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I am currently having a hard time logging in to my email accounts and blogs for some reasons like:

  1. Busy building our own house. It’s been a month already since we started building our own house in Hinunangan- Southern Leyte. I designed it myself and I personally supervised the workers in building this house.
  2. Slow Internet Connection. Smart Communications offers a high speed 3G or HSDPA internet connection here while Globe offers the GPRS. But the Smart Bro’s high speed internet is limited to the first few users or slots. The excess of the limited slots will enjoy the very slow GPRS connection.
  3. Over-crowded Internet Cafés. Since most of the times, I was one of those unlucky internet users using the Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-it, I had no other option except to use the internet connection of the existing internet cafés here. However, you need to wait for hours because there are those who were there before me waiting for their turn too.

By the way, I received an email from a visitor of the blog. The emails goes:

Hello po. Talagang na inspired ako sa website mo kasi grabe ka patok sa internet. Kahit nga ako binabalik balikan ko ang site para makakuha ng impormasyon paano kumita ng pera through internet. Hope you can help me answer some of my questions…

Are you using webshosting for your site kuya sel? Then pwede pakisabi para magamit ko rin, atleast alam ko na reliable sya. Then kuya, how much do pay for your domain name? and what is the site. Yan lang po sana, sana matulungan mo po ako. Thanks!

Creating a Blog that Makes Money Online

You can actually start blogging in two ways: (1) You can create your own blog, or (2) You can ask those who own blogs to let you write and contribute to their blogs in exchange for a little fee.

However, if you’ll ask me what to prefer between the two, I will choose to blog at my own blog rather than blogging at the blogs of others. I am actually the type of person who doesn’t want to be commanded or supervised by the others.

Talking about being supervised by someone, I remember when I was still working as a computer café attendant wherein, soon as I noticed that my boss stood at my back watching me on what I was doing, I immediately stopped working my job waiting him to leave me. I just felt uncomfortable if someone is observing me.

And then when I was once kicked out from my job, I told my self that I should put up my own business so that no one would dictate what I should do.

That’s one of the main reasons why I chose to blog and make money online by blogging, rather than becoming an employee of someone.

So, I suggest you start your own blog and consider it as your own business. If you think you need more blogger who would blog for you, then do that. At least, in that way, you are their boss.

Creating a blog at

Creating a blog is actually just easy and free. You can start by signing up an account at by using your existing email address. Just follow the instructions and steps. And don’t forget to prepare your cellphone number too, because Google is now asking cellphone number every time someone would create an account from them.

Your phone number will be used for the so called two-way verification process. If Google perceives that you are violating one of the policies and terms of the services, your account will be automatically be suspended and then the verification code will be sent to your cellphone number. This verification code will be used in re-activating your account.

Which is better, free hosting of or a paid webhosting?

Free hosting by and the paid webhosting account have both advantages and disadvantages.

For example: If your blog is hosted by, you would not need to spend a dime just to make sure that you’re blog is up and running, because Google see to it that your blog can withstand what ever is the size of the traffic that your blog is catering. But of course, you should make sure that your blog doesn’t violate any of the terms and conditions of the use of the services, because once the management found one of your blogs is violating the terms and policies, sometimes your whole account will be suspended not just the particular blog that violates. And once you failed to reactivate your account in certain period of time, your account will then be permanently suspended.

In a paid webhosting account, obviously you need to pay the fees being collected by the webhost. And if it happens that you’ve got a webhosting account from a webhost with bad services, the performance of your blog will be affected too.

But which ever of these webhosting accounts you have, you can always be successful in blogging and making money online. After all, your success depends on your hardwork, passion and knowledge. You should have these three if you want to become successful, not just in blogging but in any ways that you want to do.

Remember that you couldn’t become successful if you are just hardworking without the passion and the knowledge. If you are knowledgeable in certain field like blogging, yet you don’t want to exert effort, then you could never be a successful.

Just like what I said, you need these three: Knowledge, Passion and Hardwork. These are the main ingredients of success.

Are you using a paid webhosting?

Actually, I own a lot of blogs. These blogs are all real. I am writing and posting articles into these blogs regularly. And I am also earning money through them.

But most of these blogs are created and hosted by the Only few of my blogs including my Make Money Online by Blogging blog are hosted by my dedicated account from a webhosting company in the US.

As of now, I am paying $260 every month for my dedicated server. The price does not include special updates of software installed in the server.

But in 2004, when I was on my early days in making money online, I was not actually spending money for the webhosting services, because my first few blogs used in making money online were all hosted by

But the blogging platform of at that time is not as good as that of the WordPress. So, I bought a domain, a webhosting account from a Filipino Reseller, and used the WordPress software as the engine of the few of my blogs.

In that year, I wasn’t yet blogging at the started to exist only in March 6, 2006 when I started to focus all of my time in blogging.

My first WordPress driven- self hosted blog was But it only existed for few months because the Filipino webhost abandoned me even if I paid all my obligations.

So, I registered similar domain, the and used it for my blog called, Ka Webspy Network. I was blogging here since 2004 up to March 2006. I earned my first $100 per month Adsense income through this blog.

When I launched a new blog, the SELaplana blog at, I abandoned the Ka Webspy Network blog and focused my self to the new blog. I earned my first $1,000 per month Adsense income through this new blog. And now, with the help of this blog, I am currently trying to reach my goal of earning income of about $10,000 per month.

Harold Camping’s Judgment Day Prediction, False – SELaplana

I already heard a lot of predictions made by pastors, religious group leaders, and self-proclaimed prophets regarding the time and date of the judgement day or the second coming of Christ which is also called as the damnation day or the end of the world.

If I were not wrong (correct me if I’m wrong), the first prophesy about the end of the world was made by Christ.

In Matthew 24:5-6, Christ spoke about the end of the world as recorded:

5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. 6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all[a]these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. (New King James Version)

But Christ did not mention any date or time when will it happen. Christ even said as recorded in Matthew 24:36 that no one knows when will it happen, not even the angels in heaven nor the Son (Christ Himself).

36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven,[e] but My Father only. (New King James Version)

So, if anyone will say that the end of the world will be on a particular day or time, we are already sure that that man is lying.  How come that he knows the exact day and time of the judgment day when in fact,  Christ himself did not know when will it happen?

Family Radio Pastor Prediction

Harold Camping the leader or the pastor of the group called Family Radio, predicted that May 21, 2011 will be the judgment day. I read it from the billboard placed near the bridge in Malitbog, Southern Leyte on May 20, 2011 when my family and I were on our way to my aunt residence in Barangay Benit.

My wife even noticed the statement: “The Bible Assured it!” as if the end of the world will really happen on May 21.

But May 21 has passed and I am still here alive and kicking. You are still here reading my blogpost which clearly means that it is not yet the end of the world.

Different Predictions

After Christ talked about the end of the world, Christ Apostles talked about it too but their teachings were all in accordance to the teachings of Christ.

However, there are those who tried to predict the exact time and date of the end of the world. Based on my knowledge, they are:

  1. Jehovah’s Witnesses. Through their Watchtower publication, they said that Judgment day happened in 1914.
  2. Apollo Quiboloy. Apollo Quiboloy is the pastor and the leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ of Davao, Philippines. He predicted that the second coming of Christ would be on January 2000.

False Prophets

Those who do not know the teachings of Christ regarding the end of the world, are the ones who are easily got fooled and made to believe about the predictions and prophesies of the false prophets.

The true followers of Christ are aware of the coming of the false prophets. That’s why they don’t easily accept such prediction which contradicts the teachings of Christ.

Christ already warned his followers that false prophets are coming to deceive people. He said:

4 And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. (Matthew 24:4, New King James Version)

And if there are those who will predict the day and time of the end of the world just like what Harold Camping did, Christ said, do not believe them:

23 “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. 24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25 See, I have told you beforehand. 26 “Therefore if they say to you, ‘Look, He is in the desert!’ do not go out; or ‘Look, He is in the inner rooms!’ do not believe it. (Matthew 24:23-26, New King James Version)

Signs When the End is Near

But Christ revealed already the signs when the end of the world is already near. When it is said that the end is already near, it means that it is not yet the end. These signs are the following as stated in Matthew 24:4-14:

  1. Wars and Rumors of Wars.
  2. Nation will rise against Nation. Kingdom will rise against Kingdom.
  3. Famines
  4. Pestilences
  5. Earthquakes
  6. Sorrows

How the end happens

The end of the world or the second coming Christ has not yet come but Christ described how it would happen:

29 “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 30 Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. (Matthew 24:29-31, New King James Version)

My thought

If someone would say that that particular date or time would be the judgment day, just ignore them but don’t believe what they say. But it doesn’t mean that you would not do anything for your salvation.

Remember that there are two things that you don’t know when would they happen. First is the end of the world, and the second one is the end of your current life.

Judgment day might not happen on this year, but we are not sure about our death.

Download Photos from Friendster to PC – SELaplana

I learned from the TV Patrol News of the ABS-CBN that Friendster will be deleting the photos and other materials and data posted by its users into its social networking site because Friendster will be evolving from a networking site to a new and different service. And because of this, Friendster users are advised to download their photos from Friendster to their PC or transfer the pictures from Friendster to other networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and others.

At the time that I heard the news, I was already there in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte where internet connection is not stable. I tried the Smart Bro Plugit and it said that I was getting an HSDPA connection, yet the speed is too slow in which I could hardly browse my Facebook account. I also tried renting a computer from the Pacific Internet in the town-proper of Hinunangan, but then the speed is much worse.

So, the only option that I can do is to go back here in Maasin City. And here I am.

I am actually here to check all the things that I left here in our apartment. And of course, it’s my only chance for me to do the things that I couldn’t do in Hinunangan.

Downloading Friendster Pictures

I don’t know what you did to transfer your photos from Friendster into your computer’s harddrive. And just in case you’re wondering how did I download the photos I uploaded at Friendster, here’s how:

Use Mozilla Firefox

I am using Mozilla Firefox here. At least for me, downloading photos from Friendster is actually much easier in Mozilla.

Browse Photos

Login first at Friendster using your username or email and password. Then open the “Photos” page. Then open a “Photo Album“. And then browse every photo you have in that particular photo album.

Download Photos

After browsing all the photo in that photo album, press your keyboard key “ALT”. While pressing the “ALT” key, press also the “T” key and then press the “i”. If you found pressing these keys hard, then just click the “TOOLS” in the Firefox menu bar. Then something will pop, then click “PAGE INFO”.

The “PAGE INFO” window will pop up. It looks like the one shown below:

Now Click the “Media” as shown in the screen shot below:

Then browse the content and look for the entry that begins with ““. Once you found them, highlight them clicking on the first entry then press “SHIFT” key in your keyboard and while pressing the “SHIFT” key, click on the last entry.

Once the entries are highlighted, click the “Save As“. You’ll then be asked where to save. Just follow the steps and then all the photos in that album will be downloaded.

Repeat Steps in Different Photo Album

If you have two or more photo album in your Friendster Photo section, then you need to do the same procedure I stated above in every photo album until all photos in all the Photo Albums will be finally downloaded.

Transfer Photos to Facebook or MySpace

I understand why you had uploaded those photos into your Friendster account. You wanted to share the memories contained in those photos to your friends. So, now that Friendster is closing, you want them to be uploaded at Facebook or any other social networking sites.

So, what should you do?

There might be software or tricks that can be used in uploading those photos all at once but I just couldn’t recommend them. You can however follow what I did. Just manually upload those photos to your account in other social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace.

By the way, uploading photos at Facebook is much easier because you can upload many photos all at once.

Manny Pacquiao versus Sugar Shane Mosley Fight, Boring

I thought the Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao versus Sugar Shane Mosley fight would entertain me just like the previous fights of Pacquiao against Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, Marco Antonio Barerra, and other Mexican fighters. But the boxing fight of Pacquiao last Sunday (Saturday night in Las Vegas) is simply boring.

Mosley promised that he would exchange punches with the strong and fast Manny Pacquiao. He did what he promised in early two rounds, but then after he was thrown by Manny Pacquiao into the canvas, he then stopped throwing punches. He was there in the ring running away from Pacquiao. Then every time Manny got him, he would then hug Manny Pacquiao, as if he missed his wife.

But I understand why Mosley was doing this. After he experienced the knock down, he realized that if he would continue fighting Pacquiao toe to toe, he would experience what Ricky Hatton experienced, or if not, he would just receive the punishment that Cotto and Margarito received.

So, running away from Pacquiao and embracing him were the best strategy to avoid the knock out. And he needed to this just to preserve his record that no one ever knocked him out.

But Mosley’s strategy made the fight boring. It even more boring compared to what Clottey did. At least, in Pacquiao’s fight against Clottey, Clottey stood there in front of Pacquiao without running away.

However, I admired Mosley’s right hand. He’s fast in blocking, Pacquiao’s left hook to his chain every time Pacquiao released his right-right-left combination. That left hook was actually the one that hit him and sent him down in the canvas. And everytime, Manny released his right punch to his left body side, he immediately sent his right to his head’s right to block Manny’s possible left hook.

What makes me laugh actually is when Mosley tried to embrace Manny, but then when Pacquiao refused, he just pushed Manny which caused Manny’s fall. I know, it was one of Mosley’s dirty tricks. I once saw this in his previous fight. I just forgot who his opponent at that time. And it works in Manny because Kenny Bayless failed to notice the pushing and called it a knockdown score in favour to Mosley.

It was just unfortunate to Mosley because even if Pacquiao’s fall would be counted as valid knockdown, that knock down couldn’t make him win the fight. And we have seen that the embarrassed Pacquiao became more aggressive and caused Mosley to run and run around the ring.

Manny Pacquiao’s next fight will be on November this year. And if Pacquiao want his fans to enjoy his fight, it will be better if he will face Juan Manual Marquez.

Many of the boxing fans are waiting for the Pacquiao versus Mayweather. But I am not excited about it anymore because Mosley and Mayweather are simply the same. They are simply boring fighters.

Have you watched the fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr and Sugar Shane Mosley? It was more boring than the Sunday’s Mosley fight against Pacquiao.

So, just like I said, I better want to watch Pacquiao fight Marquez again.

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Carl Justine’s 2nd Birthday

Today’s the second birthday anniversary of our son Carl Justine. We don’t have birthday party for him because we can’t afford for it. But just for his birthday memory, we prepared a birthday cake.

The birthday cake was made by Lourdez Eatery here in Hinunangan – Southern Leyte. The same eatery which served us food during our wedding last June 20, 2008. The taste of the cake was not as good as those cake made by Red Ribbon. Not even as good as the cake made by Panny’s Bakeshop in Maasin City. But I was contented with its design.

At the home of my wife’s brother, we took photos of him with the birthday cake, just like what we did when we celebrated his first birthday anniversary last year in our rented apartment unit in Maasin City. And these photos will serve as his memory of his birthdays even if there was no birthday party held for him.

Actually, my wife and I had planned before of having a party for our son at the Jollibee. But just like what I said already, we couldn’t afford it. Besides, we we’re currently experiencing financial problems, especially that we are currently building our home here in Hinunangan.

And talking about the house, it again another gift of Google to us, especially to Carl Justine. The money used in building it is all coming from Google.

Laplana Clan Grand Reunion May 2011 – SELaplana

My wife and I, along with our son, Carl Justine, attended the second grand reunion of the Laplana Clan which was held in Malitbog, Southern Leyte.

Actually, we attended only two of the activities of the reunion: The motorcade and the beach program.

The grand reunion of the Laplana clan was actually held in two days. On May 7, 2011, most of the participants of the reunion attended the Mass at the Sto Nino Cathedral in Malitbog- Southern Leyte which started at 8:00 AM. Then it was followed by the motorcade which started from the town plaza, just outside the Cathedral.

The motorcade went first to Barangay San Juan – Padre Burgos then went back to the Malitbog proper and then proceeded to the Holiday Beach Resort, formerly Ingko Mino Beach Resort in Barangay Juangon – Malitbog.

The registration, including the lunch and short introduction of the every families were held in the said beach resort. The activities of that day ended at late afternoon.

Actually, I was the one who introduced the family of my grandfather Lorenzo Laplana. My short speech had brought laughter to the listeners especially when I introduced my sisters Elma as the care-giver in the Home for the Aged in Barangay Benit and Gigie as the care-giver at the Home for the Aged in San Agustin – Surigao del Sur. But my relatives laugh more when I introduced my cousin Laurence. I told them that he already had three “panganay” (first born children).

I am not actually the one tasked to talk about our family since my aunt Pening was there. But when she refused to talk, Yo Lingling, my father’s first cousin, called me up to talk in behalf of my aunt.

On the next day, May 8, the second day of the activities was held. The torch parade started at late afternoon and was followed by the evening program, including the dinner, parlor games, family presentations and disco. But we had not attended these activities because we headed home already in Hinunangan – Southern Leyte on Saturday after the beach party because my wife had her appointments early on Sunday.

But we enjoyed the reunion so much. I just hope we can attend the next grand reunion of the Laplana Clan.

By the way, the photos I collected from other Laplana Clan members and the photos I took during the clan’s 2nd reunion will be posted at my Gallery Website. You can directly visit the page for the Laplana Clan 2nd Grand Reunion by clicking the link.

Carl Justine and the Amoeba

My wife and I brought our son, Carl Justine, to the Hinunangan Community Hospital last Monday, May 2, due to the amoeba infection. The medical technologist of the Hinunangan Rural Health Center found traces of Amoeba from CJ’s stool, and we were advised too by health workers in the center to admit CJ in a hospital for treatment and for the prevention of dehydration.

But before that, I was already suspecting that CJ had been infected by Amoeba. Last Saturday, April 30, I noticed that his stool contains mucus which is not an ordinary stool. The mucus on the stool indicates an infection. He might be infected with bacteria like the one that causes typhoid fever or with the amoeba which can cause dysentery-like disease.

We recently checked out from the hospital after the doctors found out that he’s already becoming better. Besides, the hospital is just too small to accommodate many patients.

April 30’s my Brother’s Day

Talking about April 30, it’s actually my brother’s, Engr Lorenzo Laplana birthday. He’s working at the Philippine Smelting and Refining Corporation in LIDE, Isabel – Leyte, as one of its area managers.

To my brother: Happy birthday!

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