same abuse. The abuses made by Galliano to these three people were actually happened in two separate incidents.

The first incident was happened last October 2010 at the same bar in Marias district. At first she was not thinking of anything negative of what the designer did to her. But after the second incident was reported she decided to come out to file a formal complaint against Galliano.

The second incident happened on Thursday last week, when Galliano shouted at the Jewish Asian couple saying, “Dirty Jewish face, you should be dead … Fucking Asian bastard, I will kill you”. The incident started when the woman asked Galliano as caught in video, “Are you blond, with blue eyes?” Galliano then answered, “No, but I love Hitler, and people like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f**king gassed and f**king dead.”

On Monday, the British designer met the two accusers in a police station. He was accompanied by his 5 witnesses who backed his own version. Instead of resolving the problem through the meeting, the situation has actually worsened. Now, the video showing him announcing his admiration to Hitler and other anti-Semitic remarks went viral in the internet.

Galliano will be facing criminal charges

Dior Fashion Show

John Galliano is known as the Dior Star for being the Creative Director. But because of the scandal surrounding him, Christian Dior suspended him from his responsibilities.

He’s actually working for the 2011 Dior Show that will be held on March 4.