I Make Money Online by Blogging in the Philippines

I have been unemployed for five years already. I don’t have job, and I was just here staying at home playing my computers. But the only difference of me from other unemployed Filipino is that I am earning money abroad.

I came from San Agustin – Surigao del Sur. So, if you’re a Kamayo from Oteiza, then you probably knew me. You just couldn’t figure out who particularly am I.

Well, I am living here in Maasin CitySouthern Leyte. So, officially, I am part of those unemployed or jobless in the Eastern Visayas.

But I finished a degree at the Leyte Institute of Technology. I just don’t have the PRC license to practice that profession. Besides, I am too lazy for that, and I don’t like that profession.

Before, I wanted to become a priest… a Catholic Priest. But now, I simply want my life today as an unemployed Filipino yet earning abroad.

Earning Abroad?

I mentioned that twice. And for the third time, I will mention it again… I am an unemployed Filipino yet earning abroad.

I am not an overseas Filipino worker but I am an OFW too. It was Brother Marhgil Macuha who coined that name to those who are earning money abroad but are staying at home in the Philippines, for we are the Online Filipino Workers.

Yes! We stayed here in the Philippines yet we are getting money from the companies abroad like, Google, CPALead, Kontera or Infolinks, TLA, ClickBank, YesAsia and others.

There’s no need to get a visa and then buy plane tickets because by staying at home is enough. OFW like me simply needs an internet connection, a computer and the passion in writing. The knowledge in computer programming, website designing, marketing and copywriting is a plus and a great advantage.

To make it more clearer, I am actually making money online by blogging in the Philippines particularly here in Maasin City – Southern Leyte.

Why I am telling you this?

I don’t write this blogpost just to boast who I am. I wrote this because I received few emails asking about me.

I already referred them to the about page of this blog which eventually tells them that I am Mr. Sustines Laplana. They just couldn’t believe that it’s me who is blogging here. I don’t know why? But I think it is because my English writing is better now compared to my writing before.

I am not saying that my writing is better than the writing of the other bloggers because the truth is, I am nowhere compared to them. Most of the Filipino bloggers are writers or journalist in profession. There are those who are not writers or journalist but at least they were studying the courses like Mass Communication, AB English, Bachelors in Education and other similar courses.

I am just nothing compared to them. I am simply a product of Technological school whose major subjects deals in numbers and computation.

But I am not saying that all Engineering students are not good in writing because I knew some who were good at it. Some of them were members of the School’s journalists.

I just want to mean that besides that I am focused in numbers and computations, I am also an idiot.

What? You’re an Idiot?

I remember when I was in my early days in blogging, Filipinos who visited my blog would tell me to close my blog because I was just humiliating the Filipinos by my writing. They just couldn’t take my writing. A lot were calling me idiot or dumb.

That happened actually in 2003. And eight years after that, I am still here blogging. But at least, even if my grammar is erroneous and I have a worst usage of words, no one calls me idiot again. So, I think, my writing is better now compared to my way of writing 8 years ago.

That’s actually the result of blogging. After all, my eagerness to learn to write better article even if no one here beside me teaching, made me enhanced my skills.

But blogging doesn’t simply help me enhance my writing skills. It also helps me become updated on what’s happening in the world. And most of all, it helps me find a livelihood.

Income from Blogging

How much are you earning from blogging?

Well, my income from blogging is not as good as the income of other bloggers I know like, Marhgil Macuha, Abe Olandres, Gumer Liston, Sammy Feliciano and many others, but at least I was able to support the needs of my family and pay my bills.

How did you start Blogging anyway?

Actually, it all started in 2003 when I came across the blog of an Iraqi who blog about the invasion of the United States in Iraq. This man simply wrote what he saw, observed and heard while Americans and their allies battled with the Iraqi forces. His blog was actually hosted by the blogger.com which at that time was owned by a certain Pyra Labs if I am right.

Currently blogger.com is already owned by Google.

I was actually maintaining a personal website since 1999. My personal website was hosted by Geocities.com (which later owned by Yahoo.com). This website served as my online diary where I posted my journals.

While reading the blogpost of that Iraqi blogger, I thought of examining the host of his blog which I learned that it was blogger.com and that the set-up and the setting-up was just easy. Posting journals was really very easy compared to what I was doing in my personal website hosted by Geocities.com.

So, I immediately signed-up and account from blogger.com and set-up my first blog.

My first blog actually was among the blogs deleted by Google. My whole account actually was suspended by Google because one of my blog had been considered by Google as spam.

How you earn money from your blog?

Actually, I only learned that I could really monetize my blog only in 2004. I learned from a news that Google introduced Google Adsense wherein small publishers like me could use in monetizing a blog.

Soon as I heard about it, I immediately signed up an account. Signing up an account during that time was not really hard. And just few hours after signing up, I immediately received and email from Adsense Team, that I was already accepted into the program.

My first month Adsense income only cents. However, every month my income increased until I received my first check worth more than $100.

After receiving my first income from Google Adsense, I became more inspired in blogging. I blogged and blogged until I reached my goal to earn $100 in just three months. My next goal which was to earn $100 every month had been met again. Then time came that I hit my goal to earn $1,000 a month income.

But that was just the income from Adsense. Actually, there are many ways a blogger can earn money through his blog. You can earn by displaying ads of TLA, Kontera or Infolinks, Amazon, Adbrite, and other Ad networks. You can even earn money by selling Clickbank products in your blog.

So, Google Adsense is not just the source of income of a blogger. And a blogger should not just use Google Adsense but should try other ways of making money online. After all, one of the blogger’s goal is to earn more than what his currently earnings.

Are you not planning to have a stable job then retire after that?

Talking about retirement, I am actually a retiree.

You see, I don’t have job, I don’t even have a business establishment but I am receiving money. What do you call that money I received? Isn’t it right to call that my pension?

I can call it my pension because it regularly came even if in a month I did nothing but sit down in front of my computer and facebooking. Talking about facebook, I already have almost 3,000 friends. That number of facebook friends is the proof that I am really addict in facebook.

Anyway, I am actually planning to get a PRC license and to have a masteral and then join the faculty of a college. My plan is actually opposite to Gumer Liston’s experience, because according to him he was a college instructor who resigned from his job to focus his time in blogging, which is actually effective because he is now earning 150,000 pesos to 300,000 pesos in a month compared to his 12,000 to 15,000 pesos monthly income in teaching.

But in my case, I want to become a college instructor not because I am interested of the money I might earn, but I simply love teaching. After all, the blood of my parents who are both teachers is running in my veins.

And if my goal to earn $10,000 a month will be met, then I think, that will be the time that I will start my own school. I will start to open a pre-elementary grades until I will finally opened up both Elementary and Secondary levels.

So, what can you say to your readers?

I want to thank you for reading my blogposts. I know my articles are not that interesting. But I am glad you’re still here reading.

However, if you want to earn an extra income, you can try blogging.

You can start by opening an account at blogger.com. It’s the best place to start a blog because it is owned by Google and your blog through it can be monetized using the Google Adsense and other ads served by other networks.

After successfully creating a blog, continue writing articles and post them there. If you can manage to write one article everyday, then that’s better. In three months, you can now try to apply using your blog to Google Adsense program.

You also need to learn about SEO. This technique will help you find visitors for your blog because its your blog’s visitors who will actually help you earn money.

So much for that… I want to thank you for everything.

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Black Saturday, Special Non-Working Holiday

President Noy Aquino signed Proclamation No. 150 declaring Black Saturday which is on April 23, 2011 a Special Holiday. So private and government offices are closed on that day. If the worker still works, he is entitled of the holiday rate.

Black Saturday is actually not included on the executive order declaring regular holidays. one of the holidays that former President Gloya Arroyo declared holidays but are not included on P-Noy’s declaration is Iglesia Ni Cristo day.

With this, people can maximize their time in partaking the celebration of the Holy Week by the Roman Catholic Church and other Protestant Churches.

Holy Week and Me

When I was still the Sacristan Mayor of the Parish of St. Augustine in San Agustin – Surigao del Sur, Holy Week is one of my busiest days in the year. I had a lot of things to prepare and a lot of things to fulfill considering that my responsibility was not just as the Sacristan Mayor but also the caretaker of the church and the over-head projector operator.

The Holy Week as everybody knows is the last week of Lent (Kwaresma) which begins in Palm Sunday to the Black Saturday.

Easter Sunday is actually not included in the Holy Week considering that the week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Just look at your calendar and you’ll notice that the Sunday is listed on the first of the columns.

Besides, you’ll also notice that the 7th day based on the Bible, particularly in the creation of the world is Saturday. Do you still remember what God did on the 7th day during the creation? God rested on the 7th day. The Seventh Day Adventists Christians reminds us of that.

The Monday on this week is called Holy Monday; Tuesday is Holy Tuesday; then Holy Wednesday.

But the Thursday is called Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday. At the evening of this day, the Catholic Church celebrate the Mass of the Last Supper where there are 12 men chosen to act as the 12 Apostles which stay with the priest in the altar of the church. The priest also acts as Christ. Washing of the feet of the 12 Apostles is being performed including the last supper of Christ with the apostles.

The Friday is called Good Friday. Parishioner commemorates the suffering and death of Christ in a way of drama where a man will act as Christ and there were those who will act as the soldiers, along with those important characters in the passion of Christ. They are doing this in station by station.

The next day which is the last day of the Holy Week is the Holy Saturday. On the night of this day, a mass will be celebrated including the consecration of the light. It is believed that when Christ was still dead, the world is in total darkness. And during this day when Christ resurrected, and so there would light again.

The following day is the Easter Sunday which is not part of the Holy Week. At dawn Catholic celebrate the so-called “Salubong” or “Sugat” in Visayan where the resurrected Christ and his mother Mary meet.

So the statues of Mary and Christ will be processioned in separate route and then the two processions will meet in a place near the church where there are kids who act as the singing angels.

Not Celebrating Anymore

However, as of writing this post, I no longer celebrate the Holy Week. I already quit being Catholic and had already joined the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

As an Iglesia ni Cristo member, I will no longer participate this kind of celebration because we are prohibited to participate with it.

I am following the teachings of the Iglesia ni Cristo, especially regarding the Holy Week and other Catholic celebration, NOT  because I am afraid of being expelled from the organization, BUT because I understand that the teaching of my new religion is in accordance with the teachings of Christ as recorded in the Bible.

In other words, even if people tend to stay at their homes or stay and participate at their church for the holy week celebration, I tend to continue doing things that I am doing in ordinary week. I go to my office and work.

But on Friday or Good Friday, since almost all stores are closed on that day and only few public utility vehicles are running, so I rather stay with my family to get bond with them through beach picnic or any family related recreation.

You might tell me that I am disrespectful to God. That’s what my relatives and my friends were telling me everytime we went to the beach for a party on this day. But actually, I am not disrespecting God just because on Good Friday we do things that most of the Catholics are not doing because there is no teaching of Christ that prohibits anyone from not celebrating the holy week.

However, I found one teaching of the Roman Catholic Church that contributes my rejection of partaking of the Lent or Holy Week celebration. I found this said teaching of the church as not the teaching of Christ.

Please don’t think that I am attacking the Catholic Church. I just want to tell you what I observed and noticed.

Okay. During Lent especially on the holy week, isn’t it true that the Catholic  Church commanded its members not to eat meat?

I don’t know if you know this, but this is an old Catholic Church law that during the Lent, Catholics are prohibited to eat meat in every Fridays and all the days of the Holy Week.

I know about this since my elementary years because the Catechism teacher told us about this. And then when I was already the Sacristan Mayor, the priest announced it during Mass.

Avoiding to eat meat is part of the fasting during the Lent. And there was even a priest that said during the homily that by doing this, the sins of men will be washed away.

However, when I read the Bible,  I noticed that the law that prohibits man from eating meat is not the teaching of Christ but by the demon. And this teaching is actually the mark or the sign of the Apostasy.

This is what is written in I Timothy 4:1, 3:

Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons,

forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who beliee and knows the truth. (New King James Version)

It was Apostle Paul who wrote this. According to him, the law or command to abstain from certain food (in which in other translations or version of the Bible it is written meat) is the a deceiving spirit or the teaching of demons.

I know that you will interpret that in other ways that tend to save this Catholic teaching on “avoiding to eat meat on Lent and Holy Week” from being considered the teaching of demons. But for me, it is clear that if a religion teaches its members to avoid in eating meat, then that religion upholds the teaching of demons.

When the doctor will tell you not to eat meat because it can ruin your health, he’s not telling you the teaching of demons. What he told you is his professional advice as a doctor.

The teaching of demon refers only to the religious teachings.

Actually, there are two teachings mentioned in that verse that are considered the teachings of demons. The other one is “prohibiting to marry“. And the prohibition to marry is also found in the Catholic Church, right? Look at the priests, bishops and even the pope. Are they married? No! Once they marry a woman, they’ll be expelled from being the priest.

Some said that priests are not told to celibate. The reasoned out that its just the call to the priest to become celibate. However, if we will dig deeper, we will find out that celibacy is really the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church that should be followed by the priests and nuns. Priest or Nuns and Marrying someone do not go together. If you want to become priest, and stay priest then you need to stay celibate. But you want to marry someone, then quit of practicing as priest.

These two teachings of the demons that I discovered being practiced by the Catholic Church are the ones that lead me to quit being Catholic. I rather stay with no religious affiliation than to be affiliated with a religion that teaches the teaching of satan.

However, I didn’t remain not affiliated with no religious organization because time came that I found the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) and I found out that its teachings are the nearest becoming parallel to the teaching of God, Christ and the Apostles as written in the Bible.

Commemorating the Death of Christ

Now that you already know that I am not taking part of the Lent and the Holy Week, you might say that I am not commemorating the death of Christ.

Well, the death of Christ is important to us. Because of Christ’s death our sins were forgiven by God. Christ purchased His Church (not the house of worship but the organization built by Christ as stated in Matthew 16:18) with his blood. And with His blood we were cleansed made us worthy to receive the promised salvation.

That’s the reason why we should commemorate Christ’s death. But the way how to commemorate His death was already been told by Him.

Christ said that this when he took the bread, “take it, this is my body,” and then when he took the cup, he said, “drink from it all of you, this my blood.” (Matthew 26:26-29). And he added “Do this in remembrance of me.” (I Corinthians 11:23-26)

So, the way that Christ taught on how to commemorate his death is by eating the bread and drinking from the cup as been told. And it is called the “Holy Supper”.

And that is how I commemorate the death of Christ.

Roman Catholic Belgian Bishop Admits, Sexually Abused His Nephews

A former bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium, Roger Vangheluwe, admitted in a televised interview which was aired Thursday that he sexually abused his two nephews.

He considered the abuse as a “little game” by simply fondling his nephews.

Vangheluwe resigned from as a bishop in 2010 as he admitted that he sexually-abused his nephew for 13 years up to the time when his nephew is already 18.  And during the interview, Thursday, he admitted that he also abused a second nephew for few times.

It was also noted that the Roman Catholic Church paid hundreds of millions of Dollars the sexual-abuse victims of the pedophile priests  in the United States.

Sabel’s AJ Perez Died in Accident

A star of the ABS-CBN’s “Sabel”, AJ Perez, died in an accident in Paniqui, Tarlac this Sunday (April 17, 2011) at 12AM.

According to the report, Antonilo Joseph Perez was aboard a rented Nissan Urvan along with his 5 companions including his father, a driver and a bodyguard when the accident happened. The group came from a show in Dagupan City in Pangasinan which celebrated its Bangus Festival and were on their way to Manila.

According to authorities, the Nissan Urvan collided with a PATRAS bus and then on a truck. But based on their initial investigation, there was no head on collision. The actor suffered multiple head injuries and was pronounced dead at about 12:20 AM.

Aj’s companions were rushed to the hospital and are suffering with injuries too while the driver of the bus is already under the custody of the authorities and will be charged with reckless imprudence resulting to multiple injuries and homicide by Monday.

His wake will be held at La Salle Greenhills Chapel up to April 19, Tuesday.

About AJ Perez

AJ Perez is Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez, 18, was part of the Star Magic Batch 13 (2006)

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Acer Iconia Tab A500, Honeycomb Tablet

Acer A500 Tablet will be released on April 24 at its starting price of $499.99. It is powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb and a dual-core 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 250 1Ghz processor plus GeForce graphics. It has a 10.1 inch or 1280×800 high definition display with 80-degree viewing angles and the ability to register input from all 10 fingers.

It is actually the second tablet released running Android OS. This honeycomb tablet of Acer has 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage (a 32GB model is in the works), a microSD card reader that can handle up to 32GB cards. It also has two cameras: A 5mp autofocus camera with flash at the rear; and the 2mp camera at the front.

It’s available connectivity are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI-out, USB and GPS.

And for those who are game lover, the Iconia Tab is preloaded with two games, Need for Speed: Shift and Let’s Golf. It also has the Acer LumiRead, Google Books eReading apps and Zinio digital magazine reader.

Acer promised that the Iconia’s battery can be fully used in more than 10 hours if used only in internet browsing. But if used in watching HD movies, the battery can give you lesser time.

Mangudadatus versus MILF in Maguindanao Clash April 2011

The relatives of Maguindanao governor, Ismael Mangudadatu, and the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) fighters of its 109th base command under the leadership of the MILF Commander Tautin Salendab clashed Sunday April 3, 2011 in Maguindano, particularly in Barangay Tenuk of Buluan town, leaving 14 people dead and several wounded.

The Maguindanao governor and the MILF commander however were not involved in the fight. But an uncle of the Buluan mayor was one of those who were killed in the clash.

The first fighting happened at around 10:00 AM and followed by another fighting at around 3:00 PM.

Mangudadatu and Salendab

The Mangudadatus and the Salendab families are distant relatives. But there were times that a Selendab supported a Mangudadatu during election, just like what happened with when both families have representatives in running for Mayor of the town of Buluan in 2010 election. Hadji Mastor Salendab ran against Ibrahim Mangudadatu but the MILF commander, Tautin Salendab sided with the Mangudadatu.

The relation of the Mangudadatu and Salendab soured when Tautin Salendab insisted that a portion of the lake (their fishing ground) would be part of the area where MILF could collect tax, P1 per kilo of fish.

The Mangudadatus, however considered it an extortion.

Sunday Clash

The MILF spokesman, Ed Kabalu, revealed that the Sunday clash was caused by family feud over land.

The clash started when the members of the town’s Citizen Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) who were members and supporters of the Mangudadatu family, were cutting the coconut trees owned by the Salendabs or the MILF members.

Not a Clash but an Ambush

The Mangudadatus claimed that what happened on Sunday was not a clash but was an ambush. The MILF fighters allegedly ambushed the workers of the road project who are members and supporters of the Mangudadatu family and the 4 local officials who were on their way to inspect the project.

The road project connecting the Buluan town and Lutayan town will pass near the MILF 109th command base, which the MILF don’t want it to be like this, because this may lead, according to the MILF, to the exploitation of the lake and other natural resources in the area. And to show their opposition, they carried out the ambush.

Casualties of the Clash

There are about 130 MILF fighters involved in the clash. These fighters are under MILF commanders Tautin Salendab and Nurudin Kalimbol.

On the other side, there are about 150 militiamen from the Mangudadatu family led by Chairman Togan of Barangay Lower Siling; and Chairman Kumaken Gandalibo of Barangay Tenok.

Among them, 14 are dead. 10 from the Mangudadatus and 4 from the MILF.

In the initial report, 7 of the Mangudadatus are killed and 1 from the MILF. There are however 4 people from the Mangudadatu who are wounded and few from the MILF.

Those who are killed on the spot are:

  1. Sony Abbas
  2. Nords Abbas
  3. Tontongan Uyag
  4. Pananggong Uyag
  5. Bots Ali
  6. Talintikan Kasinsing
  7. Alex Manguntra

Residents of the village of Tenuk fled their homes.

Government Forces Intervention

There are about 500 military (and police) forces and 10 to 12 armored vehicles in Barangay Tenuk to stop the violence between the warring groups. The troops coming from the 33rd Infantry Battalion under Col. Noli Samarita are sent to the area to reinforce and augment the number of military forces from the 6th Infantry Division and from the Maguindanao police.

It was noted that the MILF and the government are currently on ceasefire while they are in peace-talk.


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