The Pensioner Tambay Visits Oteiza

Pensioner Tambay

I now considered myself a pensioner tambay. It’s because I am “tambay” and am receiving a pension. But it is not really a pension from any insurance companies but an income earned by my blogs.

Actually, calling myself a pensioner tambay is my brother’s opinion. Just when we arrived in Oteiza, my brother and I along with our mother talked about my occupation. And I just told them that I am working as a professional tambay.

But “professional tambay” refers to the person who are paid just to do nothing, while I was just doing nothing and yet I am receiving money. So, I am not really a professional tambay but just a tambay who is receiving a pension.

My brother was right…. I am a pensioner tambay.

By the way, just in case you don’t know what “tambay” is, the term “tambay” is actually a Filipino slang term for bystander. The term refers to Filipinos who are jobless or unemployed.


Oteiza is actually the name of the village or barangay where I grew up.

Long time ago, it is the name of our town. It derived from the Kamayo statement, “Oten Sa!” which means “It’s a penis”. It’s the Spaniards who coined that name to this place after they heard the “lumad’s” (native) answer, “Oten Sa!”

It is said that the Spaniards who reached the river called “Hubo” river, asked a native who crossed the river naked, “What is the name of this place” in Spanish. The native did not understand what their saying. The native thought that the strangers were wondering and asking about his s-organ, so he just told them, “Oten Sa!”.

The name “Oten Sa” was later changed to Oteiza.

The mentioned river was called “Hubo” river because, when the people would cross the river, they would take off of their clothes and cross the river naked.

My Mother’s Birthday

Our family made my mother’s birthday, June 28, our family reunion. So, my brother and I who both live in Leyte went home here in Oteiza to be with our mother.

Actually, three (3) of the siblings live here in Leyte. My brother lives in the LIDE (PASAR Staff) Housing. Our sister is there in Malitbog – Southern Leyte while I am currently settling in Hinunangan – Southern Leyte.

The other two siblings, our eldest and the second to the youngest stay here in Oteiza with our mother. The eldest works as the assistant treasurer of the municipality of San Agustin, and the other is working with the DOH as a local midwife.

Our other sister who lives in Leyte couldn’t go with us because she’s taking care of our elderly aunt and uncle. She’s the caregiver of our elderly love ones.

Using Google Adsense Juice

It is actually my first time visiting Oteiza using the Suzuki Carry which I bought through my Google Adsense earnings.

I spent more with our trip using this car compared to when we went here using another Google Adsense Juice, the Kawasaki Barako Tricycle. But it is safer and convenient for us to take a long distance trip using this car than using just a tricycle.

We’re actually traveling from Lipata- Surigao City to Oteiza via Butuan City right after we took off from the Ferry Boat at 9:30 PM on June 22. But while on our way to Oteiza, I took three 15 minutes nap just inside the car. First was in front of the Iglesia Ni Cristo – Santiago (Agusan del Norte) house of worship. Second was in front of the Iglesia Ni Cristo – Sibagat (Agusan del Norte) and the third was in front of the Iglesia Ni Cristo – Prosperidad (Agusan Sur).

My wife and our child, CJ, were sleeping at the back seat during our journey.

You might ask me why stopped and took a sleep near the Iglesia Ni Cristo house of worship… Well… I just feel safe doing that, especially we members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo have the concern to each other. We might have not known each other but they know that I and my family were members of the church.


Here in Oteiza, internet users can use the internet connection offered by the Smart Communication through its Smart Bro Plugit. However, the speed is too slow, considering that you can only use the GPRS/EDGE connection.

I tried connecting to the internet through the Globe Wireless Broadband but nothing is available here even just the GPRS.

So, I could hardly browse the internet. But facebooking is just fine here.

And just like what I was doing in Hinunangan – Southern Leyte, I will just write my blogpost through the Microsoft Word Starter (Microsoft Word 2007) and publish it to my blog, Make Money Online Blogging, through the same software.

I Love Google, Google Loves Me Too

It’s been two months since I left my blogging office in Maasin City. I may have time to write journals but I find it hard to connect to the internet. So, instead of worrying about my blogs, I just focused my time building our home here in Hinunangan – Southern Leyte.

While I was here, posting blogpost to this blog, Sustines Laplana’s blog, couldn’t be done regularly, but I will try to post the journals that I already wrote through the MS Word 7. And once I found a Smart Bro signal, I will immediately post it using the same software.

I just don’t when can I publish the news articles submitted by the lone contributor of my Maasin News website.

Building our Home

I am not sure if I really had mentioned already that we started building our house last May 2, 2011. A month and a week after (June 11), I kicked all my workers out: Carpenters, masons, helpers and others. I just hate them. They couldn’t do their work according to my expectations. They did a lot of failures like:

  1. They didn’t follow the plan especially the dimension of the post, and the distance of each of the post.
  2. They didn’t know how to install the guide-form for the posts and beams.
  3. They didn’t know how to align posts.
  4. They’re too slow.

The people that I hired were not really talented. They’re telling me that they’re good and were skilled but then they couldn’t prove it through their work. There were times that I was the one teaching them how to do the task that I gave them.

But, I am still thankful to them because through their help, the posts and the beams were successfully installed. The rest, I think, will be installed by me, myself…

Actually, since yesterday (June 13) I work alone in preparing for the installation of the trusses. I know it would take time for me to finish the trusses installation but at least I can do it according to my expectations and the plan too.

And the most important thing is that I can save money because I am not paying workers anymore.

Blogging Income

By the way, my blog’s income for the month of May and for the past days of the current month is still good. That’s the good thing if you’re making money by blogging. As long as your blog is online and Google still has the trust on your blog, the money is always there flowing into your pocket.

But I know that I have to work more for the blog. I need to publish more articles, and I need to keep the trust of Google to my blog.

Getting the top spots on the search engines results is a competition. My blogs might be one of the sites listed at the first page of the search results but time will come that it will be out ranked by other websites or webpages that got a lot of PR points.

Actually, there are lots of important keywords that my blog topped the SERP before but you couldn’t find the blog on the SERP these days. There are lots of reasons why it happened but I don’t think that my blog has been penalized by Google in some keywords.

So, I have to do something. I need compete with other websites. And I also need to find new keywords that might be profitable and has less competition. These are two of the ways that a blogger should do to continuously earn money through their blogs.

And I know that many bloggers are doing that do. After all, all bloggers are aiming to make money by blogging.

Making Money with Adsense

By the way, I noticed a comment on my previous post, “Creating a Blog”, wherein the commenter asked me about whether the target monthly income of $10,000 which I mentioned on that certain blogpost is just an Adsense income…

I’m sorry but I forget who the commenter is. I really find it hard to access my blog for the past days, that’s why I couldn’t reply immediately to the comments posted on my blog, and even to the emails I received.

Well, the said target income is not just through the Google Adsense. But of course I also have a goal of hitting that target through Google Adsense alone. After all, Google Adsense is one of my best earners along with, Kontera, TLA and AdMob. My earning from CPA programs helps too.


I will just end this post here. And thank you for reading. I will just post more journals tomorrow or the next day.

Southern Leyte Highway Signs That Care

Note: I wrote this post through the Microsoft Word 7 on June 4 and just  published it today here through the same software. There might be some errors after it was published. I will check it later.

Highway signs are helpful to drivers. They remind you, the drivers, on what to do, and whatever the situations in certain parts of the highways. For example, if you’re approaching a downhill part, you’ll be reminded to check brakes. Sometimes, signs remind you not to drink alcoholic drinks when driving or to drive safely. When approaching a blind curve, you’ll be told that you’re approaching a blind curve and should be careful.

Yesterday, I was driving the Suzuki Carry from Maasin City to Liloan-Southern Leyte via Malitbog then back from Liloan-Southern Leyte to Maasin City via Bontoc-Bato diversion.

By the way, this Suzuki Carry is another Google Adsense Juice. I bought it using my blog’s income through Google Adsense.

Now… Actually there is nothing new from these signs. I already read them before. I was just struck by the message written just below the real highway or road signs.

It actually made me realize that the Southern Leyte congressman really cares for the people of Southern Leyte including those people who are going in and out of the province.

If you’re entering Maasin City, you’ll be greeted by a warm welcome of the sign placed on the highway.

While driving, his message will remind you to drive safely.

300 meters before the blind curve, you’ll be reminded by his message to slow down.

And to avoid accident as you are approaching a pedestrian lane, you’ll be again reminded to slow down. And this is not just an ordinary message, but a special concern from him.

If you’ll give time even just in a second reading them and then follow them, you’ll be safe driving in highways within Southern Leyte.

However, a part of me is asking few questions like:

  1. Are these signs the project of the DPWH?
  2. Are these signs financed by the congressman’s own money?
  3. Are these signs legal?
  4. Are these signs in accordance to the policies of the current administration of P-Noy?

I can’t answer these questions without doing any researches, but my conscience is telling me something and that something is wrong here. I don’t know if it’s good to thank the congressman for this signs that help drivers reach their destinations. Or should I thank the Filipinos who paid taxes which later used by the government to finance all of its projects even if these projects were through the efforts of the politicians.

I still have lots of things to say but I am afraid that I might touch the ego of any politicians here. So, I’ll just stop here.

Thank you for reading.


After writing this post using the MS Word 2007, I scanned my archives of photos I took from the highway signs. I found a nice sign as shown below:

This time, the sign is not a reminder coming from the congressman. The sign is actually telling the congressman to drive slow because he’s approaching a pedestrian lane. Toink!

I wish I will find a highway or road sign that says: “Drive Carefully Selaplana!” or that will say “Don’t Forget to Blog Selaplana!”

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